September 8, 2008

Looking back

I was reading blogs since March this year to thank those who helped me and shared their influences in my running achievements.
  • God, for everything.
  • Runnex (Doc Winston & Kuya Obet) for the training and Sunday runs.
  • ARC sa pag-ampon nila sa akin.
  • David Styles for the marathon training tips via e-mails.
  • Chris Carmichael & Lance Armstrong for the audio training, truly motivational.
  • Runner's World for their magazine on-line.
  • Race organizers and sponsors for the races.
  • Bald runner for his inspiration in writings, the first blog I found then.
  • Ben Chan for the Nike Sportsband.
  • Fellow runners and friends on the web and on the road, and
  • My wife, for running with me.
My utmost gratitude to all of you. Ang gagaling nyo! Takbo pa tayo, di pa tayo tapos..


  1. I was very impressed to see the first word I read on this blog is GOD. Thanks brother and keep fit in both sides of life, physical but more important spiritual. Great to have meet you and hope to see you at the races.

  2. hi TFR,

    good to hear from you bro. He's always the first di ba, in everything we do. I've read you're doing the tri, good luck and best wishes.

    talk soon,

  3. Hello Rununltd, welcome to the blogosphere! I look forward to learning from your wealth of experience. These blogs are a great way to share and learn more about our common passion: running.

    See you at the races!

  4. Hello run unltd., I thank the Lord for people like who put God first above anything. God bless! Hope to read more of your running experiences. Hope to see you in races.

  5. DATC & Bro. J,

    Thanks for the visit. Pasensiya na po sa naantalang reply. Huli man daw at magaling, naihahabol din, (sa finish line)..

  6. Amen to that, Philip, Bro J and Vener. Put God first in everything we do and He will direct our paths.
    Hope to see you all in future races!