June 1, 2011

Rebuilding Stage

As I browse through my records I came to a surprise to know that my mileage are not going well nowadays. My april month record was measly 68km which is just good for a weekly mileage for me sometime ago. I also discovered that the last race I joined was the 2nd qc marathon last december 5, 2010 and the rexona run of august 1, 2010, being my last 21km race.
The month of may came and I logged 117km. Due to the races that I joined and some training runs, I was able to jack-up my runs and increased my mileage. In addition, I always run with xty as she trains for her 2nd full marathon. Doing some coaching and pacing, duh! And we already did two half-marathons and counting.

Now, as the calendar slowly tears out its pages, I'm happy to be back running. Seeing friends at the races inspired me to join some again. I missed a lot, but those are just the races. The passion is still alive. The record indicates that I'm slowly getting into it again, I mean the mileage, and hopefully to be at the starting line again of full marathons and ultramarathons.

See you on the roads!


  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to standing behind a PAU starting line with THE Vener Roldan! See you soon, pre!

  2. Go vener! See you on the road! Continue to inspire runners! God bless!_ BroJ

  3. @ Julius - Thanks, I normally start at the rear of the line, hahaha. See you soon pare.

    @ Bro.J - Thank you, see you at the next race.