December 11, 2009

This Day You're Not Running

I thank God, for you were born,
To bring these two into this world.
I will sing and light a candle,
Together we will dance around.
I love you and I'm proud.

December 4, 2009

Marathon Raceday Checklist

Good luck to everyone joining the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.

Be ready on race day.

Get the most mileage out of all that time and effort you’ve spent training: Take a few moments to make sure race day itself goes as smoothly as possible!

The night before/ checklist
  • Plan your transportation
  • Check the weather forecast.
  • Select your running outfit.
  • Pin your race bib / number to your shirt.
  • Attach your timing chip to your shoes.
  • Make a plan for your belongings.
  • Know how far the bag check area is from the starting line.
  • Coordinate with your family and/or friends.
  • Pack your bag with the day’s essentials.
  • Weather protection: Sunscreen, hat, gloves, etc.
  • Additional layers (or rainwear, as appropriate).
  • Chafe protection (for long distances).
  • Any additional registration needs (confirmation card, T-shirt voucher, running club card etc.).
  • Money.
  • Food: Energy bars, gels, or post-race snacks as appropriate.
  • Cell phone.
  • Directions.
  • Contact numbers.
  • Coordinate any pre- and post-race meet-up with family and friends.
  • Plan out your post-race snacks or meal.
  • Set your alarm—and check it twice!
  • Plan to be awake for at least 2.5 hours before the race begins.
  • Give yourself ample time for travel, parking, warming up, etc.
  • Plan to arrive at the starting location 30 minutes before the start time.

Start the morning right

  • Jump-start your metabolism.
  • Take a warm shower.
  • Replenish your blood sugar.
  • Eat a small meal consisting only of familiar foods that you’ve consumed prior to running; don’t eat any closer than two hours from the start.
  • Hydrate properly.
  • Make sure you’ve had at least 6 oz of water for every 20-30 minutes you’ll be on the road.
  • Leave on time!
  • Give yourself ample time for travel problems, parking, and to:
    • Drop off your bag
    • Use the bathroom
    • Apply sunscreen, chafe prevention, etc
    • Familiarize yourself with bathroom stops and locations
    • Warm up

Get set and go

  • Warm up.
  • Walk or jog slowly for at least ten minutes before the start.
  • Stretch lightly.
  • Confirm your pace plan.
  • Focus on your goal times:
    • An acceptable time based on normal weather conditions
    • A finish time you’d be very proud of
  • Be ready to shift between goals if unexpected factors warrant it.
  • Practice a few “race pace” starts.
  • Line up behind the appropriate pace marker.
  • Position yourself based on your actual ability. Don’t start in a faster group.
  • Don’t start out too fast!
  • Be careful not to get carried away by the excitement or start running with faster pace groups.
  • It’s best to start on the slower side so the second half is faster.
  • Hydrate as needed at aid stations (distance races).
  • Run your own race!
  • Don’t let others slow you down or speed you up. Keep your own focus.

Once you cross the line...

  • Keep moving.
  • Walk for 15-20 minutes. If you’ve just completed a marathon or half-marathon,
    don’t stretch immediately; wait until after you’ve had something to eat and drink.
  • Replenish your fluids; drink at least 6 oz for every 20-30 minutes spent running;
    you’ll know you’re rehydrated when you pee light yellow.
  • Eat something; try to consume some carbohydrates within 30 minutes of your finish
    (most important for distance runs).

And finally... Celebrate!

source: NikeRun