June 4, 2009

Summer Runnin'

June is here, the summer season is gone. Just a few weeks back, I made my way back to the province for a vacation with my family for some rnr (run and recreation). Yes, running was on the itinerary. While the kids enjoyed the beaches, I sneaked in some running especially in the mornings and continued to explore places I haven't reached for a long time. There's no racing, no competition, just easy runnings on a relaxed pace enjoying the beauty of nature that you can only experience in the province. Green ricefields beneath the blue skies, beautiful trees lined in every corner of the road, the freshest air and the smell of grass and hay will make your day. That was a great experience.

cross trainings

After those fruitful days, I'm back to work and beginning to be a roadrat again. I'm back to what I love doing most, running. Last april I logged in 188km, 50km came from the vacation run and last may I logged in 200km, one of the busiest month for me. I joined almost every sunday races scheduled in this month, skipping just the market market 10miler while in structured recovery mode after the botak 42.

This june, as the kids are back again to school, the rains are back too. As early as today, heavy rainfalls are regular occurrence. A week long of rain had visited the metro and it's quite difficult to run outside, thus affecting the trainings and regular runs. Since I don't have any access to treadmills nowadays, I will settle on stair running instead (or watch the lakers beat the magic) if there's rain.

the covered bleachers of the amoranto is a good alternative if there's rain

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  1. Hope you're having a great vacation! Take care.

  2. i'm just amazed at your consistency in doing those super high mileage.

    see you soon, bro.:-)

  3. Idol Vener, your mileage is tremendous :) Enjoy your vacation! Take it easy, it's well deserved :)


  4. Hi Wayne, thanks and take care. I've read your story re the close call, accidents do happen without us knowing it. Happy running.

    Hi Rene, thanks. I was surprised too I got that long, quite odd, but it felt good. See you again.

    Hi Luis, that was part of my daily mile runs, medyo napasubo lang siguro. Anyway, we needed those effort sometimes. Good luck on yours and see you at the races.

  5. Hi Vener. All I can say is what a Game 2! Take care my friend.

  6. Hi Wayne, we should brace up for the pivotal game 3. I'm excited to see how they will run the offense at orlando. Regards & take care.

  7. Hey Bro, lupet ng pose mo ah! Catch-up with you on the next race.

    Uy belated ask permission ako :-) I swiped some of your pics from MarketMarket race for my blog pics.

  8. Hi bro, i like the picture of your cross-training. Have a great day!

  9. Hi Gene, that was a DNS, but I managed to finish the race (hehe). Its good pacing with you somewhere at the last stretch.

    Those pics are up for grab, your welcome to. See you again.

  10. Hi Bro. J, thanks for dropping by. That xtraining was quite different (hehe). We'll be at UPD sunday, hope to see you there.

  11. Vener, you're certainly one of the most dedicated runners I know. I'm so happy we met again last Sunday. See you and Christy at the Robinson's Run this July 12!

  12. Thanks Nora. The feeling is mutual, we're glad you made it back and it's great to see you again. God bless.