March 15, 2011

Racing On Sundays

It feels good to run again at UP Diliman campus grounds. My early sunday mornings are usually spent running at the academic oval, heartbreak hill and the newly constructed rotunda near the science department. With the magnificent sunshine-filtering decade-old trees, I enjoy every loop I make at the oval. The cover that these trees bring give me a relief from the morning sun. It is a sight to witness the sun's rays filtered from the top of the trees as it majestically streak down to the asphalted pavement. The wind is even cooled by the trees that surround me as I pass by them.

I compiled here some pictures to tell them their own story and let you be the witness how beautiful my favorite playing ground is. Enjoy!

Don't be surprised if you can't find me at some of the races, I'm happy and content doing my racing here. I'm racing to beat my favorite upd "taho" before it cool down. Ciao!


  1. nice pics, Vener. I like running at UPD also.

  2. Thanks Tin, next time kain tayo ng taho after the run, hahaha. See you again.