July 28, 2010

Timeless Running

My early running was documented by a free watch I got from a famous potato snack. She was with me during my jogs at the qc circle and up diliman and in some races that I participated. After months of usage and a handful of races, she succumbed to exhaustion and eventually died. I've no idea then where she could be revived. Although she lacks in features and aesthetics (no stop watch, I only take the difference between my finish time and start time), she wrote my very first pr in running.

So as not to hamper my new-found passion, I bought a new, more advanced watch, a chronograph one, with more functions than my previous one. Cassey, as I called her, ignited my desire to run more and conquer what was improbable at that time. She did eight full marathons and a couple of ultra marathons. She was also instrumental in breaking old records and rewriting new ones, and with her I had my best times (literally) in running. But just like my old one, she also signed off.

my old reliable and cassey faded away

After Cassey's demise, I was left with nothing. I ran two or three races without the company of these gadgets and just relied my time on the clock dangling at the finish line. I have had my training runs without one and just peep at the arms of my running buddies for reference. Nowadays, I could feel a downturn in my runs; just a 5km weekday run and a 10km sunday run is almost the regular thing. Swerte na 'pag naka 20km per week. But the lowdown is not because of the absence of those gadgets and the likes, I could practically run without them. Family obligations keep me off my time in the mornings, and the late afternoons are somewhat pre-occupied with a different thing. Nevertheless, the desire to run is still there, very much.

But since I'm documenting all my progress in my runs, distance & time being the most essential, I sought of a replacement for Cassey. The new one is not an ultra modern techie thing, but is also a chronograph one with added features, which I feel could still help me in any way. I hope this thing will bring back the desire to run more mileage, even if I opt to run in my chosen playgrounds as I shy away from races that demand higher fees every time.

See you on the roads.


  1. I too started with a simple digital watch and with a little bit of math I was able to record my times. When I started doing longer runs that's when I decided to "upgrade" so I can monitor my laps. In a way that too encouraged me to run more often and brave longer distances. It's a tool that is nice to have but we can always run without. :)

  2. ayaw mo talaga ng may gprs, idol? =D

  3. Hey buddy long time no see, but I am back and hope to see you soon again in the races.

  4. @ Dennis, tama ka dun, mahirap talaga tumakbo ng walang basehan, baka mahuli tayo. LOL

    @ Rod, di kaya idol e. Maliit lang ang wrist ko, hahaha. Kasya na ko sa mga stop watch, para pag hinto ko, hinto rin siya.

    @ Philip, that's good news. See you again.

  5. Minsan, ok din tumakbo ng wala kang pakialam sa oras or kung ano mang data diyan. Basta takbo lang, "papawis lang." Those are the kinds of runs that I find myself missing from time to time. And the funny thing is, I always forget that I can have one of those runs anytime - all I have to do is take off that watch. Pero ang hirap gawin.

  6. @ Julius, mahirap talaga, kakambal na kasi natin ang mga gadgets na 'to. But if you don't have those for the time being, it doesn't mean that our runs will stop too, dapat takbo pa rin tayo.

  7. I was so sad when i lost my old reliable Casio. I recently retired very old Timex watch.

    Those were the gold old day. Start-stop and nothing else.

    Regards M8parco

  8. @ Mark, iba na talaga ngayon, may mga gprs at heart rate pa, hi-tech na talaga, sana napapabilis nila ang mga runners. Good to hear from you again, warm regards to Tiffin and the family.