December 9, 2008

The Yakult 10-Miler : A Different Story

It's quite odd-looking to see your buddies run as you watch them from the sideline. This was my role during the Yakult 10-Miler run last sunday at the CCP, a spectator. Being on the structured recovery mode after running the Milo Marathon Finals a week ago, I did not join the race. It is on my running agenda not to run for two weeks after my full. In lieu of this I decided to bring my camera instead to document the event and feel as if I am inside running too. But what came out was a different story, a story towards a dream.

It's a little under two weeks after I registered X'ty at RACE events for this race. She was contemplating a month ago if she will increase her mileage by joining the Milo 10K and subsequently the Yakult 10-Miler. She was motivated and eager, so last sunday she ran her first 10-mile race.

Before this she had completed seven 10K races. She trained for weeks at the Amoranto Sports Complex running in circles for 10K distances. I was a little apprehensive because I cannot run with her alltroughout the race, but she insisted that she could do it, even on her own. I believe in her. She had ran so many races on her own, from the roads of Subic and Clark to the mountains of Timberland, and she outdid all of these. From day one of my running adventures, it was she who motivated me. After staying behind the finish line for so many times of my races, she decide to run too and that was the beginning of her journey. We embraced the sport and dedicated ourselves into it. We developed the passion by running and setting goals together. It was not a difficult decision because my trust and support is with her.

After 1:41:36 clocking, she completed her first 10-miler, a feat she will treasure for long. With pride and honor she sets her eyes on the full.


  1. Congrats to Christy for finishing her 16K. Galing. Her first 16K is faster than my first 16K. Pictures namin nasaan na? :D

  2. Go Christy!!! That's a good story: husband and wife running the marathon together. Sweeet.

  3. Congrats Christy! Will you two do a Milo Marathon together next year? ISIP ISIP!!!!

  4. Wow, congrats to your wife. :) Not bad for a first 16K

  5. Congrats Christy on your first 16K! Every first is really special. By the way nice pics!

  6. congrats to Christy for a great race and to you guys for having a wonderful relationship both in and out of running.

  7. congrats christy and nice meeting you two. ;)

  8. Congrats to Christy Vener. Sayang couldn't stay long because of my 2 children. Naka 7 10k races na pala si Christy? Bakit 5k lang siya sa ANIMO? Laking gulat ko tuloy when I learned last Sunday that she's running 16k!

    When did Christy start running?

  9. Thanks everyone and see you again at the races.
    Vener & Christy

    I thought she was motivated at the time, mapilit e. I send you some Jinoe, did you have it?

    One day, we will be running it Rico, no matter how long. Tiyagaan siguro on my part, he he he.

    You will know Dennis, I hope you are too. Kaya mo na yan, you're on a roll nowadays.

    We didn't catch you at the finish Taki, but don't bother, nanalo naman si pacman.

    Hi Dhenz, I believe she will treasure it for long, maybe a good motivation for her to run the full. Those pics were chosen from maybe hundreds, natsambahan.

    I am grateful that she followed my lead towards this endeavor, Jay. Mahirap na nga lang tumakas ngayon, you know (LOL).

    Its good to meet both of you and Art too. Congrats to him also. Keep on running.

    Hi Nora, she started running early 2007, and had accumulated mileage from then. She doesn't play every Monday, you know what I mean, kung minsan gusto niya 5K, after awhile the 10K. She prefer longer distances when the race is out of town, para di raw lugi sa pagpunta.

  10. congrats Christy and to you coach Vener. pahingi rin ako ng pictures..hehe

  11. Vener, congratulations Christy on the first 16K, a PR and a Kodak moment to rememeber. Please take care.

  12. Congrats Christy and to your running coach vener! Duda ko may secret power kayong mag-asawa, hehehe.

    Vener, thanks for the photos. Hindi ko pa ma-upload. I'm having problems with our internet connection kaya nga na late na ko mag-comment. God bless and see you around!

  13. hi Vener, pahingi rin ako ng pics! haha :)

  14. pa email rin sakin pics if you have at


  15. Hi Wilbert, the pics will be sent to you soon, what's your email add again?

    Thank you Wayne, and happy birthday to you.

    Thanks Bro.J, di naman ako coach, DA lang muna ako sa ngayon. I only see to it that my experience will be hers too. No problem with the photos, anytime. See you again.

    Hey Dennis, watch out for your pics.

  16. you can send it at Thanks!

  17. Vener & Christy,

    I love to read this post. Congratulation Christy! I hope you guys could join tnf thrill of the trail next year.

  18. Congratulations to Christy!

    It would be awesome if you husband & wife team could run the marathon together. I'm sure she will do very well, ang galing ng coach e, hehe.

  19. Thanks Jerry, have a nice homecoming and happy holidays too. We'll see you around.

    Thanks Dindo, yun nga ang dream niya, to run a marathon with me, but she has to equalize my efforts first to do that, he he. See you again.