November 22, 2011

CM50: Clark-Miyamit Falls Trail Ultra

This is the official race song of the CM50. The song simply captures the mix and varied emotions of struggle, victory, strength, chaos, order, confusion, will and perseverance commonly occuring during ultramarathon races. Be inspired.

Clark-Miyamit Falls Trail Ultra
50Miles and 60K

Race Details:
  • 27 November 2011, Sunday
  • 1:30AM - Race Briefing
  • 2:00AM - Start for all categories
  • 2AM to 6PM for 50Miler
  • 2AM to 5PM for 60K
Time barrier:
  • 16 hours for 50Miler
  • 15 hours for 60K
All runners must be able to reach Miyamit Falls on or before 11AM or they will not be allowed to continue.

Start/Finish line:
Clark Parade Ground, Tennis Court Area (venue of Fat Ass),
Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines

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  1. Thanks Vener for posting this. Cheers.

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  3. Good morning, just wondering if i could get the directions from clark-miyamit. if you could email the details @

    Thanks and more power.