January 30, 2012

GO Run, The Way You're Supposed To Run

Skechers GO Run changes the face of running with its mid-foot strike technology.

SKECHERS USA, Inc., a global leader in the footwear industry, recently launched the new Skechers GO Run – a new minimalistic lightweight running shoe line that integrates the revolutionary mid-foot strike technology.

Skechers GO Run’s mid-foot strike technology is designed to enhance the natural running performance of runners by positioning the body for an efficient mid-foot strike, thus, reducing the impact of heel striking. Heel striking is very common among runners. However, this style of running is not only inefficient, but is also considered dangerous due to the jarring impact it has on the body. With the arrival of Skechers GO Run, runners can feel the big difference because now it is easier to move from heel striking and efficiently transition to mid-foot striking.

Radically Lightweight. Minimalistic design for a natural running experience. No extra material. No extra weight. Nothing to slow you down. (4.9oz Women, 6.9 oz. Men). 360 degrees responsive flexibility. It also flexes and twists responsively, giving the feet freedom to move naturally and comfortably.

Interactive Running. Skechers GO Run features SmartShoe technology for a mid-foot strike and GO impulse sensors for enhanced sensory feedback. Innovative placement allows the GO impulse sensors to move together and independently as they provide sensory feedback to the brain. In turn, this allows runners to feel the pressure and quickly react on the ground. This dynamic interaction promotes a natural stride for a more efficient and responsive run.

Sockless Running. The integrated anti-microbial sockliner helps inhibit odor and prevent slippage. High-abrasion rubber at strike points for extra stability and traction control.

Feel with precision. React to the ground. Adjust your stride. GO run like Meb.

January 29, 2012

Race For The Orphans

Race For The Orphans
February 12, 2012
Camp Aguinaldo Grounds, EDSA corner Santolan Avenue, Quezon City

Registration Fees
Regular registration fees (from January 7 until February 9, 2012):
10K – PHP 600 / 5K – PHP 400
- Includes Bib with Timing Tag and Singlet (For both 5k and 10k runners). All registered runners have a chance to win a free trip for 2 to Boracay.

Registration Venues
January 7 to February 11, 2012 (12:00 nn – 8:00 pm)
- Secondwind Running Store: Quezon City and Ortigas Branches
- A Runners Circle (ARC): Roxas Blvd. corner Quirino Avenue
- ROX: Bonifacio High Street, BGC, Taguig Avail of the early registration promo of 6 Race Kits plus 1 FREE (same category only) good until January 22, 2012.

A Race For The Orphans
A race for the orphans, a race for your hearts! A very special race for the month of the heart—The Race For The Orphans will stir the Camp Aguinaldo Grounds in the still misty morning of February 12, 2011 each not only to experience running the peaceful grounds of the military camp but to take part in answering the orphans cry for love and compassion.

It is with this aim that Rundezvous Events Inc., will stage this event that will provide scholarship grants through “I-Hope”, a trust fund that will support the educational needs of these orphans of soldiers killed in action in Mindanao and for future grantees of the AFP Educational Benefit System (AFPEBS).

Each runner pays a modest registration fee of P600.00 for the 10k run and P400.00 for the 5k run. Inclusive with this fee is a nice running singlet available in various sizes, a Timing tag, race bib number and a goodie bag from our sponsors.

Our registration Centers will be at the Secondwind Running Stores in Ortigas and Quezon City; ROX at Bonifacio High Street and at A Running Circle along Quirino Avenue corner Roxas Blvd., Manila.

“We shall leave no soldiers’ orphan behind”. This is the AFP Educational Benefit System Office’s tagline, an organization which deeply recognizes the heroism in each Filipino soldier. It is one of the morale and welfare outfits of the Armed Forces of the Philippines that grant educational benefits both to the military personnel and their dependents with the aim of helping them secure a brighter future. As it recognizes our soldiers' heroism, especially of those who lay down their lives in protecting peace, AFPEBSO gives priority to the orphans of Filipino soldiers who were killed in action.

We’ll see you at Camp Aguinaldo on February 12, 2012! For inquiries, please call or text: Abet: 0915-8030224 or Zarina: 0916-5217400 Or call Phone: 632-3829659 c/o of Salie Guarin.

January 24, 2012

SIM 2012: Sweeter The Second Time Around

The Subic International Marathon 2012 was by far the most challenging 42km route I did. I was here before in 2008 but just ran the 21km event, leaving me clueless about the remaining distance until the turn around points. (from km10 to km21). I came here expecting that the route will be challenging, but little did I know that the hills are unforgiving. It's just like a roller coaster ride from start to finish.

My family arrived in Subic in the afternoon of Saturday (a day before the race). We headed straight to Remy Field to claim my race packet courtesy of Maan Oriondo of eXtribe. There were number of participants inside the gym claiming their respective race packets and some other registering for the 3km and 5km events slated late that day. There was a large number of military aspiring individuals participating in the race, a signature campaign of the SIM. They came from the Police Academy and the Military Academy, and I believe they registered yet again the highest number of running contingent. After securing my official bib number, we went directly to the hotel for some rest and change-ups.

In running long distances, like a marathon, it is a necessity that a runner should stay horizontal and relaxed a day before the event. The best way is to sleep, read a book or watch movie. And hydrate too. But these practices are inevitable in foreign places since you have to explore new grounds, and being with the family, one of my objective is to get them around town. We visited the beach, the freeport exchange stores, and ate at a famous restaurant. Busy as it goes, I hardly hydrate myself, a big fault on my part. After our stroll we headed back to the hotel and prepared my things for tomorrow's race. At 9:00pm, it's a shut-eye for me and the entire family.

Our hotel was just a short jog away from the starting line, in less than ten minutes I was at the Remy Field Oval. It was past 4:15am and the race was about to start. Routinely, I was able to warm-up and stretch before the gunstart and also had a chance to chat with running friends from Manila. Shortly after 4:30am, we were sent off. I started in a moderate pace, feeling the ambiance of the winds of Subic. The starting line was at sea level and I don't want to exhaust my effort before the hills. The pace was not easy but I'm comfortable, maybe it's because of the different air around. I continued with this pace until the 5km mark, 28mins had passed. The route was evenly lit not until the uphill climb near the Subic Intl Airport and downhill from the place. The route was dark, and the only visible light were the lights from the fence of the airstrip and the glowing lights from the other side of the bay. I negotiated this portion safely and was about to get back on my lost time but another dark route was looming ahead. I stayed on my marathon pace at the flat portion, added effort on my climbs, and gained speed on the downhills.

My alarm woke me up at 3:00am. Surprisingly, I still managed to do some photo editing, posted it in fb and checked my status, all while sipping coffee, eating my pre-race meal and having a bath. Time went fast until I found myself cramming to get to the starting line. It was 4:12am when I left the kids and the wife (still sleeping) at the hotel. I found it advantageous if one marathoner will just jog from his sleep to the starting line. He will arrive at the site fresh. No stress, no hassles, no nothing.

Somewhere near the 6th km was the start of the hills. It went all throughout until the turn around point at Ocean Adventure and the Morong Gate sections. I was able to negotiate the steep climbs until I reached the 1st turn around point (1h58m) and the 2nd turn around point (2h20m). The flats from these sections gave me some respite as I relaxed my legs from the wear caused by the hills. I gathered my reserves and increased my pace as I reached the downhill grades of the route. The hydration stations every 1.50km helped a lot, fluids were overwhelming. It was on my way back when I appreciated the beauty of nature. Trees lined along the whole course, fruit bats hovering around, cold air dampening on my face, and even spring water emanating from the side of a hill. It was this scenery that delighted me most. I felt relaxed and comfortable, pain was off my mind.

I came to this race with a mind set to finish strong and I felt that I can achieve it from the first turn around point, since I'm still fresh when I reached it. I just maintained my target pace as I went back until I reached the finish line in 3h48m59s. The kids and the wife were at the finish line when I crossed it.

Getting back to Remy Field Oval was sweeter the second time around.

On my way to the finish line, inside the Remy Field Oval.

Shortly after crossing the finish line.

With the kids. Just the second time they showed up in all of my finish.

Portion of the route. Subic Intl. Airport and Subic Bay at the right.

All trees on both sides, all throughout the race course.

January 17, 2012

Go Natural: My First Race of 2012

The last Go Natural 2012 Race had been a success. A large amount of runners participated and were treated to a wonderful race, the runrio way. This is obviously a good start for the runrio organization. The bonifacio global city was filled to the streets as runners started from the bgc center heading out to south super highway via kalayaan flyover and buendia avenue before getting back to bgc.

After my pre-race 15mins warm-up run, I head to the starting area and found myself in the company of running friends. The jazzrunner was there, the running shield and the team of jrunning too (good to see you there folks). After a short talk and stretching routine we were flagged off just in time. My start was a little too fast from my easy pace and I found out that I was up-tempo moments after. Sustaining this pace until the finish line, I finished the race remarkably, thanks to the fine weather too. It even drizzled as I changed to my street wear after the race.
click on the photo for a bigger view

I had observed too that many celebrities are pushing their performances on top. Carl Guevara who finished just a shade under the top ten in the 21km event was a revelation. I attempted to run behind him but he's just too fast. I didn't know that he's into running nowadays because he hardly hit the treadmill during our work-out sessions at a qc gym years before. Runningwise, Piolo will have a hard time to match with him in this distance (just my observation). Rovilson Fernandez ran a fast one too, and so was Drew Arellano. But he's no stranger to racing anymore, this guy is a certified triathlete, and a classy one.

Sorry, but there were no post race pictures after the race as I immediately head home for some family matters. Updated race results can be found here.

January 11, 2012

SIM: Must Run-Event In 2012

Registration is until January 13, 2012.

As the festive Holiday season concludes, getting back in shape is surely part of our new year’s resolution. One of the easiest ways to get back in shape is to go running. Jumpstart your love for running in 2012 by joining the Subic International Marathon (SIM) on January 21-22.

The 2012 SIM is a definite must run event for running enthusiasts as it takes your love for running in the lush green grounds of Remy fields of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), Olongapo City. The Subic course promise no less than cool and surrounded-by-fresh-air run, a definite break from the usual city run in Metro Manila. Aside from taking on the internationally endorsed race course, runners can expect an exceptional running experience with premier multi-sports event eXtribe, Inc. co-producing and organizing the 2012 SIM.

Runners can register for the 2012 SIM until January 13, 2012 and get ready for a different running experience. Registration sites are at New Balance Glorietta, New Balance Shangri-La, New Balance Trinoma and New Balance Marquee Mall Pampanga and The Outlet in Subic. On-line registration at www.extribe.com.ph/registration/sim

January 10, 2012

New Year, New Gear

After coming home from our mile-high christmas getaway, I was surprised to see a new gear beneath our christmas tree. Now I'm ready to try again an ultra distance. Thank you to the Media Relations Team of Summit Media for this wonderful gift, I appreciate it. I'm looking forward again to your next event.

January 9, 2012

My Other Journal

Here's where my daily running starts.
Where it inspires me to live a fantastic life.

Got yours?

January 7, 2012

Re-engineered Marvels

Recap; (wikipedia) or retread is a previously worn tire which has gone through a remanufacturing process designed to extend its useful service life. Retreads are significantly cheaper. As a result, they are widely used in large-scale operations and they are also the most environmentally friendly way of recycling used tires.

These babies of mine are on their twilight. Adizero, the oldest, came in 2008. She holds most of my personal records (fastest time) in my running, from 5km to 42km. She's the cream of the crop. The Lunarglide and the Boston both came in 2009, successively. The former was the one responsible for my ultramarathon training. She helped me rack mileage after mileage in my preparation for the bdm 102km race. She was the severely shredded unit among them. The Boston, who came after the Lunarglide, helped me in several training runs and fast races. She significantly propelled me to a milo elimination qualifying race in 2010. The Launch, the youngest of them all, is the most sought, most used trainer and racer as of today. With two full marathons and a 50km ultramarathon distance under her soles, she still rocks, and is the one in tip-top shape.

Although all of them had their own retreading, they still have their own competitive means. They still posses their own characteristics and are still the favorites. I don't usually retire my running shoes, they still have their place in the cabinet and are just a call away. I'm positive they could still lead me to the finish line despite their condition.

In some applications, a tire can be retreaded ten times. The process of retreading requires, after the buffing off of the old tread, there to be coated with another compound like rubber to allow the new tread to adhere to the used tire casing. At the end of life, retreads may delaminate and fall apart in chunks that scatter across the road.

If you notice the retread failure along the road, it may be me (who do not notice it) just ahead of you. As long as the loss of a retread does not severely impair my motion control or usability, I will still be running above a recapped sole.

How about you?

January 5, 2012

2nd Grace To The Finish Race

Join the 2nd fundraising run of the Singles Apostolate of the St. James the Great Parish Renewal Movement for the benefit of Singles Encounter #20 Weekend and Sitio Espeleta (Muntinlupa).

I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. (2 Timothy 4: 6-8)

January 3, 2012

2011: The Year That Was

After reviewing my running diary I found-out that the year 2011 had been not so fruitful for me, distance-wise. In the past two years (2009 & 2010) I was averaging 1,970km and 188 workout hours per year. In 2011, I just logged-in 987.20km in 100 workout hours. May and December were the busiest months. I did several half-marathons in May and ran my only full marathon (for the year) in December. The months in between were devoted to just relaxed and easy runs.

But 2011 had brought a different perspective in my fitness program, I was able to immerse myself into strength training and lifting weights. I politely declined in doing long distance running and concentrated in gym works, luckily, I was able to maintain my ideal weight. I also discovered that I have a knack in swimming and hope to continue my training in 2012. I would like to test the discipline of cycling too and eventually join multi sports in the future.

Ultrarunning is also one sport that took a backseat in me and I hope to get back into it this year. I know that it takes a lot of discipline and training to achieve some buckles, but getting there is not too far. With the advent of ultra trail running and trail marathoning, I'm hopeful that I can join some, to get closer to nature.

Ultimately, my goal is to get back into running circuit and fill my journal to the brim. Happy new year everyone. See you at the starting line.