March 30, 2012

Thorlos Is Now In The Philippines

I have seen this product in Runner's World years ago when I was just starting my running fitness. The reviews were good but I don't have any means to own a pair since it was not available locally. Today, Thorlos is now in the Philippines through the initiative of Mr. Ramesh Mirpuri, Colerosh, Inc.'s President, and are available in Riovana, Toby's, Rustan's, The Athlete's Foot, Planet Sports, Runnr and ROX.

Thorlos has been worn in the New York and Boston Marathons, two of the most prestigious running events in the world and has been the recipient of Runner’s World (US) Best Gear Award.

Thorlos Philippines
Thorlos has been exclusively distributed by Colerosh, Inc. the brand’s clientele consist of foreigners, elite athletes and the upper strata of society. Today, with the economic and sports trends followed by consumers – deeper emphasis on health, more scientific approaches to optimized performance, global online market, inclination to more durable products – Thorlos has slowly evolved into one of the sought after socks brand in the country.

To establish Thorlos as the ultimate brand of socks in the Philippines with the widest selection of socks available, the maximum protection guarantee and the longest durability compared to other brands.


To push proper equipment- activity relation education in the Philippines highlighting foot health and foot care thru the foot-shoe-sock-fit Thorlo experience.

In-Depth Facts:
1.Thorlos is the one of the very few global pure socks brands in the Philippines, others are locally produced while other brands offer socks as side products only.
2.Thorlos is the brand of socks with the widest selection for all the popular sports and lifestyle activities.
3. Thorlos emphasizes education on the importance of foot-shoe-sock-fit experience to draw maximum benefits, protection and comfort.
4. Thorlos is one of the few sports brands backed up by well-explained science and recipient of numerous awards and endorsements by scientific institutions, medical societies and athletic groups.
5. Thorlos socks cannot be faked and each and every pair was made using patented machines, yarns (particularly THOR-LON) and designs. No outsourcing was done hence all Thorlos socks around the world were made thru the strictest quality control of the company in North Carolina, USA.

7 Elements Of Comfort
The pillar of Thorlos’ famous Comfort Science, formulated by the company thru rigorous scientific research and innovative customer feedback mechanisms. All Thorlo products incorporate and address these elements in their designs.

1. Pressure - Reduces plantar pressure with its overall cushioning lowers dynamic impact with its unique Impact Zone® at the heels.
2. Shear - Prevents destructive shear forces with the Shear Zone™ padding at the balls of the feet.
3. Temperature - Maintains a more balanced temperature inside the socks with its patented fibers.
4. Moisture - Keeps feet drier than ordinary socks with the proper fiber combination for optimized wicking.
5. Circulation - Increases blood circulation in feet with its adaptable snug fit design and temperature control (snow, hunting).
6. Posture - Facilitates better posture due to freedom from limp/blister/pain while doing desired activity/sports.
7. Stimulus - Provides a uniform environment for the feet for the entire duration of the activity.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Each pair of Thorlo socks is carefully designed and made with the utmost care of consumers in mind. With the vision of ‘Brand Stewardship’, Thorlos perspective is that the company is bonded to its loyal customers hence the 30-day risk free trial (in the US) to guarantee consumer satisfaction no other brands offer. The company ensures that each pair of socks with the Thorlo mark is and will always be of the same quality. Proudly made in the USA, each pair rolls out from the Thorlo factory in North Carolina (USA) and nowhere else to ensure product quality.

Product Credentials
The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has granted its Seal of Approval to Thorlos, the first socks brand ever to earn that honor. Thorlos has been worn in the New York and Boston Marathons, two of the most prestigious running events in the world and Runner’s World Best Gear recipient. Thorlos has been recommended by doctors and sports therapists for its protection and performance, especially to elite athletes, those whose activities require prolonged standing, walking and running and those over the age of 50 due to reduction of natural foot padding.

A Brief History

In 1953 Lewis and Mattie Throneburg, began producing high-quality military boot socks from a small mill in Statesville, North Carolina.

In 1970, their son Jim Throneburg, inventor of Thorlos, became president and his foresight was that Thorlo would not be a ‘fashion-driven’ but a ‘function-driven’ company. Thorlo was born to “only make sock products that contribute to foot protection, foot comfort, and foot health”.

In the late 1960s, Jim designed and patented the first roll-top golf socks that wouldn’t slide down into the shoe. This is where the term Sports Socks originated – socks specially designed for a specific sport – and Thorlos was the source.

Soon, Jim designed and produced a highly specialized western boot sock which required substantial modification to knitting machines that resulted in two patents. In 1999, the brand successfully introduced THORLOS LITES, in running and walking styles. These innovative socks provided the most comfort and padded protection possible in a lightweight construction and were designed for the performance walker/runner to be cooler and to provide maximum moisture management.

Another major initiative for Thorlos was the recognition that the size, shape and proportions of the woman’s foot is distinct from a man’s. After studying the unique forces and materials women’s shoes offer, Thorlos’ line for women was born - the result was a better shoe/boot fit, more foot protection, comfort, enhanced performance and healthier feet.

At the start of the millennium, Thorlos has already established itself as the leading maker of performance and protective socks for all sports, work and lifestyle activities. Almost a decade after Thorlo pads are now being used for new brands of socks – Experia and 84 Runner - catering to a special needs, for instance, long distance running.

For more details about Thorlos® Socks and foot health, visit and, call Colerosh Inc. at 661-3022 and 640-4326 or email at

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