December 18, 2012

Zoot Ultra Series 2012 Footwear Launch

Days just before X'mas, I was invited at the launch of the Zoot Footwear at Riovana BHS. The event was graced by other blogging friends and was hosted by Light 'N Up Marketing, Inc, a distribution company responsible for bringing high performance and high quality sports products to the Philippines. The discussion not only focused on footwear technology but also dealt on apparel and compression products. 

The three new models of Zoot footwear are the Ultra Kane 3.0, a trainer shoe with moderate stability and cushion ideal for high mileage training. The Ultra Kalani 3.0, a neutral shoe good for high mileage training and races. And the Ultra Kiawe, a racing flat with ultra fast response, ideal for elite and efficient runners.

New model of Zoot footwear on display at Riovana.
Auty Villarama of Light 'N Up explaining the Zoot product technology.
Celebrity endorsers of Zoot products, Magali, Anthony & Maricel.  
A closer look on a Zoot footwear.
Over-all, the launch was a success and I'm looking forward to wear a Zoot footwear and experience the new technology that their product boasts. Thank you again to Auty Villarama and Maggie Magdangal of Light 'N Up for inviting me to the event.

Here are some of the excerpts from the Zoot product launch.

Zoot Footwear Technology

What do we stand for?
  • Lighter - Runners want to feel light on their feet. Being light does not mean losing integrity.
  • Faster - Fast feels good. Fast looks good.
  • Cooler - Cool feet perform better. Cool feet last longer.
Zoot product focus on
  • Meaningful fit.
  • Meaningful feel.
  • Meaningful function.

Apparel Technology
  • Cleanfinish Waistband Construction. The cleanfinish waistband on our run shorts replace the traditional gartered finish found in most shorts. This soft, elastic finish allows for a comfortable fit unrestricted by drawstrings.
  • Flatlock Seam Construction. Comfort means forgetting you're wearing anything at all. Flatlock seams ensure next-to-skin comfort and help prevent chafing.
  • 360 degrees Reflectivity. Sometimes, heading out in daylight just isn't an option. On early morning or evening runs, Zoot's reflective accents help you stay safe.
  • Icefil Technology. Ultracell AC with Icefil combines xylitol and thermal radiation nano technology, reducing skin temperature up to 3 degrees centigrade and provides UPF 50+ sun protection.
Compression Technology
  • CRx - Graduated compression.
  • ZoneRx - Zone compression.
  • SynchroRx - Lightweight, moisture-wicking, odor-eliminating.

December 5, 2012

My CM50 Badass Experience

Vener F. Roldan reached the Miyamit Falls in 5h 30m, he's now heading to the peak.
It was in the early morning of Sunday when I was at Miyamit. I immediately called Xty and told her that I reached the waterfalls. The time is 6:30am. After a couple of picture taking and a refreshing short stay at the falls, I proceeded with my run. I still have a good 11.5km of climb before the summit, the turn around point of the CM 50milerace. That was Xty's first FB status during the race.

The run back to AS4 was arduous because of the uphill stretch from the waterfalls, I conserved my energy and mostly walked the route running only on the flat portions. The slippery trail added more difficulty on my footings. One by one I came across the other runners who were going down the falls including the lead runners from the 60km category. Macoy, Alex, Jose and Mia among them, they were fast. I climbed back to AS4 20mins after, and had a brief rest. After eating and rehydrating, Romy came back from the falls below and we prepared ourselves for the long climb to the summit. There were 14 runners ahead of us who are on their way up.

Coming To The Race.

A day before, on the afternoon of Saturday, Romy, Bennett and I headed to Clark for the race. We were billeted at the Clark Hostel, a stone throw away from the venue of the race. After a good early dinner at the Lomi Haus of Airport City, we went to have our needed rest. But, alas, it was just a good three and a half hour of sleep. Our call time was at 10pm. At 11pm we were lined up for the registration at the  Clark parade grounds together with other runners. As we waited for the 1:00am gun time, we killed the remaining moment by chatting with friends and other participants and by preparing our drop bags. Photo sessions took away the boredom of waiting for the race start too.

My drop bags (there were two of them for the two different aid stations) were composed of food and drinks for my nutrition and gear. One of them had my extra shirt and a pair of shoes for replacement. I wore my trusty Chedie during the first 23km, from Clark to Sapang Uwak, since the route had river trekking. Chedie is a good, minimalist shoe that drains faster during river crossings enabling me to perform faster. Although she lacks cushioning (which is a must for ultras) she is so light that I can place my footing accurately even on technical trail. At the second part, it was Scarlett's turn, from Sapang Uwak to the peak and back to the finish line at Clark. She did well during the long run. Scarlett is a long distance performer with enough cushioning allowing me to run better on both trail and concrete pavement. She is light and efficient too.

It's Just Too Dark Out There.

After a short race briefing by the good RD, we were flagged-off at 1:00am of Sunday. 59 of us runners for the 50-mile race answered the gun time. I stayed at the middle of the pack and enjoyed my easy pace, a tested strategy of mine so as not to waste myself during the race. The route started from a concrete pavement before a short single-track trail that lead to the Sacobia river. The route from the first   trailhead was dark until the river, every runner relied on their headlamp just to navigate the wide river basin. There were blinkers installed just before we reached AS1, some 7km away from the starting line. It was 55 minutes on my watch when I reached the said aid station, after a sandwich and a gulp of soda, I continued on my run.
Shortly after, we were running on dirt road after a steep ascent at the Puning spa. This is where I came within Romy, who started fast, ran with him for a while and eventually left him behind. I ran mostly alone until Sitio Target and caught up with the group of Ronnel and Melvin after I climbed the concrete stair. I knew exactly how many steps are there at that stair, ask me. I lead the group as we traversed the single-track, up and down trail route further until Sitio Ebus, the location of AS2.

salamat ng madami sir for guiding me nung first 23 km! Nakaiwas sa matinding ligaw!
The route to the AS2 was treacherous, the single track trail stretches for kilometers that includes segments of an up and down terrain, there were sections that runners used rope to rappel going down. The entries after the river crossings were deceiving that many got lost. Since I was among those who did the recon run, I was comfortable that I won't get lost, which I did. Our group navigated the sugarcane plantations with ease and we reached AS2 after 2 hours. We ran a total of 14.75km from the start. After a short pitstop we proceeded and entered the Pasig-Potrero River, a vast 2km stretch of lahar-covered river bed. We missed the markers at this juncture and relied heavily on the lights ahead of us. As we approached the river crossing, I was surprised by the different landscape, the river crossing is now waist-deep as compared to the ankle-high crossing we did during the recon run. We managed to crossed it with the help of two locals manning the rope and headed again to another sugarcane plantation. The pace was still steady as I ran behind Majo and Meljohn, Ronnel and the others tailing behind us. We reached the dirt road by the SCTEX and crossed the two tunnels that lead us to Sapang Uwak. Sir Jovie was there at the exit of the tunnel cheering on us. We were at AS3 some 3hours and 15minutes after. This was km23.

The High Roads To Miyamit.

We had a great rest at AS3, I changed my shoes and ate my jollihotdog baon from my drop bag as I patiently waited for the other runners to come. After some 18minutes, I left the aid station and together with Melvin, we threaded the steep uphill towards Miyamit. I shared to Melvin some of the things that lie ahead of us, the elevation, the course and everything. I had been there, done that, during the recon run, Melvin just got excited after hearing those, tough man, eh! He then slowly left me behind as I had difficulty in doing the uphills, I mostly walked all of it. Simon and CJ passed me by eventually. I continued with my run as I reviewed my strategies for the last part of the race. I caught with Ronnel who is suffering from cramps, handed him one of my hydrites and stayed with him for a while. I left him behind just in time. Another tough guy.

It was at this long and winding uphill dirt road where Patrick caught me, we ran together as the dawn slowly breaks. We were witness of the scenic surrounding of Miyamit, the mighty mountains, the winding rivers below and the unending dirt road ahead of us. The roads are being widened perhaps to promote tourism for the Miyamit waterfalls. Local aetas' makeshift houses lined along the road although spaced far apart with each other. Patrick is a veteran of several mountain climbs and a podium finisher too. He's young, lean and fast. He trailed behind me at the first stage of the race after getting lost by almost 4km and disappeared in darkness after passing by me. I was surprised to see him at this juncture behind me, he said he got lost again. Getting lost for the second time took a lot of desire in him and he seemed to be disappointed. But his true wit and enthusiasm brought him through. We run together to Miyamit until we reached the AS4 shortly before 6:00am.

Lead runners emerged from the waterfalls still fresh and in high spirits as they eat and hydrate at the AS4. A further check from the marshals revealed that there were three runners who passed the aid station and made their way to the summit. They were Marcelo, Simon and Koi. Jerome and Mark resting. After a while Jael, Alden and Jon arrived in succession from the falls, I had a good conversation with them before I went down. Jael, who run shirtless from the very start still sported this style, ala Anton Krupicka. I guess he is Jael's favorite since he also wear a minimalist shoe.

I searched for my drop bag and deposited my headlamp and other gear before I head down to the waterfalls. Patrick went ahead of me after regaining his strength. The route down to the falls is a single-track trail with bushes on both sides. Way below, on the downhill, the surface was now covered with moss. It was evident from the route above as I noticed that the road was somewhat wet because of the rain. I had trouble negotiating my way down because of the glassy trail condition, there were times where Scarlett slipped, but the good thing is I was able to maintain my balance all the way. I reached the waterfalls unscathed, and once again enjoyed the marvel of the place.

The Rise To The Summit.

After securing my belongings from the drop bags, Romy and I began our climb to the summit. The route lead us to a single-track, bushy trail and into the forest. The weather was hot with the sun shining mightily but not until we reached the mossy forest. Here, the surrounding get colder and colder and it started to drizzle. It manifest that the summit had a different weather from the lowlands, I was awed by what I saw. The weather here is apparently the same from what I witnessed when I was at Mt. Ugo, months back; cold, drizzling and windy. I can't hardly see the surrounding mountains because of the thick fog, there's no way I can get a better photograph too.

After 2km from AS4, Marcelo came across us on his way back in his blazing pace. He can still managed to jump the crevices and obstacles  along the way, but I can see the fatigue in his face. I guess he was on his second wind as he ran the downhill portion back. Not for a long while, Simon emerged. He's still strong and agile, he told us that we were gifted with a good weather. According to him the weather during last year's race was far more different because of the intense heat even at the summit. He glanced at his watch after we inquired our location and told us that we still have a good 6km before the summit. We bid goodbye as he continued on his run back to the finish line. Koi, Mark, Alden, Jael, Jon, Jessie and the rest of the lead runners followed. The weather is still getting colder as we got near the summit.

We came across several mountain tops along the way but still no Isko nor Mark was there, the summit is still a long way to go. I always ask every runner that we came across, but, "it's just very near ahead", was their constant reply. Romy and I soldiered our way slowly to the summit, walked the uphills and jog the downhills, until we reached our destination. Total time elapsed, 8h36m, 2hours from AS4. We were 30mins late from my target. There Isko, Mark and a local patiently waiting for each and everyone of us. The visibility at the summit was almost zero, and the temperature was freezing cold. We have had our picture taken and stayed for a while, had my snack of my cheeseburger baon and had the privilege of removing the sands that entered my shoes. Shortly after, runners came in droves.

We did not waste our time at the summit and headed down towards AS4. It was 10:00am and there's a long way to go. I ran again with Patrick and left Romy behind, trailing us closely. We were met by some other runners heading to the peak as we went down, Daphne, Jonel and the rest. Bennet came across us somewhere in the middle of AS4 and the summit, I assumed he was the last runner. He told me that he had difficulties on his knees, he just wanted to reach the summit and dnf from there. Another tough guy, eh! We carried on and got back to AS4 after 1h35m from the summit. I again called Xty and relied to her the news.

Vener F. Roldan at the summit 8h 30m. now back @ Aid Station 4 in 10h 35m.
30k more..
Heading Back.

Patrick and I were eating at AS4 when Romy and Chips came. After a short rest, the four of us made our way towards AS3 in Sapang Uwak. Melvin who arrived ahead of us went ahead. We negotiated the steamy road towards Sapang Uwak under the intense heat of the sun. The four of us exchanged lead changes until we reached AS3. We had an ample rest there as we exchanged pleasantries among each other and the marshals manning the aid station. Two 60km runners were also there eating and resting. I changed on a new pair of socks and replaced my singlet with a fresh one from my drop bag. Eating after eating we filled our bladder to the max and prepared for the final assault.

The five of us, Romy, Patrick, Chips, Melvin and I left AS3 at about 2:00pm. We headed back to SCTEX until we made it to the sugarcane plantation. Chips faded away before we entered the tunnel and was left behind, maybe due to the intense heat of the sun toasting our back. The four of us continued, our pace getting stronger because of the cover from the sugarcanes. Reaching the Pasig-Potrero river and crossing it after, we were back to lahar fields, walking mostly the entire route. A sigh of relief greeted us when we arrived back at AS2 in Sitio Ebus. We had a good break there and continued our journey after eating, photo opps and replenishing our hydration gears.

Still Strong, Going Alone.

Not far from Sitio Ebus, Melvin and Patrick slowed down because of the steep traverse along the way. I continued my run, Romy trailing me behind, until we eventually left the two. The single track trail resulted to difficulties in my footing that slowed my pace, but I regained composure after I reached the last sugarcane plantation. For each and every turn, I looked for the three but it seems that they fall deeply behind me. I prodded along until I climbed back the two rope-assisted slope on my way back to Sitio Target. I kept shouting on them everytime I am at the top, but no one answered. Oh my, I am going to run all the way to the finish line, I thought. And so I did. I ran the last 11km alone, with Romy shadowing me from far behind from time to time.
The sun's ray is now turning into golden hues as I entered Sitio Target. People were outside their homes and into the roadside, a typical barrio scene whenever the sun is setting. Surprisingly I wasn't feeling any fatigue or discomfort during this time. For the longest time running, I am still strong and eager to finish early. I calculated my time for every step I made, that is to reach the finish line before dark set in. I can still feel the spring in my legs as I head to AS1. I could vividly recall what Jon told me during the recon run, "with your possessed strength, liliparin nyo lang yan pababa, pabalik sa finish line".

Pedz, the running atom, was excited to see me when I reached them at AS1. The crew immediately assisted me, someone prepared a sandwich with pineapple spread and handed it to me. Request granted. They asked me if I still wanted some more, I pointed at the canned sausages and without hesitation, one of the crew opened it and gave me some.

I could not ask for more when it comes to the support that these people shared among us runners. They came to the race without asking for anything in return. Hats-off to you guys, you were the true heroes. Everyone from the four aid stations rendered excellent service. In return, I never missed to say thank you to them whenever I leave their post.

Lost In The Trails.

Shortly after, Romy, Jepoy and I left AS4 and started our trek of the Sacobia river. Being the strongest among the three I went ahead and braved the lahar-surfaced river. Here I made to recite a set of the rosary, a thing I always do in my runs especially when I am alone. The sun is already setting at this point in time, it's about 5:00pm. I was already running for 16 long hours. As I got closer to the bank, I saw two locals heading into the trailhead, and asked them the way to Clark. The male pointed to me the way they are heading and assured me that it was the right way. Noticing that there were no markers, I still continued until I reached the small community of aetas by the road side. One of the locals pointed me the way leading to the gate of Clark but I hesitated to proceed. I told him I am looking for the trail that we entered the night before, but he insisted that it was the right way. He told me that was the shortest way to Clark and there's only one gate getting there. Assuring me that it was indeed the way we traversed during the night. But he did not convinced me since there were no markers that I found. He even told me that one of the runners ahead of me did followed that road that he was pointing.
I almost prodded to follow into his direction but my clearest mind directed me to backtrack instead. I had ran this long, there's no way I'm going to pull a fast one on this race. I haven't did cheat in all of my races, and will never do one. I ran back towards the river, flying over the trails to catch Romy and Jepoy, only to find them going into my lost direction too. I told them that we were lost and they  immediately turned back. I went ahead again and found the markers just some 300 meters from where I got lost. I followed the markers, this time smiling and with assurance that I did the right thing. After the trails I reached the house beside the road that we ran into during the early dawn. There, the man who pointed me the way to Clark earlier was smiling at me, saying "sabi ko sa'yo, dito ka rin lalabas." I answered back and said "magkukulang po kasi yung tinakbo ko kung di ako bumalik", he nodded, still smiling.

Strong Finish.

I traced back the legit paved route from there and ran the last stretch towards the finish line. I later realized that the paved route the local man was telling was different, and was a shortcut towards the Clark complex.

The yellow hues turned into blue when I entered the Clark parade ground. A sound from a horn was reverberating into the thin air when I ran the last stretch and into the finish line. There Jon, the good RD was patiently waiting beneath the huge streamer dangling at the finish line. And into his outstretched arms he welcomed me as I crossed the finish line and wrapped the medal around my neck.

Vener F. Roldan is now a Certified Bad Ass Marathoner. He finished the Clark Miyamit 50 miles Ultra Trail Run in 16 hours 45 minutes. I am so proud of you, Dad.
I can stop worrying now...

After 16h42m I made it, finished 12th among the 59 starters. The hills of the Clark-Miyamit Falls 50Mile race were unforgiving that only the strong survived. Doing tough will make you tough as the saying goes, it just revealed that I can also do such. The experience is just overwhelming. There are 101 reasons why I will run again the CM50Mile Race, do you have yours? I earned the respect of being a certified badass ultra runner. Thus, I am leaving you with these quotes:
It's at the borders of pain and suffering that the men are separated from the boys. ~Emil Zatopek
Out of sufferings have emerged the strongest souls; the massive characters are seared with scars. ~Kahlil Gibrain
Photos courtesy of Jovie Narcise, Managan Ta Bai, Joseph Patrich Bonaobra, Running Atom and Team Ungas. 

December 3, 2012

13,000+ Runners At The Nike We Run Manila 2012

More than 13,000 runners of Nike We Run Race energizes the streets of Manila.

Filipino runners blaze trails in the 2012 race edition to advance global running movement. 
PHILIPPINES, 2 December 2012 – More than 13,000 runners took to the streets of the city of Pasay early this morning to run in the Nike We Run MNL 10K race. The annual event presented runners with the unique opportunity to be a part of the global We Run race movement, forging a new global community of 395,500 runners from 32 cities through Nike’s most connected race series with innovative Nike+ technology. 

Mia Constantino crossed the Nike We Run MNL 10K finish line first in the Under-24 female category, with a timing of 52 minutes and 29 seconds. Mia placed second in the 2011 edition of Nike We Run MNL 10K and she gleefully shares her experience this year as truly memorable. “I have finally gotten over the hump!” exclaimed Mia. Second place winner Clarisse Francesca Yeung who completed with a time of 55 minutes shared the same sentiments, and said, “I feel so proud to be part of this race which places Philippines on the map of this global running movement.” 

Leading the men’s under-24 category is Immanuel Camino, clocking in 33 minutes and 30 seconds. Immanuel has prepared well for this run – undergoing speed and long run trainings twice a day, every week. “I feel so happy and proud with this achievement. At last, I am coming home with an award!” shared Immanuel. “It is a great opportunity to be part of this race that gathers the Filipino youth. It feels so great to be part of this movement.” 

This year, runners gathered at the Mall of Asia grounds activity area for the race flag off at 5:30am and crossed the finish line at Seaside Boulevard set against the remarkable view of Manila Bay. Runners paced themselves along the urban commercial scenery past landmarks such as the SMX Convention Center, SM Bay City Arena and Belle Casino among others. 

At the Nike We Run MNL 10K Race Village located at the corner of Seaside Boulevard and Bayshore Avenue, runners connected with each other and celebrated their running achievements. All finishers received a Finisher’s Tee to commemorate their running achievement. Participants and supporters were treated to popular local music acts such as Never The Strangers, Chicosci and Sponge Cola, making the Nike We Run MNL 10K a celebration of music and running. 

“We are thrilled to bring the Nike We Run race back to the Philippines, and were overwhelmed with the tremendous support shown by its local running community. Witnessing a wave of more than 13,000 runners stretched across Seaside Boulevard is remarkable knowing that Filipinos, especially the youth, are committed to an active lifestyle. With our innovations and the Nike+ running community, we hope that the Filipino runners continue motivating and inspiring each other to be the best runners they can be,” shared Sanjay Gangopadhyay, Marketing Director of Nike South East Asia. 

Nike Philippines donated to the Foundation (AdAF) in partnership with the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation (NCAF) for their We Can Be Anything education advocacy campaign for the Filipino youth. 

The Nike We Run race series is Nike’s most connected race series yet with innovative Nike+ technology. The race series kicked off on September 1 in Prague, Czech Republic, and will conclude on December 15 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Runners can also stay connected on the Nike Running Philippines Facebook community: or on Twitter via @NikePH.

November 28, 2012

Running Essentials By Skechers GoRun

We're having another running clinic for those in the area of Fairview, Bulacan, Caloocan, Navotas, Malabon, Valenzuela, QC, etc. If you guys wanna come, please do, so you can experience Skecher's FREE running clinic.

Event: Running Essentials by Skechers GOrun
Date: Nov. 28, 2012 (Wed)
Time: 6:30-9:00pm
Venue: Annex Atrium, SM City Fairview

*It's for FREE!
*For Men & Women 13 years old and above

November 27, 2012

Call Me Maybe

Vener F. Roldan, B.A.

Nile We Run Manila 2012 Advisory

13,000 Runners to Own Manila in the Nike We Run MNL 10K 

Race kit collection from November 27 to 30, from 10 am until 10 pm at Bonifacio High Street.

PHILIPPINES, 26 November 2012 – On Sunday, 2 December, close to 13,000 runners will be up bright and early to take part in the Nike We Run MNL 10K race. It will flag off at the SM Mall of Asia activity area, at the corner of Seaside Boulevard and Bayshore Avenue. The runners will be part of Nike’s global We Run race movement which will see a total of 395,000 runners from 32 cities participating, forging a new global community of runners through Nike’s most connected race series yet with innovative Nike+ technology. 

Nike’s We Run MNL 10K race will bring the streets of Pasay City to life with 13,000 high energy runners expected to make tracks all over the SM Mall of Asia’s grounds. Set against the remarkable view of Manila Bay, the race will see runners pass through the commercialized area of the Mall of Asia with the SMX Convention Center and the latest icon of the area, the eye-shaped SM Bay City Arena. Runners are set to leave the urban commercial scenery and head towards the fields along Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard, before taking a turn on Pacific Avenue to race back to the finish line. 

At the finish line, runners can look forward to completing their Nike experience at the race village located at Seaside Boulevard, connecting with fellow running enthusiasts and athletes to celebrate their running achievements. Runners can also recharge and relax at the massage booth, as well as enjoy the refreshments from the juice bar. There will be a concert, hosted by Nike influencers Drew Arellano and Mia Bayuga, featuring bands such as Chicosci, Never The Strangers and Spongecola to keep the adrenaline pumping after the run. 

All finishers will receive a Finisher’s T-Shirt to commemorate the event and their running experience. Adapting the global We Run design, and customized for the Philippines, runners are identified globally with the black Nike Dri-Fit race tee featuring a distinct volt green collar piping and a striking graphic in volt green. Runners who complete the run will also receive a finisher’s tee to proudly wear their achievement. 

In line with this, the race kit collection will be on November 27 to 30 from 10 am until 10 pm at the Bonifacio High Street activity grounds in front of Nike Park Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Runners are reminded to bring their IDs and a printed copy of their confirmation slip to collect their race packs. 

The Nike We Run race series is Nike’s most connected race series yet with innovative Nike+ technology. The race series kicked off on September 1 in Prague Czech Republic, and will conclude on December 15 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

For more information, visit: or follow us on twitter via @NikePH.

November 22, 2012

A Call To Arms

November 23, 2012 is the final day for CIHM 3 registration.

Runners are all laced up and ready to race in the 3rd Corregidor International Half Marathon on December 1, 2012. As the big race weekend approaches, event organizers are inviting more and more running enthusiasts to register until Friday, November 23, 2012 at 11:59pm.

Being the arena of one of the last major running events of the year, Corregidor Island is indeed mapped out and ready for the participants who will be flocking from all over the world. Runners from different countries will be coming in such as Ireland, the U.S., Australia, Japan, the Netherlands, France, Canada, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Filipino runners are also making a rally for the race. Runners from the eight key provinces that have played a major role in the Philippine Revolution will be present. These provinces are Cavite, Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Batangas, Tarlac, Laguna and Manila. Participants from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao will also be coming in.

Like King Leonidas’ army in “300,” their professions will no longer distinguish the runners. While organizers see a good mix of medical practitioners, lawyers, policemen, government employees, businessmen, salesmen, journalists, actors, call center employees, advertising executives, athletes, HR practitioners, OFWs, architects, engineers, chefs, artists, tech gurus, finance experts, international relations specialists and airline executives, the CIHM 3 will provide a level playing field for everyone.

The participants are expected to arrive on the island on November 30. Though the race on December 1 will be hard, the runners will be expected to party harder. Before the race “showdown” begins, they will be treated to a delicious carbo-loading dinner courtesy of Yellow Cab and a traditional bonfire at the South Dock. And post-race, a rave party will erupt courtesy of Manila Beer and will be hosted by the inimitable tandem of DJ Chris and DJ Chloe from Mellow 94.7. Exciting prizes will also be raffled off during the party courtesy of Soleus, Yellow Cab, Sun Cruises, Igco Skim Milk and other sponsors.

The 3rd Corregidor International Half Marathon is managed and organized by Big, Big, Big, Inc. presented by Soleus and Sun Cruises, Inc., in cooperation with Yellow Cab, Manila Beer, Corregidor Foundation, Running Mate, One Sceniques, ROX, L Time Studio, Igco Skim Milk, 38 Energy Drink, and the official hydration partners Summit Mineral Water and 100Plus Sports Drink and media partners The Philippine Star, Total Fitness Magazine, Business Mirror, Kulit Runner,, MultiSport Magazine, Pinoy Fitness and Mellow 94.7.

from the CIHM3 Press Release.

November 19, 2012

Sin Tax Run 2012

Event Details:
  • Date: Sunday, 16 December 2012
  • Venue: SM Mall of Asia
  • Time: 5:00am to 9:30am
  • Target Participants: 5,000 Registered Runners
  • Entry Fee: PHP16.00
  • Start & End Point: Seaside Blvd., MOA
  • Distance: 6Km
  • Gunstart: 5:45am 
Regular in-store registration period is from Nov. 19 to dec. 14 only at the following venues:
  • Riovana Store BGC
  • Riovana Store Katipunan
  • Toby's Mall of Asia
  • Toby's The Block, North EDSA
Excerpts from Runrio Press Material:

Why PHP16.00. It's time to end 16 years of abuse.
  • 16 years that the current system has been in place.
  • 16 years of the tobacco industry underpaying excise taxes
  • 16 years of too low cigarette prices leading the children and the poor easy entry into cigarette smoking
Winners Prizes:
  • 1st Place - PHP50,000 (Local Male & Female)
  • 2nd Place - PHP30,000 (Local Male & Female)
  • 3rd Place - PHP15,000 (Local Male & Female)
  • 1st Place - PHP20,000 (Foreign Male & Female)
  • 2nd Place - PHP10,000 (Foreign Male & Female)
  • 3rd Place - PHP5,000 (Foreign Male & Female)

November 15, 2012

The Condura Skyway Marathon 2013: Run For The Mangroves

Condura Skyway Marathon kicks off 2013 with more reasons to run.

The premier marathon event in the country, the Condura Skyway Marathon, Run for the Mangroves 2013 goes to the starting line on February 3, 2013 in Filinvest City, Alabang. It will be the curtain-raiser for the new running year of 2013 - perfect timing for those who are serious in getting back to form after the long series of holidays and merry-making and for those who finally would like to get off that couch and find the fun and fulfilment in running. 

Organized by Condura Skyway Marathon’s Founder and Chief Organizing Officer, Ton Concepcion and its running ambassador Patrick Concepcion, the sixth edition of this much-anticipated yearly race event by runners for runners once again is out to prove that it is worthy of its bid to be the premier running event in Asia Pacific. 

This year, the race will have the usual 10k, 21k and full 42k marathon categories plus the new 3.8k, 6k which are especially meant for the fun and adventurous runners who are not yet ready to take on the mid to long distance-races. 

By the first hour of February 3, 2013, the Condura Skyway Marathon will again make the Skyway as the runners’ playground. Originating from the Filinvest City in Alabang, runners of all distances will be taken to the Skyway as a major part of their race route – a major attraction that promises runners of an exclusive, traffic-free, clean and well-lit race environment. 

Apart from the challenge and fun that this race has in-store for runners, participating in this race will also mean taking part in the Condura Skyway Marathon advocacy of helping with the reforestation of the Mangroves in Zamboanga de Sibugay in partnership with Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation (PTFCF) . Each runner through their registration, will get to donate three mangrove seedlings which will be planted in his/her name. In 2012, the first year that Condura Skyway Marathon adopted the mangroves reforestation project to its cause, a total of 39,000 seedlings have already been planted in Kabasalan Town through runners’ donation. 

A very special treat also awaits interested Condura Skyway Marathon 2013 participants! Get a chance to register for FREE to any race category upon buying a pair of an ASICS running shoes. 

Registration to the race is from November 15 to December 23, 2012 at the Asics Registration Center in Greenbelt 3 Ayala Mall in Makati City. Each participant will receive, as part of the registration, an “I RAN FOR THE MANGROVES” quick-dry shirt designed for the event by Team Manila. 

Whether a participant is a newbie or a seasoned runner, completing their chosen distance makes them an absolute winner since each runner will receive a cool Finisher’s Medal whichever distance they have completed! For full marathon finishers, an “I CONQUERED THE SKYWAY” finisher’s shirt exclusively designed by Team Manila will also be given to them. 

Finisher Shirt & Medals

Quick Dry Technical Shirt designed by Team Manila
Beautiful Medals designed by Team Manila

Vicinity Map of the Condura Village

Race Route

The Condura Skyway Marathon, Run for the Mangroves 2013 is presented by co-title sponsor Skyway, sports apparel and shoe sponsor Asics, hydration sponsor 100 Plus and venue sponsor Filinvest City. It is backed by Zalora. For more information on the race and its advocacy visit the official website or the official facebook page;

About the Condura Skyway Marathon 

The Condura Skyway Marathon is an annual running event open to amateur and professional runners. From its simple beginnings in 2007 as a short-distance Condura Run race event in Metro Manila, the Condura Skyway Marathon has grown to be one of the biggest, premier running event in the country attracting more than ten thousand runners across the country who are interested to have a Skyway running experience.

November 5, 2012

The High Roads To CM50

I'm still sore today. Quads are kinda feeling tighter, I can't stand-up properly neither walk with ease. But hey, I just ran 22 something kilometers on the hills of Sapang Uwak to Miyamit and back. It's just a quarter of what I am doing in the next 20 days. How much more if I completed the 80km grueling race. The answers will be revealed after November 25. I hope to make it at the finish line.

Two days ago, Romy, Rene and I travelled to Pampanga to join the recon run for the upcoming CM50 Race and were met by the race director and good friend Jon Lacanlale at Clark Field. It was a pre-determined 42km recon run from the base camp to the peak and back, but it was changed to just half of the distance since the route to the peak is not yet cleared of bushes, making it impossible to traverse. But the good RD made sure that the route will be ready come race day. Instead we were allowed to hike the view deck as side trip. After a short briefing, we convoyed to the base camp in four vehicles, Ed Yonzon joined us at the toll gate later. 

After a brief talk, a short prayer and group hugs (photos), we started the run. It was 5am and the moon was bright, making it manageable to run even without the mandatory head lamps. The wind, colder. It was an uphill stretch from the start, (sorry but I can't show you the graphical representation, I have no device as such) until the view deck, some 9km away. The roads to Miyamit Falls are hilly, majority of which are ascending all the way. There are downhills too going to the peak but are a few; but on the way back, yes there are many. The views are magical, all throughout the route. The panorama is amazing. Everyone of us were treated to a 360-degree view at the view deck. One can see Mt. Arayat, Mt. Pinatubo, Miyamit Falls cascading in the heart of the mountain region and the lahar-decked rivers of Pampanga and Tarlac in all four corners. You can also hear the rushing waters from the Miyamit Falls, that is how serene the place is. You can see the rivers snake through the valleys and into the plains created by the eruption some two decades ago. The blue sky touches the green landscape everywhere you look at, the mountain hinterlands looked covered in green carpet.

From the view deck we went down to the trailhead and into the falls, less than 2km away. A single-track, downhill trail lead us to the heart of the jungle and into the magnificent beauty of the Miyamit Falls. The view at the foot of the cascading cool, snowy white waters is awesome. We had a good stay at the falls. Many swam and took photos. I consumed my time resting, eating and discussing the strategies we are about to do come race day with Romy, Jon and the rest. Soon after, we head back and hiked the trail from the falls. It took us more than 20 agonizing minutes to reach the clearing. The climb back was so difficult, I had to rest every now and then. Come race day, 10 more kilometers of undulating uphills and downhills are to be conquered to reach the peak, that is the turn around point.

Upon reaching the road, I made my slow run getting back to the base camp, it's about 9:30am and the sun's heat was baking us. I gathered my strength and slowly increased my pace, ran the downhills and sprinted on the flats, as if recovering my lost times. I'm a slow climber, but I can run really fast going down.

It took me more than an hour to reach the base camp including pit stopping for a cold drink at one of the sari-sari store at Sapang Uwak. There, I gulped on the sweetest Sparkle soda in Pampanga. Romy told me later he had one too. And Rene, believe it or not, three bottles. FTW! I had a dip in the stream near the base camp as I cooled down while waiting for the others to arrive. We have had a good chat during the wait. Come race day, we still have some 19km to run before the finish line, under the intense heat of the sun, that is.

After returning to the Clark Field the three of us had a sumptuous lunch of bulalo, pusong sisig, relyeno, lechon kawali and the coldest soda together with Jon, Bert, Benj and Francis. The other two groups came shortly but we left them for our travel back to Manila.

The morning after, Romy and I had a recovery run in UP Diliman. I did 18km that made my day, err my weekend rather. 

Here are the photos. Click on them for a bigger review. See you again at the starting line.

The sun rising behind us covering the horizon in golden hue.
Is that the Sacobia River snaking its way through? Mt. Arayat peaking in a far distant.
The green landscape is a good contrast to the blue skies. 
The undulating road leading to Miyamit Falls. Well graded this time around.
Killer hills but with killer views. Can you spot he view deck? 
Jessie and Romy running the hills upfront.
The road seems endless, what comes up must come down.
Jessie and Romy enjoying the panorama at the view deck.
A bird's eye view of the terrain where we came from. Shot from the view deck.
Me and my trusted go run in Miyamit Falls.