October 29, 2008

Running up north

I missed the Octoberun 08 last Sunday because of the recent road trip up north. We left Manila early Saturday morning and headed far north. After six provinces, we reached Ilocos Norte at 9:00pm. Laoag City. Just had a brief stroll around town with my family and immediately went to bed. Tomorrow is a Sunday and I should be running. As planned before, I will take my running with me wherever I go, so run I went that morning. I run towards the Marcos Stadium about 1km from our hotel and planned to do my intervals there but it was closed for renovation. Heading back, my feet brought me to the famous Laoag bridge, the entrance to the city. The view here is magnificent and there were about five joggers that I saw. The weather is good and the wind is cool. After running back and forth, I run back to the city and explore its clear streets. I saw number of people jogging maybe preparing for fun runs that the city is organizing. Good to know that running and fitness at our countryside is also flourishing.

After about 5km, I call it a day. I went back to the hotel, relaxed and prepared for another 100km journey up north. Another Sunday run. Virtually I had my Octoberun in faraway north.

the entrance of the Marcos Stadium
obviously fun runs are organized here

a thrilling view of the Laoag river

the famous arch gateway

a view from the hotel window

Laoag bridge with the river at the backdrop

a short run at Pagudpud in the afternoon


  1. Hi Vener, wow! and layo ng narating mo, hehehe! I', impressed that even on a travel you can squeezed in a run. Grabe! Ingat lang. Are you running at VSO?

  2. Hi Vener. What a nice post and great photos. I know I won't get it in on this trip to the Philippines but on my next trip (likely 2010), I'll visit some of the provinces.

    Please take care, have a good weekend and I'll see you very soon!

  3. Hi Bro. J, sabi nga e "malayo man daw ang marating, dapat may takbo pa rin", he he. Just explored what the streets of Laoag City have. Yes I'll do the 15k at VSO. See you then.

    Hey Wayne, have a nice trip. You should visit the countryside here, maraming magagandang tanawin. Will wait for your arrival. Take a lot of "ingats".

  4. THe mark of a true runner: Running anywhere your feet may lead you.

    Question: Is Pagudpud as beautiful as people describe it? How many hours going there? Is it worth the trip kung sasadyain ang beach?

  5. Ganda ng mga pics! One of these days I hope to run Pagudpud too! See you at the races!

  6. Hi Nora & PC, I would say Pagudpud is best if you want to relax. The place is serene. Although the sea bed is not as good as Puerto Galera, the waves are awesome, and the people are nice.

    By land, it will be reached in 8 to 12 hours. The road is good too with so many sceneries to watch like the lighthouse of Cape Bojeador and the Bangui Windmills to name a few. Pagudpud is a cool 562km away from Manila.

    See you soon.

  7. Hi J+, all the rivers here are splendid. Everything are fresh and seems undisturbed. See you.

  8. nice photos. gusto ko ring puntahan yung mga windmills. see you at VSO.

  9. Wilbert - Ilocos is beautiful place, you'll be amazed. See you on sunday.

  10. hi pare,
    nice to see you this morning... you are fast runner! please keep in touch and see you next sunday in clark.

  11. HA - glad to meet you at VSO. See you then at NB Clark.