March 23, 2012

9th DeMolay Fun Run

The whole family went home in the province last weekend to attend a family event. Immediately after arrival I heard a news that a fun run will be held in the next morning, a Sunday. I was about to do a trail run in the afternoon but cancelled it for the next day's race, so the afternoon's activity was instead committed to eating and relaxation. The result was obvious that after returning to Manila I was five pounds above my ideal weight.

I was at the venue as early as 5:00am to register for the 5:30am race. The race was organized by the DeMolay Group with the support from different sponsors. It was good to know that fun runs are being held here nowadays in the bustling town of Calapan City in Oriental Mindoro. During my stay here some twenty years ago, no runs or whatsoever are being held, but just P.E. classes. I remember running from the city to Baco town (14+ km) as a requirement for our P.E. class. With my Grosby shoes of course.

During vacation, my wife and I brought our training here in the backyard. As time flies, I observed that the number of joggers are increasing. I could see them doing their runs in the roads and at the high school oval too. I hope that the local government will have the initiative to upgrade the track oval to tartan surface. There are so many trails here to explore too.

The race started at the city plaza and finished at the provincial capitol. It was supposedly a 10km route but was 1 km short. If the organizers made it an out & back course, or extended the turn around point farther, the difference will be compensated. The lack of measuring device or experience, I would say, may be the cause. To the organizers, google earth and map my run is just a keyboard away.

Nevertheless, the race went out smoothly with about 300 participants. As the fireworks was lit (gun start), the fastest runners surge ahead, weaved their way at the course and leaped their butts to the finish line in fashion. I finished decently in 16th place, good enough for a finishers shirt and a medal.

With the increasing number of running afficionados, I hope different offices in government, local and national, will organize races in a regular basis. With the running boom in different provinces in the country, I hope Oriental Mindoro will be in the circulation. An ultramarathon venue will be a fitting example.

Just steps away to the finish line

Post race photo at the Provincial Capitol ground

See you (again) at the starting line.


  1. Where's Christy? I wonder why she didn't join you. Regards to her.

    For an ultramarathoner like you, I find joy in knowing that you still join 10k races and are happy doing it. Sana nga, mas maging active ang local governments in initiating local races in their respective areas. The Philippines as a whole will be composed of healthy citizens.

    1. Thanks Nora, she's behind the camera (LOL). She had taken a leave in running for a while, but she still supports me all the way.

      Of course I can't be an ultramarathoner if I haven't taken that 10k route, ngayon na lang may mga nagmama-marathon na hindi pa nakakatakbo ng 10k, hahaha.

      Congrats again on your TBRDM. See you soon.