February 25, 2013

Another Sunday Roundabout

It was a typical Sunday morning. With the usual route in mind, I prepared and headed for a roundabout at one of my favorite route. It surprised me at the end that I ran 40km after almost 5 hours on the road. You can view my route here.

 View of INC from the Luzon flyover. 
 Had a side trip inside the UPD acad oval.
 Aurora Blvd. from the Katipunan flyover.
 Eastwood skyline at the center. The apex of St. Claire Monastery peaking at the left.
 Km 21 from Luneta. But where's the route?
 The main church of the Adventists in White Plains.
 The Shrine of the Virgin Mary in Ortigas.
 Had a glimpse of the Run for Juan race at the People's Power Monument.
 View of Ortigas flyover.
 Gilmore Avenue in New Manila.
 St. Luke's Medical Center. Tempted to take a burger.
 The Columbarium along Araneta Avenue.
 A refreshing buko drink along Araneta Avenue.
 Crossing of the dreaded Araneta Avenue and A. Bonifacio Avenue.
 A. Bonifacio Park in Balintawak Cloverleaf.
 A good smile after the race. Whew!


  1. My friend you literally went to places! Naikot mo yata buong Manila. Nice 40km run at that. Cheers.

  2. My place is totally different from yours, I wish we have them here.