January 29, 2009

The Beauty of Running Happy

This is a series of event that happened during the happy run, an advocacy run for the benefit of less fortunate school children. As I geared for this run, I prepared myself for an easy-relaxed run since I will be running together with Xty all throughout the race. This is her first 15km race and I am excited to evaluate her if she could run it within 90 minutes, that was our goal. After three 20km LSDs of sunday running in UPD, I believe she is capable of running races easily with a distance longer than 10km.

Believing that this will really be a happy run, we were caught too by surprises presented by the organizers during the course of the race. The gimmicks and the route, they presented a bliss amidst the difficulties of running and the runners as well, as they wore smiles and laughters on their faces, reveal that this run was truly a reminiscing one. Here, I am sharing, are the chronicles of what had transpired during the happy run.

a commitment to keep before the race

the rush of not being alone

the music playing into thin air

the secluded march you once belong

those with laughter and cheers for you

the beauty running in serenity

the need to try what lies ahead

the goodness in an alluring place

the lifting of your weary legs

the excitement as you near the end

the joy after eighty eight minutes

all for the love that you both share.

January 21, 2009

PSE Bull Run: Third Edition

Last sunday's race was my third under PSE Bull run, an annual event organized by the Phil. Stock Exchange dubbed as Takbo Para sa Ekonomiya. My debut here in 2007 was my third official race and took me some 30mins to finish the 5km race. The second edition in 2008 was a good 45mins in 10km category, it was a PR then. That was one of the best effort I did in my running career that motivated me and instilled something in my mind that running will do great for me.

PSE Bull run 2007

Drafting; (wikipedia) is used to reduce wind resistance and is seen mostly in racing, though occasionally used in running. Drafting can be cooperative, in which several competitors take turns in the lead position. Or, it can be competitive, where one competitor will try to stay closely behind another leaving him more energy for a break-away push to the finish line.

One of the best technique I discovered is to be drafted off during running. During the last two editions of Bull run I tuck myself behind someone during the run because its so much more efficient to follow, and they happened to be triathletes. They'd usually run a strong, steady pace. Although the drafting effect isn't strong in running, its still there, all you need is to match their energy and intensity. Running toe to toe with these people I alternatively took time taking the lead as if I'm working with them together until the finish line.

On this third edition I managed to accomplish one of my decent time in years of running in the 10km races, a product of perseverance and labour and a good execution of technique. Try this out, it might work with you too. Its quite a difficult process but it yields positive results.

with Xty before the race

January 9, 2009

This used to be my Playground

This used to be my playground
This used to be my pride and joy
This used to be the place we ran to
That no one in the world could destroy.

Don't look back keep your head high
Don't ask them why because life is short
And before you know you're feeling old
And your heart is breaking 
Don't hold on to the past
Well that's too much to ask.

south triangle route & amoranto sports complex

up diliman academic oval and heartbreak route

These used to be my training grounds.

I mostly do my morning runs at the south triangle route. This is a combination of flat and hilly course on a concrete and asphalt pavement that stretches 5km in length. I used to play tempo and hill repeats here because the route is straight and sloping. Moreover, the route is adjacent to subdivision roads that serve as an alternate route if I find my runs monotonous sometimes.

Amoranto sports complex serves as my venue for my interval training because of its 400m oval running course. During mornings, the place is full of morning joggers, runners, fitness buffs and athletes. University, high school and elementary school teams do their training here too. Although the surface is cold paint-finished and not tartan-top, the venue is well maintained. A plus factor is that it is adjacent to my south triangle route and is cool to run even in the afternoons.

My UP Diliman course is composed of the academic oval and the heartbreak route. This is so called because of its famous hills and shady course. By running this route you could circle almost all of the state school's campus. Running groups created a route here covering 10km of paved roads for their LSDs that leads also to the academic oval. The oval stretches 2.2km of tree-lined asphalt-covered course with a biker's lane at the side. I frequent this place during sundays to run a long relaxed-easy distance and it is on sunday's that the oval is closed to vehicles to accommodate volume of runners and joggers that run at this serene and wonderful place. The atmosphere here is enticing, the air is fresh and cool, the foods are great, and the scenery is breathtaking. If you want to commune with nature, this is the place for you. So come along.

No regrets
But I wish that you were here with me
Well then there's hope yet I can see your face
You're not just a memory
Say goodbye to yesterday
Those are words I'll never say.
(by Madonna)

January 1, 2009

New Year, New Beginning

After the fun celebrating the coming of 2009 the other night I managed to wake up early for my thursday run and started the new year running. The day was pretty good, with grey skies, cold wind and a drizzle. Thankfully all the smoke from last night's celebrations were gone, left scattered on the road were leftovers from multitude of firecrackers and fireworks that were used.

When I left home, no one greeted me on the streets but the buildings and electric posts. Only few people are out on the streets, most are still asleep from last night's revelry. Some hard-headed individuals may be at the hospitals visiting their good old friend doctors because this is the moment of the year when they greet each other, aargh! I felt the loneliness on the road as I ran, but never mind, this is just once in a lifetime, and is mostly feasible at this time of the year. What a good sight indeed. The roads were empty and there were no fumes from cars that ply the route, I breathed easily as I did my run. The going was fantastic as I ran in an easy-relaxed pace all throughout the 10km route of south triangle. 

empty roads to start the new year

I believe that this early run will catapult me to a better running season this year. As the saying goes; the early bird catches the early worm, I wish I could join more races this year and enjoy every kilometer of them, meet friends along the way and share the passion with them. Here's wishing everyone a joyful and injury-free running year. See you at the races.