March 30, 2012

Thorlos Is Now In The Philippines

I have seen this product in Runner's World years ago when I was just starting my running fitness. The reviews were good but I don't have any means to own a pair since it was not available locally. Today, Thorlos is now in the Philippines through the initiative of Mr. Ramesh Mirpuri, Colerosh, Inc.'s President, and are available in Riovana, Toby's, Rustan's, The Athlete's Foot, Planet Sports, Runnr and ROX.

Thorlos has been worn in the New York and Boston Marathons, two of the most prestigious running events in the world and has been the recipient of Runner’s World (US) Best Gear Award.

Thorlos Philippines
Thorlos has been exclusively distributed by Colerosh, Inc. the brand’s clientele consist of foreigners, elite athletes and the upper strata of society. Today, with the economic and sports trends followed by consumers – deeper emphasis on health, more scientific approaches to optimized performance, global online market, inclination to more durable products – Thorlos has slowly evolved into one of the sought after socks brand in the country.

To establish Thorlos as the ultimate brand of socks in the Philippines with the widest selection of socks available, the maximum protection guarantee and the longest durability compared to other brands.


To push proper equipment- activity relation education in the Philippines highlighting foot health and foot care thru the foot-shoe-sock-fit Thorlo experience.

In-Depth Facts:
1.Thorlos is the one of the very few global pure socks brands in the Philippines, others are locally produced while other brands offer socks as side products only.
2.Thorlos is the brand of socks with the widest selection for all the popular sports and lifestyle activities.
3. Thorlos emphasizes education on the importance of foot-shoe-sock-fit experience to draw maximum benefits, protection and comfort.
4. Thorlos is one of the few sports brands backed up by well-explained science and recipient of numerous awards and endorsements by scientific institutions, medical societies and athletic groups.
5. Thorlos socks cannot be faked and each and every pair was made using patented machines, yarns (particularly THOR-LON) and designs. No outsourcing was done hence all Thorlos socks around the world were made thru the strictest quality control of the company in North Carolina, USA.

7 Elements Of Comfort
The pillar of Thorlos’ famous Comfort Science, formulated by the company thru rigorous scientific research and innovative customer feedback mechanisms. All Thorlo products incorporate and address these elements in their designs.

1. Pressure - Reduces plantar pressure with its overall cushioning lowers dynamic impact with its unique Impact Zone® at the heels.
2. Shear - Prevents destructive shear forces with the Shear Zone™ padding at the balls of the feet.
3. Temperature - Maintains a more balanced temperature inside the socks with its patented fibers.
4. Moisture - Keeps feet drier than ordinary socks with the proper fiber combination for optimized wicking.
5. Circulation - Increases blood circulation in feet with its adaptable snug fit design and temperature control (snow, hunting).
6. Posture - Facilitates better posture due to freedom from limp/blister/pain while doing desired activity/sports.
7. Stimulus - Provides a uniform environment for the feet for the entire duration of the activity.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Each pair of Thorlo socks is carefully designed and made with the utmost care of consumers in mind. With the vision of ‘Brand Stewardship’, Thorlos perspective is that the company is bonded to its loyal customers hence the 30-day risk free trial (in the US) to guarantee consumer satisfaction no other brands offer. The company ensures that each pair of socks with the Thorlo mark is and will always be of the same quality. Proudly made in the USA, each pair rolls out from the Thorlo factory in North Carolina (USA) and nowhere else to ensure product quality.

Product Credentials
The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has granted its Seal of Approval to Thorlos, the first socks brand ever to earn that honor. Thorlos has been worn in the New York and Boston Marathons, two of the most prestigious running events in the world and Runner’s World Best Gear recipient. Thorlos has been recommended by doctors and sports therapists for its protection and performance, especially to elite athletes, those whose activities require prolonged standing, walking and running and those over the age of 50 due to reduction of natural foot padding.

A Brief History

In 1953 Lewis and Mattie Throneburg, began producing high-quality military boot socks from a small mill in Statesville, North Carolina.

In 1970, their son Jim Throneburg, inventor of Thorlos, became president and his foresight was that Thorlo would not be a ‘fashion-driven’ but a ‘function-driven’ company. Thorlo was born to “only make sock products that contribute to foot protection, foot comfort, and foot health”.

In the late 1960s, Jim designed and patented the first roll-top golf socks that wouldn’t slide down into the shoe. This is where the term Sports Socks originated – socks specially designed for a specific sport – and Thorlos was the source.

Soon, Jim designed and produced a highly specialized western boot sock which required substantial modification to knitting machines that resulted in two patents. In 1999, the brand successfully introduced THORLOS LITES, in running and walking styles. These innovative socks provided the most comfort and padded protection possible in a lightweight construction and were designed for the performance walker/runner to be cooler and to provide maximum moisture management.

Another major initiative for Thorlos was the recognition that the size, shape and proportions of the woman’s foot is distinct from a man’s. After studying the unique forces and materials women’s shoes offer, Thorlos’ line for women was born - the result was a better shoe/boot fit, more foot protection, comfort, enhanced performance and healthier feet.

At the start of the millennium, Thorlos has already established itself as the leading maker of performance and protective socks for all sports, work and lifestyle activities. Almost a decade after Thorlo pads are now being used for new brands of socks – Experia and 84 Runner - catering to a special needs, for instance, long distance running.

For more details about Thorlos® Socks and foot health, visit and, call Colerosh Inc. at 661-3022 and 640-4326 or email at

March 28, 2012

Word To Ponder: Agility

Agility; (wikipedia) or nimbleness is the ability to change the body's position efficiently, and requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength, endurance and stamina.

Trail running rhymes with agility. And Mt. Ugu requires a lot. See you in Kayapa.

Photo by Atty. Raymund Martelino.

March 23, 2012

9th DeMolay Fun Run

The whole family went home in the province last weekend to attend a family event. Immediately after arrival I heard a news that a fun run will be held in the next morning, a Sunday. I was about to do a trail run in the afternoon but cancelled it for the next day's race, so the afternoon's activity was instead committed to eating and relaxation. The result was obvious that after returning to Manila I was five pounds above my ideal weight.

I was at the venue as early as 5:00am to register for the 5:30am race. The race was organized by the DeMolay Group with the support from different sponsors. It was good to know that fun runs are being held here nowadays in the bustling town of Calapan City in Oriental Mindoro. During my stay here some twenty years ago, no runs or whatsoever are being held, but just P.E. classes. I remember running from the city to Baco town (14+ km) as a requirement for our P.E. class. With my Grosby shoes of course.

During vacation, my wife and I brought our training here in the backyard. As time flies, I observed that the number of joggers are increasing. I could see them doing their runs in the roads and at the high school oval too. I hope that the local government will have the initiative to upgrade the track oval to tartan surface. There are so many trails here to explore too.

The race started at the city plaza and finished at the provincial capitol. It was supposedly a 10km route but was 1 km short. If the organizers made it an out & back course, or extended the turn around point farther, the difference will be compensated. The lack of measuring device or experience, I would say, may be the cause. To the organizers, google earth and map my run is just a keyboard away.

Nevertheless, the race went out smoothly with about 300 participants. As the fireworks was lit (gun start), the fastest runners surge ahead, weaved their way at the course and leaped their butts to the finish line in fashion. I finished decently in 16th place, good enough for a finishers shirt and a medal.

With the increasing number of running afficionados, I hope different offices in government, local and national, will organize races in a regular basis. With the running boom in different provinces in the country, I hope Oriental Mindoro will be in the circulation. An ultramarathon venue will be a fitting example.

Just steps away to the finish line

Post race photo at the Provincial Capitol ground

See you (again) at the starting line.

March 14, 2012

The Bullrunner Dream Marathon 2012

Yesterday it was on a full moon,
Today, it is before the new moon.
Have fun on your dream race,
And shine above the rest.

The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2012
Sunday, 18 March, 2012
Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

March 13, 2012

Pet Express Doggie Run 2012

Yep! Our four-legged friends have their own fun run too.
It's another fun-filled day for dog lovers and their fur kids as Pet Express, your dog & cat shop, brings you year two of the biggest dog running event in Manila. Canine runners and their human running buddies are invited to troop over SM Mall of Asia grounds for the Pet Express Doggie Run 2012 on March 24 (Saturday). Participants may register in 1.5K, 3K, or 5K race categories.

Runners will get a dri-fit running shirt while the doggie runners get a dog bandana and dog race bib they can personalize. All dog registrants who crosses the finish line will get their very own doggie finisher medal and loot bag. Part of the proceeds of the Doggie Run 2012 will be donated to this year's chosen beneficiary, PAWS (The Philippine Animal Welfare Society). Come and enjoy the sponsor game booths, souvenir photos, and raffle prizes that are up for grabs.

Registration is ongoing in all Pet Express branches (Corinthian Hills, SM Cubao, SM Hypermarket Makati, SM Masinag, and SM Mall of Asia) until March 22, 2012. Registration will be continued in Mall of Asia branch from March 22-24. On-site registration during the race day will depend on the availability of race kits. Race fee is P450 for the Doggie Race Kit and P400 for the Human Race Kit.

This event is made possible with the support of Holistic Recipe, Beef Meal, Espree, Hartz, Pedigree, Cesar, Frontline Plus, Kong, DoggyMan, Wahl, Royal Canin, Bayer Advocate, Good Boy, Doggie's Choice, Ezydog, Virbac Nutriplus Gel, Novibac, Purina ProPlan, Pawsh Couture, Gavino's Donuts, and Focus Media. For more Doggie Run 2012 details, visit the Pet Express Facebook page.

Registration Fee:

•P450 Doggie Race Kit
•P400 (human race bib, dri-fit running shirt, insurance coverage, donation to PAWS only)
On-Site Registration Fee - P500


1. Register at any Pet Express branch. (Corinthian Hills 696-7400, SM City Masinag 477-8659, SM Cubao 912-5924, SM Hypermarket Makati 843-7174, SM Mall of Asia 836-8955)
2. Race kits will be given upon payment to Pet Express.

Pet Express Doggie Run 2012 Race Kit (P450) includes:
• Event Dri-fit Running Shirt
• Event Dog Bandana
• Race Bib (for human)
• Race Bib (for dog)
• Insurance Coverage
• Donation to PAWS (The Philippine Animal Welfare Society)

For Registered Doggie Finishers:
• Doggie Finisher Medal
• Doggie Finisher Loot Bag Gunstart: 5K- 5:40 A.M. 3K- 5:50 A.M. 1.5K- 6:00 A.M.

Pet Express Doggie Run 2012 Features:
• 1.5/3/5K Run • Sponsor Game Booths
• Souvenir Photo Booth
• Raffle Prizes Dog Runner Winners:
• 1.5K- 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place (only toy/small dogs are eligible to win in this category)
• 3K- 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place (all breeds/sizes)
• 5K- 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place (all breeds/sizes)

1. All participating dogs must be properly vaccinated (Please bring vaccination records).
2. Bitches must not be in heat.
3. Please keep your dogs on a leash.
4. Please provide a muzzle for unfriendly dogs.
5. Please be considerate and pick up after your dog’s waste.
6. Never leave your dog unattended. Pet Express will not be liable for dogs that are lost or missing during the event.
7. The organizers reserve the right to reject the participation of a dog that might cause disruption or disturbance in the event (i.e. dogs with aggressive behavior, bitches in heat, etc.)

March 6, 2012

Run United Weekend

After joining the Run United 1 race at the Mall of Asia last weekend I still find myself in awe how a race this magnitude was done. From the organizer's account, the registered runners reached a staggering 13,000 people, of which 4,000 went to the starting line of the 21km distance. From what I heard, this was the biggest half-marathon distance attended locally, maybe not far behind from international races. The point to point race route of the 21km was among the many firsts that Runrio introduced to this race. It started at BGC in Taguig City and ended in MOA in Pasay City after traversing the other cities of Makati and Manila. The hydration stations were strategically located and were serving ice cold water and powerade with bananas at one station somewhere in Buendia Avenue. The weather was fine from the onset to the finish since the organizers started the race earlier. The route was challenging because of the presence of Kalayaan and Buendia Flyovers and the runners were treated to a moderate to intense workout. Aside from those uphills, the course was relatively flat at the stretch of Roxas Blvd. and Buendia Avenue.

There was also the bus transfer (of runners) from MOA to BGC before and after the race. I was among the thousands of passengers who availed of this service. Although Runrio had used this system in one of their previous out-of-town race before, this was different since we were treated to a luxury ride with motorcycle-riding police escort that made the travel very convenient. There were luggage buses too which transported runner's belongings from the start line to the finish line.

The race went well for me as I enjoyed the route. The point of having a different start and finish lines somewhat erased the boredom of going out-and-back to the finish line, which I believe were also part of the sentiments of other runners. This was the second time I ran this type of race course, the Pasig International Marathon in 2008 was the other (from Marikina Riverbanks to Quirino Grandstand).

I had fun running the race and was surprised by my outcome, I did registered a pretty decent finish time, not a PR but a good one and I'm satisfied. The idea was just to go before 1h45m from my previous of 1h47m (at the GoNatural Race last January), but maybe the excitement propelled me a little bit faster. It was the first time too that I used my GoRun in a 21km race, the lightness and stability of the shoe made my pacing efficient.

As usual, the scene at the finish line and at the expo area was festive. Thousand gather and roam around having smiles all over their faces. But I had observed that there were unregistered runners who ran (bandits) and claimed lootbags too resulting to the shortage of distributed lootbags. I learned from Runrio later that there was a breach of security in their redemption booths. These areas should be manned by those bulky bouncers that were deployed at the finish line, sa palagay ko lang, so as to avoid these scenarios from happening again. I believe, the other two legs of the Run United Series will draw more participants including the much anticipated Run United Philippine Marathon late this year.

The finishers medal was topnotch too. By finishing this leg, I collected the first of the three-piece medal set of the Run United Trilogy.

Another first here was the determination of race results. Runrio introduced a new innovative system of personally determining your race result by just texting your stats to Runrio E-Com. And it goes like this; RESULT RU1/DISTANCE/BIB#/NAME/BIRTHDATE and send to 09229992444. Oh man, my result just came in second. Hassle free, di ba?

Congratulations again to the Runrio Organization for coming up with this kind of race and for raising the bar higher again. See you again on the second leg. Keep running, keep training.

I'll leave you here with a series of photos that I took at the expo.

March 2, 2012

Unilab Active Health Expo

Unilab ActiveHealth gives you more with not just a village but an ActiveHealth Expo. We give you more areas to explore because apart from our regular activities: photobooth, awards, program, cheerdance competition. The ActiveHealth Expo offers more to excite everyone joining us on March 4. We have the Try Running Zone, a must-see and try for those who wants to get started into running. Watch as how our 500m dash runners get tips and training from our topnotch coaches. Session start 7am for our guests. We also have the Runners Zone - an exclusive area for our runner/ finishers not just for the elite but from the kids to our active seniors. The ULAH Expo Zone features various apparels and gears from our partner - exhibitors, because we believe that there should be style and fashion in running.

Unilab Zone/ Brand : The biggest zone in the ActiveHealth Expo, this zone features various Unilab brands and sponsors. Enjoy the various booth activities, whenever their are games, there will be winners. Have fun in this zone and bring home some exciting goodies.
Try Running Zone: ActiveHealth wants you to start running. And Try Running Zone will help you learn some of the drills and proper stretching techniques from our coaches to help you get started. Tips will also be provided on how to prevent injuries from occuring.
Runners Zone: You have sweated it out. You have run a good distance. You deserve to be pampered. Get a rub down in our massage area, ice pools and cool down to relax those muscles and freshen up station so you can still look your best after crossing the finish line. Indulge In!
U Run U Connect Wifi Zone: Share your running experience - post it on our facebook site. Snap a shot with your running buddies and upload if right away with our free wifi powered by Globe.

Winners Lounge: (blue tent, beside the green tent): Get to meet the other winners of Run United 1 2012, this is where winners should be. Because crossing the finish line ahead of the rest deserves some special treat.

Food Zone: Load up on protein, carbo and health drinks. Indulge in food treats, to recover fast and stay healthy.

ULAH Expo Area: Gear up and run like a pro. Run, sweat and still look your best.

Family & Couples Photo Booth: Have your family/ couple's photo taken in this new photo booth. Get a shot from our professional photographer and it will uploaded in our site for you to see.

Check-Up Station: Needed a health check? Our doctors, nurses and staff will assist and welcome you right on cue.

ULAH Block: Invite your friends and strike a pose with our ULAH Block - the newest logo of ActiveHealth. Have fun and share the memories - post it in Unilab ActiveHealth's fan page.

See you on Sunday!