May 16, 2010

All Roads Lead to Pagudpud

The beautiful north, home to historical events and patriotic acts. Come August 2010, another event will be written on its pages. Here, let me take you to the jewel of the north, the magnificent scenery to belong with, the warm people, the whistling wind; the fascinating route to be conquered. This is just a teaser, don't be satisfied by just mere viewing, run through it.

The long stretch of undulating road with the view of the
South China Sea. Where salt is plenty and grilled tunas are inviting.

Beyond this bridge closely resembles nowhere,
blue on the left and green on the right.

Somewhere in this road you could see a Pizarro sari-sari store.
And these people are just a few.

Well shaded road leading to Cape Bojeador,
the century old lighthouse that beacons ships from afar.

The magnificent view of the South China Sea from the lighthouse.
Due to the gusting winds, you could hear the rumbling waves here.

A view from the deck of the old lighthouse.
The road lies within the houses at the upper right corner.

The road continues to Bangui, showcasing its zigzag and
hilly terrain. You could enjoy the solitude under the shades.

A breathtaking view of the Bangui windmills from the
view deck of a famous pit stop.

Trail road to Bangui windmills. If only the vinegars and bunch of
garlic being sold here could supplement the hydration needs.

At the other end is the entry to Pagudpud,
beyond the greens lies the gold.

The ups and downs of getting there. They're just slightly inclined.

All roads lead here.

The golden sunset and the glittering sand, invite you to relax and
rest one's badly beaten self. To enjoy and cherish the feat.

And indulge on this rewarding savory jewel of the far north.

The treasure lies within Baldrunner Events. What are you waiting for, the distance is just a few, but the experience is immeasurable.

More pics from my flickr site here.


  1. wow pagudpod nga! sana nga ang vinegar at longanisa pwedeng hydration at nutrition. i love to run sa windmills

  2. Bring it on James, sarap dun. For inquiries, hit See you again.

  3. see you there Vener! (hopefully sooner than that hehe) naka-book na kami ng flight!

  4. Hello Idol,

    Decisions, decisions.....

    See you on the road!


  5. @ Dennis - Sarap naman niyan, sana makaabot pa. See you soon.

    @ Janine - Thanks, this was two years ago. Pero ganun pa rin siguro rito. Missing you for sometime.

    @ Ray - Kaya yan, back to back. Long run sa sur, longest run sa norte. Pwede?

  6. ha? reward ba yan ganyan pagkain mo?

  7. Yes, anonymous. Wala kaming ganyan eh.

  8. so nice there talaga! we were there around 5 years ago pa. always wanted to go back... nice pics vener!

  9. Pagudpud seems unexploited until now sans the arrival of tourists, the place is really cool. Ultra ka na?

  10. Very nice, Vener!

    This is what we are looking forward to now. The experience...the view...the immeasurable camaraderie of ultrarunners and supports.

  11. Hi Mar, this is where ultrarunners belong. Good luck then.

  12. nice post and nice pics sir...see you in PAU Ilocos..


  13. Howdy JJ, and thanks for visiting here.

  14. History unfolds. God Bless all BDM 65k runners. Run Safe!

  15. Hi BeePs, thanks for coming here. Happy running.