January 29, 2009

The Beauty of Running Happy

This is a series of event that happened during the happy run, an advocacy run for the benefit of less fortunate school children. As I geared for this run, I prepared myself for an easy-relaxed run since I will be running together with Xty all throughout the race. This is her first 15km race and I am excited to evaluate her if she could run it within 90 minutes, that was our goal. After three 20km LSDs of sunday running in UPD, I believe she is capable of running races easily with a distance longer than 10km.

Believing that this will really be a happy run, we were caught too by surprises presented by the organizers during the course of the race. The gimmicks and the route, they presented a bliss amidst the difficulties of running and the runners as well, as they wore smiles and laughters on their faces, reveal that this run was truly a reminiscing one. Here, I am sharing, are the chronicles of what had transpired during the happy run.

a commitment to keep before the race

the rush of not being alone

the music playing into thin air

the secluded march you once belong

those with laughter and cheers for you

the beauty running in serenity

the need to try what lies ahead

the goodness in an alluring place

the lifting of your weary legs

the excitement as you near the end

the joy after eighty eight minutes

all for the love that you both share.


  1. Hi Vener and Christy! It was nice to run with fast runners like you. Next time I hope to run faster. Congrats on the fast time! :-)

  2. Nice photos and prose. Thanks for sharing them. I have been trying to imagine the strings in Heritage Park. So that was how it looked. And for those 88 glorious minutes of running you had, my congratulations. :-)

  3. vnr and xty,

    very well said...congrats to the two of you!


  4. Very nice feature story. Congrats to you and Christy!

  5. That was indeed a happy run... and a romantic one... especially with couples like you around... :-) hay, your poetry is contagious! Anyways, I think organizers should be able to come up with one "Couples Run" on Valentines Day... Congratulations to both of you...- BroJ & Swthrt

  6. Christy and Vener, congratulations on the 15K and great photos. This is one great story!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Nice run! And an even nicer couple!

    Congrats :-)

  8. Hi Natz, it was our pleasure too. Next 15km will only be me so we'll race it.

    Hi Rico, thanks, ang sarap dun sa may portion ng orchestra and belated happy birthday(?).

    Hi Manny, thanks for dropping by, haven't seen you at the happy run. See you again.

    Hi Jon, don't be mislead, I'm not a Bulakenyo by the way. I only run.

    Hi Rene, good to see you at the race. Congrats on your run too.

    Hi Bro. J, if there would be a couple run, two pairs na tayong tatakbo. Best regards to you both.

    Hi Wayne, thanks, feeling inspired after the run. The race was truly a good one.

    Hi MJ, thanks. Siguro valentine's day run na rin yun. See you again.

  9. Hi there nice pics on the run with captions pa.. Congrats on the fast run!

  10. Kakainggit! Sinong partner ko sa Couple's Run if ever???

    Congratulations to you and to Christy! You're both very lucky to have each other.

    Sayang we didn't see each other at the Happy Run. I could have been happier if we did.

    Very romantic photos aptly described by a romantic poet . . .

  11. Hi Chito, thanks for dropping by. I hope to see you again at the races.

    Hi Nora, the ever wonderful Nora, thanks. Hayaan mo marami pa namang race para magkwentuhan ulit tayo, so what's next for you? The next for us is the condura.

  12. Hi Vener and Christy!

    Congrats! Ang galing!

    Thank you for sharing your story of love and running in a very passionate and romantic way... ang sarap ng feeling! kahit paulit-ulit basahin...

    Ka-kilig talaga...

  13. Hi Vener and Christy,

    Wow! Ang galing-galing naman... nakakakilig ah... Thank you for sharing your story of love and running in a very poetic and romantic way...

    Congrats din for magnificent finish...pag sa kin, pangarap lang yan...hehehe

  14. Thanks Ana, I believe you're on your way there too. See you again at the races.