January 30, 2012

GO Run, The Way You're Supposed To Run

Skechers GO Run changes the face of running with its mid-foot strike technology.

SKECHERS USA, Inc., a global leader in the footwear industry, recently launched the new Skechers GO Run – a new minimalistic lightweight running shoe line that integrates the revolutionary mid-foot strike technology.

Skechers GO Run’s mid-foot strike technology is designed to enhance the natural running performance of runners by positioning the body for an efficient mid-foot strike, thus, reducing the impact of heel striking. Heel striking is very common among runners. However, this style of running is not only inefficient, but is also considered dangerous due to the jarring impact it has on the body. With the arrival of Skechers GO Run, runners can feel the big difference because now it is easier to move from heel striking and efficiently transition to mid-foot striking.

Radically Lightweight. Minimalistic design for a natural running experience. No extra material. No extra weight. Nothing to slow you down. (4.9oz Women, 6.9 oz. Men). 360 degrees responsive flexibility. It also flexes and twists responsively, giving the feet freedom to move naturally and comfortably.

Interactive Running. Skechers GO Run features SmartShoe technology for a mid-foot strike and GO impulse sensors for enhanced sensory feedback. Innovative placement allows the GO impulse sensors to move together and independently as they provide sensory feedback to the brain. In turn, this allows runners to feel the pressure and quickly react on the ground. This dynamic interaction promotes a natural stride for a more efficient and responsive run.

Sockless Running. The integrated anti-microbial sockliner helps inhibit odor and prevent slippage. High-abrasion rubber at strike points for extra stability and traction control.

Feel with precision. React to the ground. Adjust your stride. GO run like Meb.


  1. Strange that Sketcher's promotes this as a midfoot/forefoot strike shoes, when Meb has always been a heel striker. Watch the video and from 2:27 onwards you can see he heel strikes. Even his past videos shows he is a heel striker.

  2. Hi, yes Meb admitted that he was a heel striker, but with the Skechers Go Run shoes he's been slowly transforming his landings to midfoot strikes. Maybe this helps; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mIkeP8JtvM

    1. thanks for the link. Funny, he is still heel striking in the video. Saw the 2012 Olympic Trials, & he was heel striking.

      For his sake, he better not change anything till after the Olympics!

      The only way to force him to midfoot strike is for the next version of the shoes to have zero (0) lift or drop shoes. It means that the fore part of the shoes do not drop from the rear part. And the shoes have minimum cushion as possible overall.

      Well, maybe in version 2 it will happen!

      TY again!