October 15, 2008

Adidas runs, what's the difference?

Last Saturday's KOTR was my 4th Adidas run. Why is it that this race is now gaining popularity and more and more people are running this event? Was it attributed to the bloggers invites and race forums in the net? Or to the countless running afficionados who look for every weekend races?

Here are some of the reasons I compiled for a year:

Adidas KOTR
March 11, 2007
Fort Bonifacio-Buendia-Kalayaan
10k - 58 mins.
Baptism of fire, first 10k run.

Adidas KOTR
July 1, 2007
Quirino Grandstand-
Roxas Blvd.
10k - 51 mins.
Good run, gauged myself.

Adidas Run for Love
October 27, 2007
Mall of Asia
10k - 49 mins.
PR then.

Adidas KOTR
October 11, 2008
Fort Bonifacio-Buendia-
21k - 1:40 mins.
Big leap!
Great accomplishment.
5,000+ runners

What do you think? Personally, I had my answers...


  1. Wow! Congratulations Vener! A big leap, indeed. You must be feeling on top of the world when you're about to reach the finish line. Hope to see you in future races...

  2. I agree that Adidas KOTR is one of the most anticipated events. They have a good track record on how they organize it and the singlet is something to die for. :D

  3. What a great record! First try on the 10K and you already got sub60 time, Wow! Hope to finally meet you on Sunday. God bless!

  4. Galing, steady improvements every time. Share with us what your weekly training looks like. Gusto ko din maging 1:30something ang half marathon time ko at sub 50 ang 10K :-)


  5. Thanks Nora, I always treat a finish line as a step towards another. It motivates me. See you.

    That's true Jinoe. The singlet is the bread & butter. Hope to meet you soon.

    Bro. J & DATC, I just took time running the 5k before I jumped into 10k and subsequently into long runs. Leave no stone unturned. Remember, run towards another not away from the other. See ya!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blogsite. Added your blogsite to my Run-to sites. Galing ng 10km KOTR record mo. Ako, medyo matagal pa bago makakarating sa ganun. :)

  7. Vener, I think running in the Philippines is reminding me of the U.S. renassance in the early 80s.
    It's great to see it. Your points are correct. KOTR went very well.

    I'm excited when I arrive on November 8th that there will be a race the next mroning. I hope that 2500 runners will show up at the Fort (Rio's race) and promote the sport the way it should be!

  8. Hey RR, likewise here. I frequently drop by your blogsite too. More power to you. See you soon.

    Hi Wayne, I'm setting another goal for the next KOTR. Surely it gave me a challenge. Waiting to see you next month. Ingats!

  9. Hi Vener, it was nice meeting you last sunday at the Botak Paabilisan.

    My first race ever was the Adidas Run for love.

    Btw, send me our pics at Botak Paabilisan. you can mail me at takicutie2004@yahoo.co.uk

  10. vener, thanx for dropping by my site. i added you to my blogroll.
    nice meeting you p're.

  11. Hi Vener! Sana you had different hairdos (Afro?!!) to show you running through the years! hahaha. Kidding. Adidas Run For Love was my second run. Memories... =)

  12. Hey Taki & Manny, it was good meeting you too guys. Let's run again and see each other more often on the road. Let's go, takbo.

    Hi Janine, meron din namang evolution. From vga camera phone to 2mp camera phone, tapos ngayon digital cam na, ha ha. See you again.

  13. It was nice meeting you at the Botak Race. You can grab our photos at my site. Hope to see you around, di ba sa UP ka rin madalas mag long run? God bless!

  14. Hi Vener! Ang bilis mo nakaka inggit! I'll see you sa NB 25k race pero malamang nagmemeryenda ka na, I still have to cross the finish line :)

  15. It's good to meet you too Bro. J. If there isn't any race I run at UPD, hope to see you there. God bless you too.

    Hi RPR, thanks for dropping by. Will you be at VSO? I will be at VSO and NB, hope to meet you soon. Best regards. Happy running.