September 25, 2013

BGC Cycle Philippines 2013: FAQs

1. The Event

What is the BGC Cycle Philippines?
It is a mass ride on closed/ partially closed roads. It is not a race but is a gathering of cyclists from all walks of life. 

BGC Cycle Philippines is part of the Cycle Asia Tour.

Who can join the event?
The event will cater to cyclists of all ages and abilities as it offers a wide range of ride categories.

What are the ride categories?

Will the event be limited to the ride events only?
No. Apart from the actual ride events, the entire family will also be kept entertained over the three days with a range of fun activities within the Cycling & Lifestyle Expo which is open to both participants and non-participants.

When is the event?
The event will be held for three days from November 15 until 17, 2013 with the following schedule:

· Cycling and Lifestyle Expo – November 15 to 17, 2013
· Kids’ Ride – November 16, 2013
· Community and Challenge Ride – November 17. 2013

2. Registration

How can I register for this event?
Registration is available online at and in-store at the Rudy Project store at the BGC and The Podium Mall.

How much are the registration fees? 

What is included in the registration? 

What are the modes of payment for the registration?
  • For online registration, only credit card payments are accepted. 
  • For in-store registration in both Rudy Project BGC and The Podium Mall, cash and credit card payments are accepted.
Can I register myself in more than one category?
No. Each participant is allowed to register/sign-up under one category only.

How do I know if I have officially been registered?
A confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you specified during registration showing details of your successful registration.

Is registration transferrable? Can I change distances? 
No. Once you register, you cannot change, downgrade or upgrade distances.

Should I choose not to participate after having successfully registered can I withdraw from the event?
Yes you can, but please note that as per the event’s Terms and Conditions, no refunds can be given.

3. Cycle Pack Collection

When and where can I collect my cycle pack?
Cycle pack claiming will be from November 15 and 16 at the Cycling and Lifestyle Expo at the SEDA Hotel in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

What will be the contents of my cycle pack?
The following will be the contents of the cycle pack per ride category:

What are the measurements of the kid’s Felt t-shirt, the Community Ride’s Felt technical tee and the Challenge Ride’s F2P Bike Jersey?
Below are the sizing charts for each:

I am unavailable to go to the Expo to claim my cycle pack, can someone else claim it for me?
Yes, you can have someone else pick up your cycle pack on your behalf should you not be able to make it. However, that person should be able to present a letter of authorization which you issued/signed and a copy of your valid ID to be able to do it.

Is it possible for my cycle pack to be delivered to me instead?
No, please authorize somebody to claim your cycle pack on your behalf should you be unable to do so yourself.

4. The Ride

Can I use any kind of bike for this event?
Almost all types of bicycles are allowed to be used during any of the ride categories except for the following bikes and equipment:

· Bikes with disc wheels / rim covers
· Bikes with aero or extension bars
· Bikes with fixed wheels with no brakes
· Fixed gear bikes
· Time Trial or Triathlon bikes
· Motorized bikes
· Unicycles
· Scooters
· Recumbent bikes

Any participant who is found to have a bike or equipment that is listed as not allowed will be prohibited from joining any BGC Cycle Philippines event.

Where should I go to start the ride?
All ride categories will have the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) as its start location.

What time does the ride start?
For safety and security concerns, all rides will have a waved-start policy. Below are the schedules per category, per wave:

Is there a cut-off time? 
Yes, cut-off times will be implemented per ride categories to ensure that all riders are safe by the time the roads are re-opened to vehicular traffic.

Cut-off time will be three (3) hours from the release of the last wave of riders per category.

I registered as a part of the team/group, should I start and finish the ride with my group?
Participants who registered as part of a group are expected to start at the same wave but are not expected to finish the ride all at the same time.

Our group/team will be participating in the Challenge Ride, will our time be recorded as a group?
No. Challenge riders will be timed individually regardless if they registered via a group or not.

5. The Ride Route

What is the route?
The ride routes can be checked at

Will there be rest stops along the way?
Hydration and aid stations will be available to riders along the route.

Are there toilets on the route?
Portable toilets will be available at the start/finish area and some along the route.

Will there be medical assistance along the route?
Medical support is available at start/finish line, rest stops. Route officials are located at regular intervals and should be notified if you have any difficulties during the event.

Will there be mechanical assistance along the route?
Mechanical assistance will be available at the rest stops along the route. Please ensure you carry a spare tube and puncture kit. Please note, services are provided for free but you must pay for consumables.

6. After The Ride

What happens when I finish the ride?
As you complete your ride and arrive back to BGC, you will be given a uniquely-crafted BGC Cycling Philippines Finisher’s Medal with the particular ride category you participated in engraved on it.

A post-ride Cycling and Lifestyle Expo area will also be open to all participants and their non-participating companions alike where a wide range of fun activities for every member of the family can be found.

An awarding ceremony honouring the top and special finishers of each ride will also be held. Please visit for details of event prizes.

7. Others

Who can I contact for more information?
For inquiries or concerns, you can get in touch with us through any of the following:
· Website:
· Facebook: BGC Cycle Philippines

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