June 28, 2010

Pacing The Milo Marathon Distance

A pacemaker or pace-setter; (wikipedia) sometimes colloquially called a rabbit, is a runner who leads a middle- or long distance running event for the first section to ensure a fast time and avoid excessive tactical racing. Pacemakers are frequently employed by race organisers for world record attempts with specific instructions for lap times. Some athletes have become essentially professional pacemakers. A competitor who chooses the tactic of leading in order to win is called a front-runner rather than a pacemaker.

Pacemakers may be used to avoid the tactics of deception that are possible in competition by those who, for example, race away from the start line (and are likely to subsequently slow down), giving the other runners the impression that they are far behind. A trusted team of pacemakers who are paid to keep the runner at a speed that they can manage for the rest of the race become useful in such a situation. Pacemakers are also used on world record attempts in order to make sure that the runner knows where their invisible 'opponent' predecessor is at that stage of the race. Pacemakers serve the role of conveying tangible information about pacing on the track during a race.

If you're goal is to cross the finish line within the specific qualifying time of the milo marathon, these people will be of great help. Draft-off with one of them and have the guts to wreak havoc on the road, surely this will be a lung-busting, adrenalin-pumping ride. Whew! I already ran with everyone of them, at kumain ako ng alikabok, but running with them was one hell of an experience for me. Try it too and be a prestigious member of the milo marathon qualifiers.

Good luck and look for them at the starting line.

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