July 28, 2010

Timeless Running

My early running was documented by a free watch I got from a famous potato snack. She was with me during my jogs at the qc circle and up diliman and in some races that I participated. After months of usage and a handful of races, she succumbed to exhaustion and eventually died. I've no idea then where she could be revived. Although she lacks in features and aesthetics (no stop watch, I only take the difference between my finish time and start time), she wrote my very first pr in running.

So as not to hamper my new-found passion, I bought a new, more advanced watch, a chronograph one, with more functions than my previous one. Cassey, as I called her, ignited my desire to run more and conquer what was improbable at that time. She did eight full marathons and a couple of ultra marathons. She was also instrumental in breaking old records and rewriting new ones, and with her I had my best times (literally) in running. But just like my old one, she also signed off.

my old reliable and cassey faded away

After Cassey's demise, I was left with nothing. I ran two or three races without the company of these gadgets and just relied my time on the clock dangling at the finish line. I have had my training runs without one and just peep at the arms of my running buddies for reference. Nowadays, I could feel a downturn in my runs; just a 5km weekday run and a 10km sunday run is almost the regular thing. Swerte na 'pag naka 20km per week. But the lowdown is not because of the absence of those gadgets and the likes, I could practically run without them. Family obligations keep me off my time in the mornings, and the late afternoons are somewhat pre-occupied with a different thing. Nevertheless, the desire to run is still there, very much.

But since I'm documenting all my progress in my runs, distance & time being the most essential, I sought of a replacement for Cassey. The new one is not an ultra modern techie thing, but is also a chronograph one with added features, which I feel could still help me in any way. I hope this thing will bring back the desire to run more mileage, even if I opt to run in my chosen playgrounds as I shy away from races that demand higher fees every time.

See you on the roads.

July 12, 2010

The Austerity Of Small Races

"Where have all these races gone, long time passing. Where have all these races gone, a long, long time ago." These are the words echoing on me when I went home after joining the nutribar hip2b fit run at the up diliman grounds. The race was so simple yet entertaining as the pictures below clearly define it.

Races nowadays are branded as hip and ultra-modern with the advancement of technologies. With the advent of video walls, steel-rigged stages, vast venue, timing chips, celebrities and massive attendance; I could say that the recent nutribar race is way behind the trend. But the staging, the silence and the attendance is simply awesome. The implementation is well above par. There were no chaos, no dilly-dally, no deafening sound, a scene associated with huge races, but participants were treated to a fine event on that cool sunday morning. The calm atmosphere at the place is the ideal.

It's been a long while since I had the opportunity to attend these kind of races. The year was 2006 and 2007; the yakult run, the intramuros great wall run, the auto review run were fine examples, where people find time to relax and mingle after the grueling run. Runners of different kind converge in a small area to celebrate what was a big accomplishment for that day. Runners come and go with smiles in their faces. The opportunity to make friends is broad.

This is the kind of race that I was searching for a long time, a race atypical to where I started. And, oh, if whining occurs here, I may hang-up my laces.

July 7, 2010

The 34th Milo Marathon Eliminations

The Manila elimination leg of the 34th milo marathon once again highlighted the triumph of the seasoned marathoners. The men were again separated from the boys. These fine gentlemen always put their milo races at high level. Milo is the equivalent of the Boston marathons for them. You know milo marathon very well if you know the real goal behind it.

While there's an on-going inquiries and hate, left and right, regarding those who cheated in the race, I personally put my emphasis on the profiles of these milo marathoners, who made their way to the finals on December 12, 2010. Rather than spending some time dealing with the identities of those so called cheaters, these people deserve more of the noise created at the recent milo marathon and all the credit as well. Mabuhay po kayo, kita kits ulit tayo (sa finals).

These are just a few, many still deserve.

More pics at my multiply account.
Photos were provided side by side. 2009 finals x 2010 elims.
Names are available at the results of the 2009 & 2010 milo marathons.