December 7, 2010

Another Bite At The Dust

Without much plan in running after the bdm 2010 ultramarathon race, I was satisfied with doing one more full marathon distance before the year ends. My last was during the condura marathon last february which was incorporated in my training for the bdm that resulted in ala-lsd pace race. I even skipped the milo marathons qualifying race to give myself a break from the bdm last summer. It was my prerogative not to commit myself in running long distances if I didn't have ample training.

It was cold outside when we arrived at the qc memorial circle for the 2nd qcim. Last year was a run with xty on her full marathon debut (read here); but this time the road will be just mine because she just intended to do the pikermi distance. I knew I had to slowly bounce back from my old shape and get better from our last year's 4h36m finish time and from condura's 4h30m. I came early to this race with a planned 4h15m finish time, just to feel once again the competition that the marathon brings.

Steve walks warily down the street
with his brim pulled way down low
ain't no sound but the sound on his feet
machine guns ready to go.

Are you ready, hey, are you ready for this
are you hanging on the edge of your seat
out of the doorway the bullets rip
to the sound of the beat, yeah.

I started in a relatively conservative pace after the gun was fired. From the middle of the pack I trod slowly increasing my pace little by little. I moved on loosely together with hundreds of runners, veterans and newbies, with me sharing the road. I reached km10 faster than my goal pace and was surprised that my rhythm was still fine, I guess it was the taper that matter. From there I decided that I will shoot for a sub-4 hour finish. Running the car-less section of commonwealth avenue was a bliss, add up the cool weather, it was an enjoyable race. The sight at the la mesa ecopark was breath taking, the tree-lined asphalt route, the fresh air amidst the rolling terrain was an unforgettable experience. I wish there are more of this in the metropolis for us to enjoy running most.

On my way back, it was the grandeur of the state university that greeted me this time. There were joggers circling the acad oval doing their usual early sunday routine. Many could attest that upd is a haven for runners, an ideal training ground. As I exited university avenue and headed to katipunan for the last turn around point, I prepared myself for the last grind. It was here where the last killer uphills emerged and the remaining 4 kilometers to finish line. I was able to pass this segment just in time to finish my race at 3h55m.

How do you think I'm going to get along
without you when you're gone
you took me for everything that I had
and kicked me out on my own.

I was pretty satisfied with the outcome of this race since I was able to break again the barrier that was under 4 hours. I finished strong wanting to do again another marathon. I knew it was the pre determined route that gave me an advantage in this race having ran it last year. Familiarity of the course is a big factor in running long distances, dictating you where to go fast and where to slow down. My experiences in running marathons were also an added bonus, including the tricks on how to do it, the drafting, the hydration, the nutrition, the pacing, and yes, the walks. But I guess the most important thing in marathoning is the training, don't go without it.

Are you happy, are you satisfied
how long can you stand the heat
out of the doorway the bullets rip
to the sound of the beat, look out.

Another one bites the dust
another one bites the dust
and another one gone
another one gone
another one bites the dust
hey, I'm gonna get you too
another one bites the dust.

See you on the roads, this runner needs more serious runnings to make. Good luck to all the milo finalists, I hope to join you again next time. And ouch, I'll miss you at the carbo-loading party.

Photos here.


  1. Congratulati0ns. A SUB 4 IS AWESOME. GALING. how come no pictures ? dapat may pictures because you ran your best as always in this race. again. Take it easy and you get better everytime i see you

  2. An effortless sub-4 - looks like you're already rounding out into form for BDM 160. Congratulations, pre. See you around!

  3. @ Patrick - Thank you and congrats too on your impressive run. See you again at the condura 2011 marathons.

  4. @ Julius - Bdm 160 is the toughest distance to-date, I'm still contemplating on doing it. Thank you and congrats too on your fantastic singapore marathon finish. See you around soon.

  5. A sub-4 is such a routine na for you Idol! Ho hum! Hahaha :) Lupet talaga :) One day I wish I could do this sub-4 thing :)

  6. @ Luis - I consider that as a borderline, masarap ang feeling kung makatapos ka below 4 hours. Kaya mo 'yan, it's just around, training lang.