November 14, 2008

Cheetah girls

Talent is defined as a natural aptitude, caused by nature and not made by humankind. A personal gift or skill being with someone after birth. 

I am inspired to write about this women who not only took running as a sport but became winners. They aspire, they conquer, they achieve and they inspire. Winning competitions is a tough nut to crack, but they show their best to attain it. What make them win are because of their natural talent in running. Maybe someone have to had super training to beat winners, but someone with a talent can do it handily. Surely training can improve you, but talent will make you win. I run a lot but I don't win. I train a lot but I don't get podiums. Maybe I don't have the talent.

Here are women who run really fast. Here are women who run and win. Here are women I know are winners in their own right. They may not be singing, but they're running.

Jaymie - Adidas King of the Road

Nora - Adidas King of the Road
Dorothy - Champion Run 2

Helen - VSO Bahaginan

Michelle - every Race (a natural born winner)
and Christy - Red Cross & Exodus Run


  1. Woooah, ngayon ko lang nakita ito. Thanks for the special mention! It was nice meeting you and Christy yesterday. Hope to see you more often at races.

  2. Hi Jaymie, every winner deserves an accolade. It was my pleasure. Nice meeting you at NBClark. See you again.

  3. Touched naman ako dito, Vener. Thanks! Hope to run with Christy in future race.

    Is the picture with Christy Helen Castillo? Do you know her? I actually want to meet her and interview her if I may. Talking about talent, this runner has unlimited supply. If you know her contact # or e-mail add, kindly send it to me at Thanks in advanced!

  4. Hi Nora, yes she is, the diminutive but super fast Helen Castillo, maybe she is the female version of Eduardo Buenavista. I don't have her contact info, but I'll let you know once I have it. We will be at the animo on sunday, see you then at your balwarte.

  5. Naaaahks! Thanks so much Vener!
    Ang sweet naman ng post na ito! Na-touch ako! :O)

  6. No problem Doc, dapat lang na andito ka. Champion in all causes. Pasensiya na, I should included sana the Doc Fit Race. See you again.