March 10, 2009

Running with Feb

I close my day by sleeping early whenever there is a run on the following morning. That was my routine few years back since I started and got hooked up in running, and it really changed my life. One fine morning after my run when I was about to log my running entry for the day, I was surprised to know that Feb was gone. How time flies. I love Feb because she gave me the best time of the year for my long tempo runs, weatherwise. I love Feb because she was part of my rigid trainings and intervals. I love Feb because she gave me the best results in my racing journals, being instrumental in my lung-busting and adrenalin pumping races. Thank you Feb, but although you've outrunned me, I know you'll be back again.

my running journal;
I used this to log mileage since I started running in 2006,

Moving on, here comes March. The first sunday of march was a rest day for me, no running; but just the same, I spent it with the running community. I went to the docfit run to support xty and my pr-busting friends who joined the race. Meeting with friends is already a habit, I make sure I find time to chat with them and exchange news regarding the running world, just like a post race practice for everyone.

I had a wonderful time spent with my kids too at the u.p. grounds on that day. I enjoyed their laughters and the joy of being with them. I missed this moment in a long while since I was with Feb dealing with my previous commitments. My journal is a witness of such undertakings.

Running is just a part of our life, the family makes the most of it. Since school break is fast approaching, I'll spend quality times with my family and forget Feb in a while until her next return.

family day at the u.p. grounds


  1. Vener! You and Christy also have 2 kids--boy and girl! How old are they? Hope to also meet them someday.

    I miss running races already. Dunno when I'll be back again. Good luck to you and Christy. God bless your family, Vener.

  2. Nice pictures Vener. What a great family you got! God bless! Regards to Christy.

  3. You have a great family there. I suppose your best times are those spent running after those children :-)

  4. Thanks Nora, they're 12 and 6. Oo nga e, we haven't seen you for quite some time, but sooner we will. Best regards and God bless you too.

    Thanks Bro. J, like every kids do, they always give you joy everytime, everywhere. Blessed are yours too and happy graduation to your eldest.

    Thanks Rico, we are proud of them, they were gifts to us. You're right, kahit nakakapagod minsan, its worthy. I just try to make sure they can't outrun me. See you at condura 21.