October 4, 2009

LSD: Long Steady Distance

Fourteen weeks ago xty embarked on a journey in preparation for her first full marathon race. Running this distance is a no walk-in-the park so we derived a training plan from runner's world. Having this kind of training and following it make you feel gratified as you go along and increase your distances. This make you feel secured and eager, and increase your self-confidence as the race day draws closer.

Ten weeks before the race, we started to do the lsd's as part of her training and for her to adapt and know the feeling of how to run longer. And she did enjoyed each and every run we did, a good sign that we're on the right track. An added bonus was the triumph in conquering her 1,000th kilometer for the year that came at the end of September.

The following are the distances that we covered as part of her lsd training. Since we have to train smart, we did a long-steady-distance. We used to incorporate a steady run every time we did these lsd's.

week 6 - 20km
week 8 - 26km
week 10 - 29km
week 11 - 33km
week 12 - 26km
week 14 - 32km
week 15 - 19km
week 16 - race

along katipunan flyover during the 33km lsd
more of the pics in my multiply gallery

Time flew fast, days came to week, and weeks came to month. Just recently, I have changed my didache, another quarter of the year had passed, and at the month of September this blog turned a year older. At exactly two weeks from now, we will do the first Quezon City International Marathon.

See you at the starting line.


  1. Good Luck to Xty!!!

    Regards Mark & Tiffin

  2. Hi Mark & Tiffin, thanks. We're drawing inspirations from you guys. See you again.

  3. wishing you and xty great fun on your marathon road...will definitely be cheering and clapping for you both!

  4. Hi Vener, haven't seen you in a long while, good luck on her first marathon, I'll also be running the full despite the disrupted training, was hit by flood in our house, oh well.. chito

  5. Hi Mesh, thanks. She's looking up into your achievements and she aims to be (or close to be) another wonder woman in this endeavor. I believe she's into it. See you.

  6. Hi Chito good to know you're back. I hope all's well with you, sorry to hear that you were also a victim of the great flood. Good luck too on your marathon, we'll see you there. Best regards and ingat lagi tayo.