August 25, 2009

Overspeeding: Violation or Not

Overspeeding kills. It doesn't shorten your way, but it shorten your life, at least in the motorists perspective.

In our world of running, speed plays an essential part. Many of us aspire to be one of the best when it comes to speed. We train hard to eventually break a personal best, to exact revenge from those who outrun us before, or to outpace those that makes us a target during the race. We even research and apply several running programs. Some attend and participate in a running clinic, and some even hire personal coaches. Everyone of us is an athlete in the making, all we need is to persevere and dedication on our chosen craft.

What separates Hamilton from Gebrselassie? Rossi from Armstrong? Nothing really. They're all speedsters, they're all winners in their own field. They're all world champions. But what stands out is the speed of Haile. Arguably!

I always take a glimpse of this sign whenever I run close to it in Fort Bonifacio. It kinda remind me how fast I am going. For us runners, it inspires; for motorists, it cautions. Whether to motivate or to enforce, it was installed to serve a purpose. There were six of them strategically placed at the vicinity of Bonifacio Global City, I knew, because we made them. I'm in the industry.

If you speed up, be cautious. If you do, inspire. And don't forget to light-up especially if its dark. See you at the starting line.


  1. Wow! Hard core athlete ang dating! Kakainggit... wala akong picture na ganito.

    Hope to see you again (just dunno when).

    Warm regards to Christy.

  2. No question about it, the picture says it all - that you're a fast and strong runner. Parang Olympic sprinter.

  3. Hi Vener. Hmmn, never knew there are speed signs in Global City, at kayo pala naglagay non! Sabi ko na nga ba you are in the speed industry. Hehe :-)

    Nice running photo you got there. Is that a penlight you're holding, or a stick of fireworks? ;-)

  4. Nice picture and nice post.

    Keep it up bro.

  5. nice form, pre... :)

  6. Hi Nora, hope to see you again sooner. Regards to you, get well soon.

    Hi Bong, thanks. I just made sure that I will be fast because I just did the 5K then. And the picture, I didn't know there was one.

    Hi Rico, hindi naman sa speed industry, haha. That glowing thing was the bracelet, just did some photoshop thing. Thanks and see you again.

    Hi Ronnie, thank you. Glad you visit the site. You're getting miles nowadays, huh. See you.

    Hi Jerry, thanks. Good to see you there, although I missed you afterwards. Regards to you, pare.

  7. Hi Vener, very nice post. enjoyed reading it. Nice seeing you at the races even for just a sec. Ang bilis mo eh! -Mariel ;)

  8. Idol, if someone has to be ticketed for overspeeding, then that's surely you :) Nice job on the photo, adds a nice touch.


  9. Hi Mariel, thanks. Napabilis nang konti kasi napakainit that time. Congrats again to Jun. See you again.

    Hi Luis, hindi naman siguro, wala namang overspeeding sa running, di ba? Thanks for dropping by.

  10. You have a very nice Blog design.
    keep on running.
    francis f

  11. Hi Francis, thanks. I'll keep on going.

  12. Hey vener, nice post. Did you make those signs especially for you? :) It was nice seeing you and Christy at Eco Dash. Ibang klase, you created your own route!

    Thanks also again for the medical tips! Related to your post, we should avoid it by learning to slow down not just in running, but in life! :)

  13. Hi Jaymie, thanks for dropping by. Those signs were for everyone. We are scheduled for a long run that day, we made another 5km inside the route to make it feasible. Luckily we managed to finish ahead of ten more runners.

    You're right, let's have a room for slowing things down. Stress hurts!