July 7, 2010

The 34th Milo Marathon Eliminations

The Manila elimination leg of the 34th milo marathon once again highlighted the triumph of the seasoned marathoners. The men were again separated from the boys. These fine gentlemen always put their milo races at high level. Milo is the equivalent of the Boston marathons for them. You know milo marathon very well if you know the real goal behind it.

While there's an on-going inquiries and hate, left and right, regarding those who cheated in the race, I personally put my emphasis on the profiles of these milo marathoners, who made their way to the finals on December 12, 2010. Rather than spending some time dealing with the identities of those so called cheaters, these people deserve more of the noise created at the recent milo marathon and all the credit as well. Mabuhay po kayo, kita kits ulit tayo (sa finals).

These are just a few, many still deserve.

More pics at my multiply account.
Photos were provided side by side. 2009 finals x 2010 elims.
Names are available at the results of the 2009 & 2010 milo marathons.


  1. Congratulations is in order for you too, Roselle. Cheers for another marathon finished.

  2. Hinahangaan ko ang mga taong iyong ipinakita dahil bilang isang mananakbong nangangarap mag-qualify alam kong hindi madali ang kanilang nagawa. Mabuhay ang mga mananakbong Pilipino!

    (Idol ba't di ka nga pala sumali? Salamat nga pala sa pagsuporta at mga larawan!)

    - dhenz

  3. Thanks Dennis, ilan lang sila sa mga hinahangaan natin, marami pang iba. 'Yung di ko pagsali; naku, mahabang salaysayin.

  4. Vener, great post as always. I've been meaning to bring this question up on Facebook but keep forgetting. What happened to Eduardo Buenavista? I thought according to some sources that he was going to run.

    Anyway, take care my friend. I'll chat, talk and will see you soon!

  5. Hi Wayne, Vertek did not run this event. I've read that he's preparing for an undisclosed marathon event. Good to hear from you again my friend.

  6. I am COngratulating All Marathoners and Runners... For those who are qualified... just be very careful because people die due to heat stroke wich maybe link to HEATSTROKE..... somehow it is due to lack of water.... and negligence of duty by someone who is responsible.... AGAIN CONGRATULATION AND BE CAREFUL....

  7. Hi Anonymous, thanks for visiting here. I'm sure your messages will reach them through this blog.

  8. Congratulations! They are truly inspiring for a new into running. Thanks for this post Sir. ^-^.

  9. Hi Jhuvy, thanks for visiting. I hope the inspiration and insights will help you achieve what you wish for in running. Hope to see you in the future.