November 10, 2008

VSO: a reason to run

After being a spectator at the recent Isuzu Shake, Rattle 'n Run, I made it to the VSO Race. This race is very much anticipated primarily because it is a runrio event. Secondly, it would be a semi long run for me on a sunday morning and I could add some speed session because it is a race. Moreover, many of the running bloggers are expecting this run, awaiting for the moment to meet with SFRunner. I was so excited so is my wife, Christy who will run the 5k event. With much excitement, I trained three times last week doing three speed sessions unmindful that I was already on the taper mode. I did my last long run at UPD the sunday before in preparation for the Milo Marathon Finals. The result; muscle pain on both my inner thighs. Additionally, lifting weight the week before add its toll on my upper body too. Gosh! Am I pushing myself beyond limits? Anyway I still have my Friday and Saturday rest.

So came race day. We headed early to FB and arrived at 4:45am. After our change-up I went for a warm up run to loosen my thighs. I'm still feeling uncomfortable at the moment. Good enough there was Rolly from ARC who ran with me. As we did our circles I saw PC, Jonel and JunC having their roundabout. Later I spotted and greet Bro. J. Soon afterwards, I saw Wilbert chatting with a group. I went to a halt and joined them and surprisingly met Wayne, Jinoe, Que and the RunningDiva and have had a photo opp. Shortly after I left and proceeded to the starting line and had my stretches. I met Taki and the BaldRunner before the run. Little I know that Taki and Wayne would pace each other. I intentionally positioned myself in front contemplating about my second reason, I will race. I promised myself that I will do my best here.

with Bro.J, Wayne, Roselle, Wilbert & Que

Soon after, the gun fired and off we go. I started a little slower than my 10K pace running all throughout the Heritage Park. I was feeling comfortable here, the breathing was easy and the timing was perfect. I kinda run a bit faster down hills. I love running here at Heritage, the path is clear and so quiet, mga patay kasi ang andito. As I was about to exit the park I slowed down at the water station, took my gel and drunk a couple of cups of water. It was then that I felt fatigue on my thighs, mabuti pa siguro di ako tumigil. I continued my run where my pacing went slower. As I slowed down, runners behind me begun their move and zoom passed ahead of me. I saw HighAltitude running high up and ForeignRunner too. These are speed runners. Thinking on my commitment I pushed myself. Shortly thereafter, I found again myself inching on HA and FR. Sorry guys, I made you as my gauge, pasensiya na po. Running back at McKinley I saw BaldRunner, running strong, IbanRunner, BugoBugo, running buddies JunM and Doc Art. After negotiating the dreaded McKinley Hills, I took my last reserve and ran strongly to the finish line. Sidestepping the "higads", I made it to the tape in 1:10:23. I did break my record from Mizuno by 6mins. Good run, good enough. At least my sacrifices paid off.

This was a great race. The result was overwhelming. I would like to congratulate runrio events; the management, the staff, the sponsors and all the runners. And also to photovendo, I hope I had great shots, Ben. We made it happen, we will make it happen again. 

After the race is the usual running bloggers rendezvous. Meeting with friends and exchanging hi's and hello's at the finish line. I Finally met for the first time Maclan (IbanRunner), Nora (The Golden Girl), Dorothy (Doralicious), Sir Jovie (The BaldRunner), Jerry (HighAltitude), Jinoe (Manokan Express), Wayne (SFRunner), Jay (PaulCalvin's), atbp. It was a great day indeed, its great meeting you guys. See you again on the road.

with IbanRunner

with RunningFatboy & Nora, The Golden Girl

with BaldRunner, Aldz & HighAltitude

with Jay, HighAltitude, RunningDATCom & Manokan Express


  1. galing! congrats on your PR. see you at Clark!

  2. Congrats on your new 15K PR! Konting training lang PR na..galing!

  3. Masakit pa pala ang thighs mo sa lagay na yun, what more if you are properly rested. Congratulations!

  4. Thanks guys, I'm drawing inspiration from all of you. With your writings and sharing, I try to see to it that my takes in running is improving. Live, love and run.
    See you again at NB Clark.

  5. It was fun meeting you and Christy after the race. Sayang, nagkita sana tayo before the race para sabay kami nina Baby (Bro. J's swthrt) start ng 5k.

    Congrats for the new PR, inspite of some pains. Good luck in Clark!

  6. Hi vener, congrats on your run and i got photos of you and Cristy. Please email me at so that i can send them to you. See you again soon! God bless!

  7. Hi Vener! Thank you for the sweet comment in my blog... That was a great time of 1:10! Wow.

    Hope to see you in the next runs!

  8. Hi Nora, nice meeting you too. Thanks and see you again. Next time we'll find you before the race.

    Hi Gigi, thanks and see you then. Happy running.

    Bro. J, Salamat in advance. I sent you my email add. Happy running and good luck sa training. God bless.

  9. Vener, congrats on the PR and nice meeting you.

    Thanks again for the photo-ops and I'll see you at Clark!

  10. good to see you last sunday bro... and congratulation on your new 15k PR!

  11. Hi Wayne - Thanks. The pleasure was mine. Enjoy your stay and we will see you again at NB Clark.

    Hi Jerry - Thanks. Its great to see you and run with you too. See you on sunday.

  12. Hi Vener. Thank you and your wife so much. I believe all of us enjoyed the NB Race and experience this past weekend.

    Please take care and I'll see you in 2009!

  13. With your departure, you left nothing but good memories to our small running community. With all hopes that it would become bigger upon your next visit or should I say stay. Thank you Wayne and God bless you.

    Vener & Christy