February 25, 2009

Good Races Deserve a Good Finish

I entered the venue of the runnew race greeted by a blaring sound of music. There was a huge tv screen playing concert videos and the music was crisp and audible. It was a different morning to start a day with because everyone was treated to a good mix of music and fun. This is the beginning of something new in race organizing as introduced by runrio event. I was entertained for a while. That was a good prelude to my business that day.

concert at the race

At the gun shot, we were out and running to a new route. Hills abound at the earlier portion of the race and more slopes until the finish line. I started moderately and ran comfortably for the first 2km. As soon as I hit my rhythm, I shifted to race mode and started to burn rubber. The plan was to run swift and finish strong. Stride after stride, I recalled my pace at the moa from the previous week and adopted it by running at the same intensity. I reached the finish line a good four minutes ahead of my personal best.

from the lens of photobards.com

All throughout I ran better than I expected. I enjoyed running the route that showcased new concepts and styles. The new markers along the way as well as ads from photovendo were placed strategically and it was a delight scanning and reading run boosting messages and pictures (Wayne's was a good take). Marshaling were effective, fluids were adequate and so were the freebies. The post race program was a delight including the brunch tent for an after race meal. Results were fast and were readily downloadable thru the net. Kudos to the organizers and the participants as well, this was another successful event. A good race deserves a good credit.



  1. congrats on your PB ... and in one of the toughest race course in Manila. :P

  2. Wow, 4-minute improvement. Galing-galing! Idol!

  3. Hi Vener, congrats again on your pb, wheew!

  4. Congrats! idol ka talaga ng sambayanang mananakbo!

  5. Hi Vener. It was great seeing you last Sunday. Congrats on your PB. That was a tough one! =)

  6. Hi Vener. Congratulations on the PB. Also, thanks for stopping my blog yesterday.

    Rio's races get better and better all the time. Take care and have a good weekend!

  7. Congrats! You have been "speeding" lately and making PRs left and right.

    I'll see you in Condura Run and will be behind you ... drafting :)

  8. Bards - Thanks, medyo mahirap nga yung ipinagawa ni rio, but that's okay, at least we ventured into something different. See you again.

    Rico - Kaya pa palang bumilis ng konti, kahit pakonti konti.

    Chito - Thanks, its good to see you again at the race. Congratulations on your run and your sister's and friends' too.

    Bro. J - Hindi naman siguro, nataon lang na kokonti yung elites dun kaya medyo gumanda ang placing. Maybe "takbuhin(s)" is the appropriate word, hehe.

    Janine - Hi, it's good to see you too, congrats also on your run. Very catchy yung post pics nyo from photovendo afterwards, galing. See you at condura 21.

    Wayne - Thankfully I weaved my way to post on your blog, it was difficult, but now I know how. Thanks, the race was good and we enjoyed the route. Take care and happy weekend.

    Jon - Thanks bro, nagmamadali lang makatapos hehe. Something different is in the making for the conura, we'll see it then. Good luck on your trainings, you've been doing great distances nowadays.

  9. Congrats bro on your pb... a product of your hardwork and dedication.

    God bless.

  10. Ronnie - Many thanks. I hope to see you again on one of the races.