August 25, 2009

Overspeeding: Violation or Not

Overspeeding kills. It doesn't shorten your way, but it shorten your life, at least in the motorists perspective.

In our world of running, speed plays an essential part. Many of us aspire to be one of the best when it comes to speed. We train hard to eventually break a personal best, to exact revenge from those who outrun us before, or to outpace those that makes us a target during the race. We even research and apply several running programs. Some attend and participate in a running clinic, and some even hire personal coaches. Everyone of us is an athlete in the making, all we need is to persevere and dedication on our chosen craft.

What separates Hamilton from Gebrselassie? Rossi from Armstrong? Nothing really. They're all speedsters, they're all winners in their own field. They're all world champions. But what stands out is the speed of Haile. Arguably!

I always take a glimpse of this sign whenever I run close to it in Fort Bonifacio. It kinda remind me how fast I am going. For us runners, it inspires; for motorists, it cautions. Whether to motivate or to enforce, it was installed to serve a purpose. There were six of them strategically placed at the vicinity of Bonifacio Global City, I knew, because we made them. I'm in the industry.

If you speed up, be cautious. If you do, inspire. And don't forget to light-up especially if its dark. See you at the starting line.

August 22, 2009

Underwater Marathon

Lloyd Scott has just spent 12 days at the bottom of Loch Ness, but he reported no sightings of the lake's legendary loch ness monster.

In what has been billed as the world's first underwater marathon, the British man walked 26 miles along the loch bottom wearing a 1940s diving suit, complete with a 40-pound metal helmet.

The experience - despite frequent rest breaks, was "very cold and very lonely," Scott said on finally emerging at Loch end, near Inverness. "You don't know what's underfoot - sometimes it's mud, silt, rocks or nothing. The air line also kept getting caught and I also had to deal with a build-up of carbon dioxide in the helmet," he said.

It was the first time that Scott, who is known for wearing the suit in land marathons, has used it for its proper purpose. "It's definitely been far more difficult doing it underwater," he said. "I've had to cope with poor visibility, which has at times been nil, I've had to work against the resistance and the pressure of the water."

Scott, from Rainham, east of London, began his journey at Fort Augustus on the opposite end of the loch. A former firefighter and professional soccer player, he spent more than a month training for the marathon, which raised money for children with leukemia.

For decades, people have reported seeing a sea monster in the picturesque lake; the existence of such a creature has never been proven.
The Loch Ness Marathon is an annual monster race held along the famous Scottish loch, Loch Ness. The event is part of the festival of running and attracts 1500 participants for the main event. The marathon supports several charities.

The local counterpart here is the Philippine International Marathon (Pasig Heritage Marathon) which traverses different bridges crossing the Pasig River with an objective to raise fund for the river's rehabilitation. This year's event will be held on November 8, 2009, that will start and finish at the Quirino Grandstand in Luneta.

If there will be a challenge to do a Pasig River Underwater Marathon, will you do a Lloyd Scott?

August 17, 2009

Festivity at the Kenny's Open

The recent Kenny's Open 2009 Urbanite Run was my first to race at night. The excitement from the participants added to the already high humidity that night making the venue hotter. With 3,000 runners, the place was surely on fire. People from all sizes came to participate, and some, to witness this first of a kind running event at the metro. Running enthusiasts with their reflective bib numbers and glow in the dark bracelets are fun to watch. I could feel the festive mood from everyone.

Two days before, I received my race packet from the organizers at the same venue. I registered for the 5km race to give myself time to recover for an lsd run with xty some eight hours after. It was a totally different experience because I will be running late by as much as 45 minutes as compared to other races where I usually start first. I have time capturing friends' excitement through photos and have a brief talk with them before they went off. Some pics here.

The heat is on, will I start the fire?
Since I'll just be doing a 5k, I made a short warm-up for myself to rev-up and inched my way afterwards to the front of the crowded coral. Humidity is on a high level at the place, my sweat kept on pouring even I'm just standing idle. After a while we were off, thousands of feet shared the road towards mckinley area, with elbows rubbing against each other. Running down near essensa the road widened as I slowly paced ahead. Running at dark is difficult, especially if your racing. The route down and up at mckinley hill was one of it. But the most difficult is to weave your way through hundreds of runners going towards you. It happened at lawton avenue on my way back wherein we shared a single lane. I ran at the left lane together with the vehicles just to avoid the runners going against my direction until it cleared somewhere at essensa. Running with my instinct, I finished my first night race. Somehow I knew, I started a fire and was burning after.

The race was a success, with celebrity hosts gracing the occasion, runners were treated to a wonderful experience. Everyone had their own time celebrating and partying with teammates and friends. Food and drinks were shared together with a live concert. I wish I had the time.

Six hours later, I did run again.

August 6, 2009

A Run for Cory

In memory of the late Tita Cory, we held a run at the academic oval of UP Diliman and made headway towards her home at Times Street to pay our respect and prayers. We were part of a group of runners who paid a tribute run for her. There are groups who ran at Alabang, Taguig, Makati, Mandaluyong and the Manila Roundabout. Together with forum members and other running friends we made it possible even the rain poured incessantly. This act is not enough in comparison of what she did to us, to our country and the world. Her greatness and legacy will live forever.

After the run, I went to Roxas Boulevard to be one among the thousands of people who gathered to witness her funeral procession. Waiting for so long was a no problem for these people from different sizes of life just to be part of this historical event. I'm proud, I was among who did.

I ran for Cory. I ran for history.

August 4, 2009

Adidas Running: Lace Lite

A new line of adizero products is now on the market and adidas running is inviting everyone for an Adizero Gram Challenge promo.

Here are the mechanics:
Baseline weight is 265g based on adiZero Aegis Men's UK size 8.5. For women's running shoes, the weight to beat is 245g based on adiZero Women's UK size 5.5. Promo is valid from August 1-31, 2009.

If shoes are lighter than 265g for mens and 245g for womens you automatically get 20% discount on your adiZero purchases. If shoes are heavier than the baseline weight given, please see grid below:
01g to 20g heavier = 5% off
21g to 40g heavier = 10% off
41g to 60g heavier = 15% off
61g to 80g heavier = 20% off

Being a big fan of adidas adizero shoes, I am excited to witness another innovation of their new line of adizero products. I have been lacing and running with either adizero cs or adizero boston during my races for long and I am looking forward for a review of this new adizero aegis.

The lightest shoe in its class, adizero tempo gives you everything you need and nothing you don't. Pure and simple in appearance and function, this is the ultimate running shoe. Airmesh upper for maximum ventilation. Perforated EVA tongue for lightweight comfort and breathability, dual layer adiLITE/respoEVA sockliner for great step-in and motion comfort (antimicrobial). Non-slip lining for comfort and performance, adiPRENE+ maintains forefoot propulsion and efficiency. Dual density midsole for pronation control. ForMotion for motion control and ground adaptability adiWEAR outsole for best durability in high wear areas. Blown rubber outsole for lightweight grip and cushion.

A serious lightweight distance trainer that is built for speed. Made to stay responsive and fast through the hardest training. You feet will be flying. Airmesh upper for maximum ventilation. Moulded respoEVA sockliner for anatomical fit and great step-in comfort. Non-slip lining for comfort and performance adiPRENE - maintains forefoot propulsion and efficiency. AdiPRENE provides protection from harmful impact forces. Torsion system for midfoot integrity. Forefoot blown rubber combines lightweight with grip. Ventilation zone in the shank area and adiWEAR outsole for best durability in high wear areas.

Adizero Aegis
A faster, sleeker, lightweight trainer. Designed with ForMotion upper and ground-adapting 3D ForMotion unit for smoother, more natural touchdowns at high speed, airmesh upper for maximum ventilation. Assymetric upper construction to avoid forefoot pressure. Moulded respoEVA sockliner for anatomical fit and great step-in comfort. Non-slip lining for comfort and performance. Extended Torsion System bar for heel and midfoot stability. Full forefoot adiPRENE+ for forefoot propulsion and efficiency adiWEAR outsole for best durability in high wear areas. Forefoot lugs for traction on road surfaces.

August 1, 2009

Democracy Mourns

Corazon C. Aquino
1933 - 2009

Thank you Madam President.

photo from giannerory/