September 7, 2008

Running as a passion

I have been in serious running since 2006. Since then, I have had joined numerous races and became a fanatic, or should I say, addicted to it. I started running in the grounds of up diliman to the pavements of qc memorial circle. Counts of runners and enthusiasts at these areas inspired me to pursue running and consider it as another milestone. I started running the 5k race, and then shifted to 10k. I tested the waters of the 21k long runs, and is now running the 42k.

I have met friends along the road and now I would like to have more through this narrative. I believe that as we go along, we will be tied as one in adhering to a certain principle, that is to run together. Let us keep the message running. Let us keep the passion going.

I would share with you every occurrence that will leave an experience inside and outside the unlimited world of running through this blog. Samahan nyo ko as we run and as we take on the journey of life.

Mabuhay ang mga "takbuhin"!


  1. Wow! Only 2 years of serious running and you already conquered the marathon? You must be very young.
    As for me, I ran my first 5k a month after my 50th b-day. That was my fantasy which I thought will only remain a dream. My next target is 10k.

  2. Make no mistake, running is for everyone. The first winner of the Milo marathon in 1974 ran again in the Milo marathon of 2005.

    Good luck and see you at the races.