November 8, 2010

Haile on the 2010 NYC Marathon

Haile Gebrselassie, the greatest all-round distance runner in history, said farewell to the sport he has so obviously loved and has served with such brilliance in action, and such grace in his personal conduct and manner. Gebrselassie had an MRI done on his right knee yesterday. It showed fluid build-up. Gebrselassie ran with the lead pack until stopping at 16 miles, on the Queensboro Bridge.

He spoke for two or three minutes with increasing emotion, finally wiping tears away. It took several moments for the media to grasp that he had announced his retirement.

Someone said, "Are you saying that you are retiring?"

"Yes," Geb said simply.

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The Emperor Cedes His Crown
Posted by ScottDouglasRT at 11/07/2010 2:42 PM
By Roger Robinson, Running Times


  1. He may retire but his accomplishments and contribution to the running world will live on forever. Hopefully even if he doesn’t run in major competition
    he continues running to make it as a way of life

  2. Hi Patrick, yes he may retire, but his running will surely not stop from there. It will be another journey.

  3. hail haile! the day he retired, another geb won the nyc marathon

  4. Hi James, haile told him to go on drng the race, baka basbas na 'yun.