October 23, 2008

Race into the sun

I just finished an 18km semi-long run this morning. The weather was good, the sky is clear and it was a perfect run. I left home at 4:30am and headed to my favorite route here at Diliman. My run starts at Panay Avenue near Capitol Med going to Sgt. Esguerra near ABS CBN compound then straight ahead to Sct. Gandia, Kamuning Area and back to Capitol Med. I call this route the triangle and covers a distance of 5km. It is a good course because it is composed of flat and sloping terrain. This morning I did 3 loops for a cool 15km run. After the third loop, I went to Amoranto Sports Complex for my cool down and to chat with my running buddies. Here is where I used to practice my speed session too running along the track. 

Although still a little bit hot, I still got my job done. I'm expecting that at this momentof the year the "ber" season could be felt, pero wala pa rin. I suppose the coolest time will be on January mornings. Tamang tama if you intend to run the inaugural Quezon City Int'l. Marathon. Are you joining this one? I will for sure. It is the best time to run long distance because of the cool weather. I did my first full last Feb. 2008 during the Pasig Marathon and hope to repeat again this coming year. For that reason, I am now gradually increasing my endurance training by running long distances and compiling 50 to 70km a week. I usually do my long runs on sundays, but due to race schedules I am forced to do it on a daily basis. At times I also sneak a speed training on weekends so that I could have the boost during races.

I deliberately use the races to be my speed training because it is where you could feel the competion. The enthusiasm and energy level is high. The Botak run was a good example. After the gun went off, the lead pack went crazy to establish pole positioning. I just stayed within reach of them because I intended to be drafted. After the first turn around point, they went nowhere. I couldn't see them anymore, they're really fast. Ahh, maybe I needed more speed training. But on my own, I still managed to run at comfortable speed. After reaching the first half, I had a split time of 21.08 minutes, good enough for this race. Contemplating that I could break my PR, I pushed for more, but the scorching heat was a factor. The sun's ray is blinding, unfortunately I did not wear my usual getto of cap and shades. I intended not to because the route was short but to my mistake. Next time dapat talaga pag aralan ang ruta. Only the path beside the Serendra that I found comfort and gave my all. After 43.29 mins I was finally at the finish line, gasping for air and looking for cold water. I immediately proceeded to the high street and have a cool down jog to relax my legs and back. And that was it. Nakatapos na naman ng isang hot speed session. Mabuti na lang there are lots of freebies na available. Water, sports drink, they're everywhere. Job well done, Botak people.

After the race I have a brief chat with Jonel (BugoBugo), Joe (Loonyrunner), Wilbert (Mind of a Traveller) and met Nico. As I roamed around I saw Taki (TechSpec), Dennis (Running Fatboy), Bro. J (J Running), Manny (Ice-One) and their companions. Got to meet Janine+ too and Bards (Banana Running). Had a talk also with Jun, Doc and Ralph, great runners indeed.

Next speed session? Wala pa. I will be out of the Start of a New Life Race. See you again, and happy running. Run well, run safe. 

Ice-one, run unltd., J running, TechSpec, Tolits & Running fatboy

with Janine+ (creative's pace to a creative space)

with some Amoranto Runners


  1. Hi vener, it's good your having your long runs even on weekdays. We can only do short 5k runs at night because of work. Sagabal talaga work sa training sa running, hehehe. See you at the race, God bless!

  2. With that kind of training, I'm sure you'll be more than ready to run another full marathon in Feb.

    Will you be joining the VSO Run this Nov. 9?

    Registered for the OctobeRUN but missed it because of my sick daughter.

    Hope to see you in future races, Vener.

  3. Inaagahan ko na lang ng gising Bro. J, sometimes I do it in the afternoon. Kailangan eh. Sayang, did not run with you at the Octoberun, but there are lot more to come. I'll be at the VSO and NB. See you.

    Hi Nora, I missed the Octoberun too, bawi na lang tayo next time. See you at VSO and NB. I hope your little girl is doin' well now. Best regards.