July 21, 2009

Three's a Charm

Not long ago, Xty prepared herself to run her first half-marathon race and aimed for a 6mins per kilometer pace. The two previous races were close until she nailed it on her third try. At the recent globe run for home, she coasted to her victory. A feat equivalent to more than a mile long was transformed from every fraction of time won.

Condura Run for the Whale Sharks

33rd Milo Marathon Eliminations

Globe Run for Home

View more photos here.
Milo photo courtesy of Marvin O.


  1. Yehey! Congratulations (again!) to Christy! She was really fast, running ahead of Sen. Pia heh heh . . .

    Feel free to grab our pictures in my blog, Vener.

  2. Woohooo! Sabay na sa 42K!

  3. Congrats Christy! Bilis mo na sa 21K!

  4. congrats to a new PR. nice job!

  5. Congratulations Xty!!! Super galing!

    Eric and Ems

  6. Next time you know it, she is running a sub 2 hour 21K and eventually a full marathon!

  7. Christy is definetly getting better. do i hear a 42.195Km soon.
    have fun regards

  8. congrats sa PR Christy! Oh, thanks for the pic Vener. Ganda ng shot as always. :)

  9. I salute you two for a great run. Wala talaga ako masabi sa inyo mag-asawa. You're the best!Congratulations!

  10. lyndon aka malmonmdJuly 22, 2009 at 2:28 PM

    Congratulations Christy for the PR.

    Grabe talaga si idol Vener. Picture Taking Mode lang ang 21km. Nice shots. Thanks for the pics. Grabbed a few.
    God Bless.

  11. Ang galing. magaling ang coach.

    Regards Mark & Tiffin

  12. congrats to xty, galing ng trainer eh hehehe...ganda ng pic namin nila vimz, pa grab ha hehehe...thanks.


  13. Nora - Thanks, good to see you again as cheerful as always. Nag pace mode lang sina Sen. Pia.

    Rico - Thanks, you had your best too, di ba? Congrats.

    Jay - All eyes are set to that. Thanks for pacing.

    Natz - Thank you. Got to improve kahit konti, good to see you there.

    Sir Jovie - Periodization and smart training was the key. She was aiming for this since after the yakult 2008 race, she never hurried up. Thank you for the visit.

  14. Eric & Ems - Thank you to both of you. Congrats too on your 21km race.

    Jon - Maybe she'll go for a 42km first before the sub 02:00hr. Thanks again for pacing.

    Patrick - If all goes well, she's on to the QC Int'l. Marathon. Thanks for the visit, we miss your presence at the races.

    Vimz - The pics are all for grab, feel free. Thanks for visiting, see you again.

    Bro.J - Congratulations to swthrt as well, kayang kaya na talaga. Thank you, thank you.

  15. Doc Lyndon - Those pics are all for grab, grab some anytime. Thank you for visiting, you looked pretty good at the race. See you again.

    Mark & Tiffin - If you'll race, you race; if you'll pace, you pace, or else ..... Thanks for visiting, congratulations to both of you too.

    Bobby - Thanks. Anytime Bob, anytime. Di mo raw tinapos? See you again.

  16. Congrats XTY and kudos to her faithful trainer!

  17. Wow, congrats, Christy! (Shh, our little secret~ Ikaw na yung idol ko, hindi na si Vener. hahaha)

  18. Macky - Thanks, we missed you at the post race huddle. See you again.

    Janine - Thank you, see you again at the races.

  19. Congrats to Christy! and to the very supportive husband and loving Coach!

  20. Galing galing ni Cristy, congrats! Congrats din to the coach! :-)

  21. Jun & Mariel - Thank you. Its good to meet you there at the race. See you again.

    Dindo - Thanks. You're not there last sunday, what kept you busy? See you again, let's race.