January 8, 2013

My 2012 Mileage

Happy new year. It has been a fruitful year for me during the 2012 season.

My stat below revealed that I gained more distance as compared from the previous year. During 2011, I accumulated a total of 987.20km, while in 2012 I reached a total of 2,280.00km. A 43% increase in my annual mileage. 

The months of October and November was noticeably the top mileage getter. October had been the training month for the CM50-mile race, the toughest I have done yet. It also included the 50km Pinatubo Trail Challenge where I did an ultra distance to build-up for the CM50. I also ran the RUPM 42k (with a good clocking as a bonus), just barely a week after the Pinatubo Race during this month.

November was the host for the two recon runs for the CM50 Race and the CM50-mile Race itself, that's why it gained the top mileage. Plus, I never stopped doing short accumulative runs during this period. October and November gained a cumulative total of 528km.

I have been satisfied with my annual result for 2012. I hope I could sustain it this coming year and hopefully run more trails and ultras.

See you at the starting line.


  1. Funny reading it about your wish for more trails and ultras. Years ago you hardly mentioned those. Keep up with the times eh? :)

    Good job man! See you around.

    1. Thanks Jon, wishing those wishes will come true. You know, there are some compelling factors for a family man like us, hahaha. Cheers and see you around.