December 24, 2008

A Christmas Wish

Let's light our way this holidays and the coming year ahead. 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

December 13, 2008

Three Thirty Six Forty One

First the story
Second the countdown.
Third the race.
Now, the results.

The series of my Milo Marathon story for 2008 will culminate in this way. It started by out running the sub 4:00:00 clock during the eliminations thus giving the opportunity to run with the elites. Next the countdown began by having the feast with friends and qualifiers for the finals. Then the race itself showcasing the best effort molded from rigorous training. Outpacing the time to achieve a better finish, be proud of the accomplishment and took the dream of having three medals from three full marathons. And the verdict:

I am satisfied with the outcome of my race, a feat I will cherish for long. I am happy that my effort and perseverance paid off. I did my race fair and square. I did not cheat to gain this rank. I can walk with my head up.

pics with this year's champions

December 12, 2008

The Nike Warehouse Sale

I received an invite from Nike Phils. regarding their warehouse sale for the year. It is located at the Agility Center, a logistics hub at Paranaque City. Since I'm a fan of nike aparrels, we went there to shop and buy gifts for the coming christmas and to find something as my reward for finishing the Milo Marathon Finals. Upon reaching the site, long queue of people waiting for the opening of the sale greeted us. After about 30mins of waiting in line we were instructed to enter the premises and were given each a number id and a huge plastic bag, as big as a sack of rice as if anyone can fill it to the fullest.

The items here are of good take since nike is giving off up to 70% discount from their regular price. I met newbie runners, having fun buying their own running apparels. On the first day, new models are sold already, from the limitless, frees, vomeros, air spans and shox running shoes to basketball, training and casual shoes. Everything here is exciting and is worth the visit, we managed to get a 50% discount of all we bought. Panalo!

Beforehand be sure to take your meal upon entering since no meals are allowed inside and long queue at the counters will be encountered. Go to the site as early as 10am so you could be at the line early. This sale is reminiscent of the nike sales before, wherein flock of people are rubbing elbows with each other just to have their big savings. We're not a true blooded pinoy if we pass on this once every year sale.

queue of people waiting to get inside

December 9, 2008

The Yakult 10-Miler : A Different Story

It's quite odd-looking to see your buddies run as you watch them from the sideline. This was my role during the Yakult 10-Miler run last sunday at the CCP, a spectator. Being on the structured recovery mode after running the Milo Marathon Finals a week ago, I did not join the race. It is on my running agenda not to run for two weeks after my full. In lieu of this I decided to bring my camera instead to document the event and feel as if I am inside running too. But what came out was a different story, a story towards a dream.

It's a little under two weeks after I registered X'ty at RACE events for this race. She was contemplating a month ago if she will increase her mileage by joining the Milo 10K and subsequently the Yakult 10-Miler. She was motivated and eager, so last sunday she ran her first 10-mile race.

Before this she had completed seven 10K races. She trained for weeks at the Amoranto Sports Complex running in circles for 10K distances. I was a little apprehensive because I cannot run with her alltroughout the race, but she insisted that she could do it, even on her own. I believe in her. She had ran so many races on her own, from the roads of Subic and Clark to the mountains of Timberland, and she outdid all of these. From day one of my running adventures, it was she who motivated me. After staying behind the finish line for so many times of my races, she decide to run too and that was the beginning of her journey. We embraced the sport and dedicated ourselves into it. We developed the passion by running and setting goals together. It was not a difficult decision because my trust and support is with her.

After 1:41:36 clocking, she completed her first 10-miler, a feat she will treasure for long. With pride and honor she sets her eyes on the full.

December 1, 2008

Race For The Third: The Milo Marathon Finals

Dorothy: luck comes in threes
Jinoe: 3rd medal on the wall, 3-peat
Taki: bag the gold, 3 marathons in a year
Wayne: three times is a charm, enjoy the experience
Bards: race hard, have fun, finish fierce
Dindo: make us proud
Rico: savor every kilometer of this opportunity

These were the words echoing in my mind as I run the National Milo Marathon Finals, 32nd Edition. 

There were about 300 qualifiers and guests who participated in this 42km full marathon run of the longest-running foot race event in the country that started in kilometer zero at Luneta through an out and back course finishing at the Quirino Grandstand. The weather is fine as I left home but just like the milo way we were treated to a drizzle as I reached the venue, thankfully it did not develop to a downpour. I arrived as early as 3:30am and people are still at a minimum. We waited for a while and reviewed my plan during this race and have a chat with fellow runners. I went to warm-up, stretching and jogging around when I met Baldrunner jogging through the assembly area. I didn't know that the HCs were already at the corners of Kalaw St. and Roxas Blvd. then. 

After a while the runners arrived and we were called inside the assembly area, it was 4:00am. Inside the starting line I met fellow runners and guests and have a brief chat and photo-ops as we waited for the start. Suddenly the shot was fired and off we went. In the same Biscocho trademark, the race started 3mins before 4:30am, and the runners scamper ahead to assume pole position. These are qualifiers, so are they elites. I stayed behind and met Jonel and the group before Kalaw St. After hi's and hello's we went on our own, Philip and Jerry leading the pack, behind us were the group of Jonel, Jay, Joe, George, Nico and Lester. Slightly ahead of us was Sir Jovie. He had a good start that brought him the bacon, a new PR. Everybody set a new record. 

I stayed to a relax easy pace with my friend Rod as we paced each other savoring every kilometer of this opportunity. I have been running alone mostly all of my long distance runs, its just lately that I realized that its good to run with someone and exchange stories along the way. After two kilometers, at the foot of Buendia flyover, we made a move and left the HCs behind. We maintained this pace althroughout as we exited Kalayaan flyover, pounding on the course and having fun as we aim for the gold. Stride after stride, Rod and I realized that we are setting a new PR with this run, as we are having negative splits and we are running at a pace better than our eliminations run.

As we approached Paseo de Roxas, I increased my pace leaving Rod just behind. After a few blocks I told him I'll make a move and he politely told me to go ahead uttering he will maintain his pace, maybe he's spent. I went my own taking over runner after runner until I crossed South Super-hiway. Ahead was a billboard with a "huge" message. With my eyes looking at the horizon, right hand raised up high with my index finger pointing straight up, I talked to Him. With my body weakened, I gained strength as if somebody is pushing me. I was inspired as if someone is telling me to run strong. Amidst the cheers of jolly people, I continued my stride. With a few kilometers left, I gave my all and spend my reserves, this time increasing my pace even more. Race hard, finish fierce as I recall what Bards says.

I prepared for this race for I want to accomplish something to close out my 2008 running year. I had ran a total of 1,563.40km before this event for this year, including two full marathons, four half marathons and lot of short-distance races. I met tons of friends inside and outside of running. I trained hard, run hard, and woke-up early in the morning just to run. I just love to run. I wanted to be proud of my effort so that many would be inspired too. I will still be running and continue what I had started.

After reaching Roxas Boulevard, I felt a sigh of relief. Malapit na. Staring frequently at my watch I knew I could make it in time. I enjoyed the scenery and the road full of green-clad people to relax my weary body, Milo, I'm on my way back. Running alone I made it to kilometer zero, 300 meters to Quirino grandstand, people cheering and runners greeting. Here my enthusiasm gained more as I saw the finish line and the clock dangling atop. Leaving exhaustion behind I dashed to the end finishing intense and strong. Its true luck comes in threes as I stared at the clock and crossed the tape. I finished my Milo Marathon Finals. All the fatigue were out as I exited the chute proud. I raced my hands jubilant. This is for everyone. Thank you for the inspiration. I conquered my third as another Milo Marathon story unfolds.

triumph & jubilation

three peat

with Christy

with Rod

with Andrew & Willie