September 25, 2008

Rise of the machines

It's quite difficult to run nowadays because of the weather condition. Almost every week a tropical depression is coming or even worse, it develops into a typhoon. At the onset of the "ber" season, we all know that it is associated with the monsoon season. Rain is frequent and the metro is flooding and running outside is almost impossible. Sometimes I would sneak a quick 5k run just to keep me going. But what about a long run?

One day at the gym, I found myself running long hour on a treadmill. I don't really run long distances on a treadmill but just a 10 minute run. Its my excuse that I run every morning outdoors. I ran for 2 hours covering a distance of about 22 km. It was indeed a long run, thankfully not so many people are present that time. If not, maybe there will be a long queue on my machine.

I found it then that running on a treadmill is also achieving. You could try to step up your pace with just a push of a button. You could try hills too. Additionally, I could do my speed workout at a certain distance and intervals. Once the belt is running fast, all you have to do is go with it. You can't slow down or you'll fall. You could run fast without distractions too. The space is all yours. This is important if you're training for a short faster race like 5k's. And is a good substitute to oval running because of the measured distance. You could see the blinking numbers on the dashboard re; your distance, time, speed, inclination and even calories burned, ganda di ba?
Cross training equipment are also good alternative. Once every week, it is good to have a cross training schedule. Stairclimbers and stationary bikes are best for this workout. Sometimes, we must venture out to our passion and try some cross training.

Some say running on a treadmill is boring and monotonous, but to some extent, it is enjoying too. Can you find a place to run wherein you could watch your favorite TV show at the same time? Can you find a place to run wherein you could watch a movie? Dito lang di ba? Isn't it good enough? Let us not waste our time waiting for the rain to stop before we run. We should keep on going. Takbo tayo...


  1. I envy people (like you) who can run on a treadmill for hours. The first and only time I ran on the machine, I almost collapsed and I wasn't even there for more than 5 minutes! After that traumatic experience, I never dared go near a treadmill again.
    And so I have no choice but to run outdoors come rain or storm (literally!)
    Are you running 21k in the KOTR? I bet you would have wanted to run a full marathon . . .
    Good luck!

  2. Hi Nora,

    Thanks for the visit. I also felt dizzy the first time I did the treadmill but now I'm used to it, tiyaga lang. Part of my sacrifices in running.
    Yes, I'll be in the 21km run at KOTR, see you then. Now I'm in preparation for the Milo finals on November.

    Talk soon.

  3. I've been on a treadmill a couple of times and really liked it.

  4. nice seeing you last sunday at Ultra. Good luck on your KOTR again!

  5. I also do my practice runs on a treadmill. I just did a 10K run at gym last night.

  6. Hi Wayne, good to hear from you again. When will you be coming?

    Hi RFB, good luck too on your Borneo run. Stay safe.

    Hi Ibetski, thanks for dropping by. Training na ba to for the KOTR? You should be tapering. Good luck.

  7. I like how the treadmill forces you to pick up your pace too. And no fear from cars even with the music turned up full blast! =)

  8. Hi Run Unlimited, saw your link from one of the bloggers, thought I'd say hi :-) I tried running on the treadmill for a while, but just can't stay put. Nowadays, I used the treadmill at the gym to 'walk' while watch the news.

  9. Hi Janine, you're right, no particular side of the road to choose from at pwede pang naka full stereo. Regards.

    Hi Gene, thanks for the visit. Medyo mahirap talagang mag adjust in the first place, but as the saying goes, sanayan lang yan. Anyways, maganda na ring pampalipas oras di ba?

    But make no mistake guys, this is just our substitute to running outdoors. Much better if we run together..

  10. Great improvement Vener! Got the results from the adidas race, you ran faster than some of the runners i know. See you in UP bro!