November 28, 2008

Three days to Milo Marathon Finals

Your name is on the list, you are cordially invited.

What: Carbo-loading
Where: Club North Greenhills, San Juan City
When: November 27, 2008 at 4:30pm

This would be my second pasta party in eight months. This is the start wherein I should concentrate on eating carbohydrate-rich foods such as pasta, bread, fruit, low-fat milk and sports drinks. It's the carbs, after all, not fat or protein, that will fuel me on race day. One rule here is that what's important is increasing the percentage of my calories that come from carbs, not simply eating more of everything. Since I'll be tapering and expending fewer calories, I don't have to consume a great deal more food than usual.

After registration, the organizer gave me my assigned race packet number and my over-all singlet. Every qualifier here is given a singlet and a running short as what runners called "overalls". Surprisingly, all men are categorized to sizes medium to extra large, only females were allowed small sizes, and I'm expecting that medium size would be too big for me. Maybe the organizers did not realized that runners are all lean-framed especially those who run at a sub-4:00 hour marathon. Buti na lang, the small size was neither, I have the privilege to wear my designated wear for this race. Pero sayang, I intended sana to use the qualifier's singlet for the race because I did not have it during my last years of running this event as I was only at the 5 and 10k events. 

the venue

The program started with a short prayer followed by the singing of the national anthem. As the speakers were introduced, I was awed by a man who claimed that he had ran a whooping 610 marathons. Whaaaat! This guy's amazing. And this Milo Finals will be his 611th. He is Andy Kotulski. I can't believe I met this man in person. I'd like to know more about Mr. Kotulski as I searched for his profile after getting home and found out this story.

with Mr. Andy Kotulski

The lecture was given by Mr. Jim Saret, MSAT as guest speaker. He is the president of the Scientific Sports & Fitness Council and currently the strength and conditioning coach of the Rain or Shine Elastomasters team at the PBA. Additionally, he travels to US every now and then to attend trainings and conduct coaching sessions with US athletes. His lecture goes with this:

How to carbo-load?
1. Decrease carbo 7 days before the race.
2. Decrease training 3-4 days before the race.
3. High carbo diet 3 days before the race.

Pre-marathon meal.
1. Eat a high carbo meal 2-3 hours before the race.
2. Eat a carbo snack at least 30 mins before the race.
3. Drink hydrite/electrolyte drink. Eat bananas.

Tips during the marathon.
1. Sip water if you are not thirsty.
2. Drink hydrite to prevent cramping.
3. Maintain your own calculated pace.
4. Find a pace-mate.

After the lectures, we were treated to the sumptuous buffet of high-carbo foods. Just like the filipino way, we were lined up as we take our parts. Queue of runners dashed onto the buffet table. The food was great and excellent, runners were treated to a full meal. Everybody went home satisfied. After the meal, chats and photo-ops with fellow runners and the organizers, its time to call it a day. I headed home pleased and ready for my "full".

a platter full (eat all you can style)

Milo Marathon Finals qualifiers

with Mr. Rudy Biscocho

with friends from ARC

with fellow runners from Laoag

the site at night


  1. Vener, Goodluck sa Milo Marathon. 3-peat!

  2. Man, way to go...!!!

  3. I know you can do it. Wala na sa iyo ang 42k. Time for you to graduate from a full marathon and venture into ultras!

    Good luck!!!

    If not for the TNF100k, I would be running with you during the Milo.

    A qualifying 42K marathon after a 100k seems a suicide, I thought then.

  4. Race hard but dont forget to have fun! I will be sending good wishes your way on Sunday. oh and remember, finish fierce hehe im sure Christy will be ready with her camera at the finish.

  5. Hi Vener,

    Good luck...and enjoy your Milo Marathon...regards to Christy.

  6. Good luck and run strong! Sisiw lang sayo yan, make us proud!

  7. Hi Vener. Good luck and enjoy the experience!

  8. Here's hoping you will fully savor every kilometer of this opportunity to run along with the country's best. And don't forget to blog about it later :-)

  9. Thank you everyone.

    Jinoe - 3-peat is something unusual, I'm proud I am here now. See you.

    Jerry - You be ready too, it is a hard-daunting task. Let's get it on.

    Jon - You're right ultraman, I intended to run the milo elims eversince, luckily I booked myself into the finals. Rest easy bro for you'll be in this situation come Dec. 7. Good luck on the singa.

    Bards - Likewise here Bards, my best wishes on your singa 42. I prefer to have ala Ben Chan sana to document the 42km event. Surely ang habang blog nun.

    Anna - Many thanks and see you again. She'll take the 10k then.

    Dindo - That's the battle cry, run easy, feel free, finish strong. See you again.

    Wayne - Surely I will. The privilege running with this event and these guys is already an achievement. Good luck on your plans too, I heard you already registered.

    Rico - Thanks for dropping by. I'll relish your take regarding this event. Uhhmm, I know many would expect to so see you then.