June 1, 2010

May Winnings

May had been a fruitful month to Xty because she visited the podium three times. After aborting her training for the upcoming milo manila leg, supposedly her 2nd full marathon event, she concentrated in just doing short-distance races. With just a day of training during weekdays (we were at runners low due to excessive humidity), she still managed to find her rhythm during races and eventually won runner-ups on three of the four races that she joined. She said she never run fast, it was just pure luck that the competition is not that tough. But I believe, there's something in her that I and many other people don't have; we were both runners, but she's a born winner. See related story here. "The month of may is really good to me, after winning on my first, the second and the third followed. Three is a charm indeed." she said.

Xty with the Runners Plus Officers after
winning 3rd place at the Run for the Blind.

Xty receiving her 2nd place award from
Art Disini at the Runnex Executive Series.

Xty with Bo Sanchez shortly before receiving
her 3rd place winning at the Kerygma Fun Raiser.


  1. Wow. Congrats. Level up na talaga si Christy. Lupet mo coach.

  2. sir Vener,

    can't w8 to see your kids run to hehehe:)

    Both of you are winners born with talents ! :)


  3. Jinoe - Thanks. Although I finished 7-8mins ahead of her in those races, she still got the podiums. Kunwari lang yung coach, hahaha.

    Mark - Naku, the kids are way afar from this running thing. Siguro when they grow older when they realize the benefits that fitness brings. Thanks for visiting.



  5. Vener & Xty,

    Congrats! Ang galing ng team-up/love team nyo ;-)

    See you on the road!


  6. Hi vener, iba talaga ang tandem nyo, the best! Kaya lang mas marami yata podium finish si Xty,hehehe. Hope to see you guys at UPD. Still on rest mode, hopefully to be back on training next week.

    Congratulations to Xty!

  7. One good thing about the smaller races is that they allow very good runners to shine as well and be noticed, not just the elite runners and Kenyans among us! Congratulations!

  8. Congratulations! Keep on running.

  9. Jonel - Thanks. Kunwari lang nagku-coach pero pacer lang tayo, hahaha. Pwede na bang i-feature sa fr?

    Ray - Thanks idol. True to life team-up and love team baga. See you again.

    Bro.J - Yes, nakakarami na siya, ako wala pa, hahaha. Thanks and we'll see you around.

    SR - Thank you and congrats too on your recent dream marathon. See you soon.

  10. Jon - Thanks. We'll keep on going.