October 1, 2010

Corregidor International Half-Marathon

The Corregidor International Half-Marathon is aimed to become one of the premiere and much-awaited races in the country. It wll be hekd annually in the historic and scenic Corregidor Island on a December weekend, making it thus the final major race of the year. This year, it is set to fire-off on December 19.

This will be an extraordinary opportunity for passionate runners to set new norm for personal achievement as finishing the race will be akin to recapitulating a fortress that is home to the resilient and valiant.

Given that the size of participation will be limited to not more than 800 runners, it will be positioned to attract mainly serious runners, recreational and elite level athletes alike, who have the most likelihood of being opinion-leaders or well-associated in the running community.

All these factors are intended to put premium on Corregidor International Half-Marathon, which is to become, eventually, the most sought-after major race in the country.

Registration Period:
  • All weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) of October and November
Registration Venues:
  1. Runnr, BHS, The Fort
    (every Saturday and Sunday, 2pm to 9pm)
  2. Second Wind, Maginhawa
    (every Saturday, 1pm to 6pm)
  3. Second Wind, Ortigas Home Depot
    (every Saturday, 1pm to 6pm)
Online Registration Facility:
  • Open to participants residing abroad and outside Metro Manila
  • Site will be up on Oct 9
Registration Fee:
  • P2,500.00 – until October (regular registration)
  • P3,000.00 – until November (late registration)
Race Registration Requirements:
  1. Properly filled out registration form – may be downloaded/available at the registration site
  2. Any valid ID (driver’s licence, sss, voter’s, postal, passport, etc.) indicating date of birth
  3. Applicable registration fee and any of the following:
  • Proof of participation in a 10k race (during the last 2 months prior to registration)
  • Proof of participation in a 21k race (during the last 3 months prior to registration)
  • Proof of participation in a full marathon (during the last 6 months prior to registration)
  • A doctor’s certification of fitness to participate in an athletic event
  • * For proof of race participation, a printout of the particular race result is preferable. In lieu of that, race bib will be accepted but will be subject to verification through the race results available on-line.
Race Registration Procedures:
  1. After completing registration for the race (manual or on-line), beginning the following Monday, contact Sun Cruises at 8346857/8346858/5275555 loc 4511 0r 4512.
  2. Indicate the desired trip schedule:
    a. overnight
    • departure on Dec 18 @ 8:30am
    • return trip to Manila is on Dec 19 via 2:30pm trip from Corregidor*
    b. day trip
    • departure on Dec 19 @ 5:30am
    • return trip to Manila is Dec 19 via 5:30pm trip from Corregidor*
    c. participants with non-competing companions
    • non-competing companions will have to pay Php2,000.00/person
    • no race pack will be provided to non-competing companions
    • will have to take the Dec 18, 11:30am trip to Corregidor
    • return trip to Manila is on Dec 20, Monday, via 10:00am trip from Corregidor.
    • *for options a and b, indicate if attending the Solidarity & Victory Party on the night of December 19 to amend departure schedule to Monday, Dec. 20 via 10:00am trip from Corregidor.
  3. If applicable, make accommodations reservation with Sun Cruises
    • only registered participants will be given reservations
    • pay the appropriate accommodations booking amount through the payment mode advised by Sun Cruises
  4. On Dec 4 or 11 (as advised through email and text by the organizers) at ROX,
    • attend the runners’ briefing
    • pick-up the race pack and
    • claim the boarding pass and/or accommodations booking ticket from Sun Cruises
    • make sure to bring the acknowledgement receipt issued during registration. No Acknowledgement Receipt, No Race Pack.
Race Pack Inclusions:
  • round trip ferry to and from Corregidor
  • full lunch buffet on race day
  • race bib with RFID timing chip
  • race shirt


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  2. Hi Sir, are we ready for this event? :)