May 22, 2010

In The Company of the Rain

I have been missing this moment. Running through the rain. Prodding the wet pavement while the raindrops wash your sweat away. Speed here is unnecessary, but the fun is overwhelming. Although it's difficult to plug-in one's favorite i-Pod, humming-out is a liberty. This is the perfect time to sing Coldplay's "Why Does It Always Rain On Me", or Eurythmics "Here Comes The Rain Again". Kailan kaya ulit bubuhos ang ulan? I could feel that after this sweltering heat, the rain will eventually come.
Classes will start in a few days and Milo Marathon is just around the corner. These events are evident to the looming rainy season.

See you at the starting line, wet and drenched.


  1. We miss the rain too! Goodluck on Milo Elims, sureball Nationals qualifier ka nanaman idol :)

  2. Thanks Luis, pinag-iisipan pa ang milo. I haven't been running longer these days and I'm content in doing just 5km's. Good to know you're back, see you again.

  3. Nalala ko ito... ung QCIM familiarization route natin.. miss ko na ito.. hehe!

  4. You're right Argo. Kapag umulan na ulit, sarap na namang mag lsd. Kita kits (sa ulan).