November 17, 2008

NB power pace

After a year running the NB powerrace 07, here I am again joining the next edition. All roads lead to clark on this sunday morning. Every runner is head-on to experience a one of a kind route outside the metropolis. This is a repeat of the beautiful and scenic route that treated runners to a smog-free, well-paved and tree-lined roads in clark. As expected countless runners and friends journeyed to clark to join and enjoy this event.

Day 1:
It was the kids and 5k participants who ran before the setting of the sun. Christy had her fantastic run and finished 4th overall amongst the distaff side. She's really a runner. Most of our friends joined the 5k run and I was fortunate to be a spectator this time (feeling relaxed though). I met Ibanrunner, Bards, Janine and Dennis with his group and had a brief chat with them.

with Christy, Dino & Marlene

Christy on the run

Ryan, Christy, Dino & two friends

Day 2:
I finished a disappointing time last year on this event and I vowed that I set a new mark for this run. But since I'm in preparation for the Milo 42K in two weeks time, I decided to run in my easy long distance pace, keeping in mind that I should still finish in a decent time. No race, just pace.

Before the race I had a brief chat with Doc Tommy of the Fairview Runners and few of my running buddies. I also had a chance to meet Rene of Runnex, a member of forum. It was with Runnex where I started my training and serious running. It was drizzling and a bit cold and I'm feeling that this would be a good moment for a PR. But not to; stick to your plan.

with Jun, Doc Art & Ritchie

with Wayne, Jinoe, Rene & Ritchie

As I entered the chute, fellow running bloggers were in. I had the opportunity to meet Jaymie and introduced myself. I met also Drew & Javy inside before the start. I was having my pre race stretches at the rear when I heard the sound signaling the start of the race.

I ran with Jay (Prometheus Cometh) at the initial stage until he sped-up, maybe he's on a mission. I was left running with Dindo, Wilbert, Jaymie and co. We ran and chat at a pretty comfortable pace for about 2Km. After 10 mins of running to what Dindo & Wilbert described as a warm-up mode, I made my move ahead of them and caught up with Jay. Pace don't race as the ghost in me reminded me of. I stuck with Jay's pace and ran along with him until the turn around. Jonel joined us and we ran altogether as we exchanged stories and leads. After the turn around we increased our pace and ran the sloping terrain until I went ahead of Jay. Pushing ahead I intended to draft him, but maybe he's on a reserve mode for the latter part of the course. The latter portion of the route is where the dreaded ruins are, a series of uphill and downhill passage. This was the portion where I took my walk of fame (shame) last year. I've had a bad beating then.

I ran by myself for the remainder of the route and finished the race in 2:14:37. I did my plan and outdid my previous time. Today, it's not how fast I finished the race, but how strong I did. I crossed the line satisfied and proud.

at the finish line

with the medallists, Dindo, RJ, Jay, Wilbert, JunC & Jaymie

with RJ, Wilbert, Bards & Dindo

with Jon, the Ultramarathoner


  1. Congrats vener on your race. Congrats din to Cristy for placing 4th.... galing naman. Mukhang ang saya-saya talaga lahat ng runner bloggers. Ingit na naman ako, huhuhu!

  2. Hi Vener. Congrats to Christy on placing 4th. Congrats on meeting your goal in this race. Good luck on the Milo Marathon! =)

  3. vener,
    great to see you and your wife in clark!

    have you register for milo full marathon? is it exclusive to those who participated in the previous milo half marathon? is there any qualification for it?
    please advice...

  4. Thanks Bro. J, you shouldn't be, remember your tagline. Next time we will make it more merrier. See you then.

    Thank you J+, congratulations too on your run. Rest easy, see you again.

    Hi Jerry, its great seeing you too.
    Based on my account, I was already registered for finishing sub 4hr during the last Manila leg elims. Their qualifying time was 4:00hr among men & 4:30hr among women. Upon further inquiry, only qualifiers will be entitled to run the full, but the other distances (10K & 5K) are open.

  5. Hi Vener,
    Nice to meet you during the run last Sunday. Congrats on improving on your previous performance :) Add kita sa blogroll ko ha. Thanks.


  6. Nice seeing you again last sun Vener! Congrats to Christy! So when's your next race Milo this month?

  7. Congrats to you and Christy on a great race! Thank you for running with me during our race and pushing me beyond my limits!

  8. Levy - congrats too on your run. Good to meet you, see you again at the races.

    Ritchie - galing ng takbo mo, kinarera mo agad ang 25k huh. Congrats bro. Go, go Milo. Kita kits.

    Jay - likewise here. Sana you enjoyed the run, hanggang sa uulitin. See you again.

  9. hi Vener!

    Congrats on your run and it was nice meeting you.

    See you in future races, bro! :-)


  10. Hi Rene, good to meet you too. Congrats on your run. Hello to Runnex.

  11. Vener,
    thank you so much for the info you gave. i think i will just have my own marathon :)

  12. Vener, congratulations to you and Cristy. Great comeback story you have here, compared to last year. And to think this wasn't even race mode for you...

  13. Hi Vener. I thought I posted but didn't get on. Congrats again. Enjoyed meeting you and with the conversaions. Thanks for everything and hope you got me e-mail.

    Take care and will see you in 2009!

  14. Don't worry Jerry, there's more fulls to come. Enjoy running.

    Thanks Dindo, I just treat every run a next level higher. That helps me a lot. I hope you do the same. See you again.

    Hi Wayne, good to know your back. Yeah I have read it, once again thanks for the visit. Happy running.

  15. vener congrats and thank you for running with us. goodluck sa milo marathon finals.

  16. Hey Vener, great meeting you at Clark. Grabe, ang bilis nyo nila Jerry, hope to catch up with you guys one day :-)

  17. Wilbert, its my pleasure running with you too. Thanks and I'll see you soon. Good luck too on your runs.

    Gene, siguro "nakaremate" lang agad kami. Sooner you'll be here too. Happy running, see you again.

  18. Thanks for the picture. It was great to see you and your wife during the Power Race 2008.

    Lakas mo na ha.

    I hope we can do an ultra marathon maybe in 2009.

    I think you can do it.

  19. Thanks Jon, I hope my training could lead me there. See you again and good luck on your singa.