February 7, 2013

Run Unlimited's Run For The Mangroves

How did your Condura Skyway Marathon go? There are 101 ways to do it. Here's how I did it.
  • Parked at the same place as from last year. 
  • Ran the whole route mostly alone, and just like the other year I felt sleepy. Maybe bored.
  • Did not broke my PR of six rosaries, made just two.
  • Did 51x400m loops around the Amoranto oval two days before the race.
  • Just got a lucky pass from a friend who cannot run for some reason.
  • Did not register on time. Expensive? Maybe?
  • Did not prepare for this race except for some running routines that I mostly do, short intervals on weekdays and long runs on sundays.
  • Had a body massage after the race. Last year I did not.
  • Walked all the water stations, same strategy. 
  • Chased Cio from km00 and reached him in km07. Last year it was in km10.
  • Started easy and gained speed after km05.
  • Entered two porta johns to pee. Did not queue unlike last year that I had to do it at the back of one unit.
  • Gorged on two bananas.
  • Looked for a free gel but there was none unlike last year. What happened?
  • The cornetto at the village was a relief.
  • Had my photo taken at the village. No photo shoot last year.
  • Unlike last year, I loitered at the village for a while before going home.
  • Ran together with some bdm160 finishers same as last year.
  • Did not see the video copter hovering around.
  • Finished in the 30's from the gun time, not the chip time. Akala mo ang bilis.
  • Planned of going easy but after reaching km05 in 26mins made me think otherwise.
  • Indulged into the waiting 100plus at three or four aid stations just to balance my electrolytes eventhough I am not a fan of those. Gimme a gatorade or powerade please. Namimili pa.
  • Greeted every marshall, awake or not.
  • Requested for a coffee at one water station, same as last year. Brewed or not, pwede na.
  • Gained a friend by running together even for a while. Last year was from Iloilo, this time from Lucena. Both begged-off and let me go ahead, mga pagod na eh!
  • Managed to post a status to fb after getting home.
  • Wore my new kinvara3 during the race. Awesome!
  • Went to a tire center to replace my busted tire in the afternoon before the race while I should be staying horizontally at home. Tigas ng ulo.
  • Just got two hours of sleep in the afternoon before the race. Tumambay na sa parking until guntime.
  • Ate spaghetti before the race. Apple after the race.
  • Smiled at every photographer along the course but until now there are no photos of me in the web. Whew!
  • Witnessed the triumph of two marathon newbies. Congrats Jac and Luis, job well done.
  • It took me less than 4 hours to finish the race while it took me just 30 minutes to drive home from Alabang to QC. 'Yun ang mabilis.
  • Had a good 5km recovery run two days after the race and an intense 10km intervals a day after the recovery.
  • I do hope you are all recovered now, and had your experience written down. See you again at the starting line. 
  • Special mention (thank you) goes to Jay Gaite for the free race kit. Thank you Jay, sub-four ka na, wohoo! 

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