January 3, 2012

2011: The Year That Was

After reviewing my running diary I found-out that the year 2011 had been not so fruitful for me, distance-wise. In the past two years (2009 & 2010) I was averaging 1,970km and 188 workout hours per year. In 2011, I just logged-in 987.20km in 100 workout hours. May and December were the busiest months. I did several half-marathons in May and ran my only full marathon (for the year) in December. The months in between were devoted to just relaxed and easy runs.

But 2011 had brought a different perspective in my fitness program, I was able to immerse myself into strength training and lifting weights. I politely declined in doing long distance running and concentrated in gym works, luckily, I was able to maintain my ideal weight. I also discovered that I have a knack in swimming and hope to continue my training in 2012. I would like to test the discipline of cycling too and eventually join multi sports in the future.

Ultrarunning is also one sport that took a backseat in me and I hope to get back into it this year. I know that it takes a lot of discipline and training to achieve some buckles, but getting there is not too far. With the advent of ultra trail running and trail marathoning, I'm hopeful that I can join some, to get closer to nature.

Ultimately, my goal is to get back into running circuit and fill my journal to the brim. Happy new year everyone. See you at the starting line.

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