August 30, 2010

Runner's World PH September Issue

Find the right running shoes for you.

Every runner is different and has unique needs when it comes to footwear. The good news is running shoes come in a wide variety of shapes and styles to suit the different kinds of runners, but what kind is right for you? This September, Runner's World magazine Philippines made your search easier with its Shoe Buyer's Guide.

It is so important to know what shoes to choose because the right pair can prevent injury, maximize your performance, and make running enjoyable and pain-free. Do you need a stability shoe, a motion-control shoe, or a cushioned shoe? Real runners road-test the shoes we have in the market today and recommend which foot type goes with which pair of shoes. Runner's World also lets you in on what footwear should feel like on your feet to guide you as you choose your new pair of shoes.

The September issue of Runner's World also helps runners step up their training with different sets of workouts for veterans and amateurs alike - all in only six weeks. These workouts, although meant for short-distance races, can actually also prepare runners for marathons and improve their overall performance in long runs.

Want to know how fit you are? Take the battery of nine tests we have in this month's issue that measure your flexibility, balance, joint mobility, speed, endurance, and cardiovascular strength. The September issue is also packed with healthy food choices for runners, tips on treating common foot problems and tricks to avoid running injuries.

The Dynamic Duo featured on the Human Race section is a must read. Look closely if you could spot run unltd. in this section.

The latest issue of Runner's World with actress, TV host, and runner Iza Calzado on the cover is available exclusively with every copy of Men's Health and Wonen's Health this September. Follow Runner's World on facebook ( and on twitter (

August 7, 2010

The Launch Of The QCIM 2010

The Quezon City International Marathon is envisioned to become one of the Philippines' biggest sports event. The marathon will be the culminating event of a week-long series of activities showcasing the Quezon City as one of the country's best places to work in, to play in and to reside in.
The QC Govt. and Runnex Phils. are once again the main proponents

Eighty percent of last year's route will again be used and will include some of the most important government, business, education and entertainment centers in QC. The QCIM will be different from other marathons held in the country because it will also serve as a travelogue of the city founded by and named after the first president of the Philippine Commonwealth. It will also showcase Quezon City as the Asian City of the future and its partner entities in boosting tourism investments. It will be supportive of Quezon City's program for wellness, environmental protection, sustainability and tourism.

Runnex Philippines together with Neville Manaois as technical race director will join hands in executing the new edition of the QCIM.

Better start training now, it's still a good sixteen-week of fun and hardwork until the next QCIM. See you at the starting line.

August 2, 2010

The Imperative Of A Running Journal

For the first half of the year I logged in a total distance of 1,039.20 kilometers with a time of 119:54 hours. The peak of which was derived from my trainings for the 2010 BDM ultramarathon earlier in the year. The first three months were somewhat exceptional. I registered a mileage of 336km in January, 253km in February, and 154km in March where the ultramarathon was held. But at the fourth month onwards the decline was evident as I just gathered an average of 74km per month, managing just 296km for the last four months, just slightly above my Feb total.

In 2009, my first half mileage was 1,284km. The months of April to July averaged 185km per month with a total of 739km or about 60% more than my totals to date. I also did two full marathons at these dates as against nil of this year. Furthermore, a total of 10 races were joined during 2009 compared to just 6 of this year, majority of which are 5k's.

Why the decline? After the last 102km ultramarathon, I cut back on my running and concentrate on recovering my lost weight during the BDM saga. Diet is utmost at this time and I just contend myself to running 5km and limit my time to 30mins. Seldom I ran longer than this.

After reviewing my workout log, I found out that I'm in a deficit with respect to my performances from last year. I must get back into running to bring back those mileage left behind. This is one of the benefit of compiling a running journal, to map your training destinations and to track your progress along the way. I have no regrets in doing this, it's already a religious practice after my every run since I started my running. Somebody once said, "If you do not know where you're going, how can you expect to get there?" Silly, but there's truth in here. See you then friends, I have more works to be done, burning rubber best said. My log says I still have 1,183.10 kilometers to run, 98 hours to beat and 108 workouts to be done just to equal my accomplishments of 2009.

By the way the figure under the adidas logo is my total accumulated distance since I started serious running and recording mileage in particular; and one friendly advice to every newbie is to come up and start with your own journal now.