March 22, 2009

Running Behind : The Condura 09 Race

A runner runs through it. This was not the movie produced and directed by Robert Redford sometime in 1992. This was not about the two Montana boys who became different under the influence of their father, but rather a story about the skyway which was conquered by many during the condura run for the whale sharks. Here are some of the teasers that took place somewhere close to the sky.

A runner runs through it. A story of a runner who ran behind a camera.
More pics at Feel free.


  1. great pics vener! pwede pa-email nung sa skyway?
    thank you in advance. congrats to the mrs. for a great run!

  2. Vener, thanks for the photo on the Skyway.

  3. Hi Vener. Great pics. Can just imagine how it was like to run on the skyway. Being a passenger while on vacation, it was quite a sight.

    Hopefully, the event went well. Take care and have a good week ahead!

  4. Thanks for the pic, Vener. A reminder to myself to never ever wake up late again! haha. (So obvious pa since the majority was on their way back na. Ugh~) By the way, where was your hat? =)

  5. Sir Vener, pa email naman ng pics!

    Ganda ng mga kuha mo, nakaka miss tuloy yung skyway. I hope we could run here again next year.

  6. thank you again so much. can i grab a picture pls. thank you. you are the best. Regards to your lovely wife _ patrick concepcion

  7. Vener, I'm gonna swipe and "tweak" a pic ha! =)

  8. Congrats vener and christy! You're really an inspiration for running couples like us.
    ------Baby and Bro J

  9. Vener nice pics! Thanks for being our photographer hehe.

    If you have time pakopya na rin ng pics hehe...


  10. hi vener! congrats to you and cristy. and thanks for my skyway pic. great shots you have here. ;)

  11. Nice pics Sir... hope you wont mind me grabbing some of the pics...specially the first one... would like to use it in my blog post title...Thanks in advance

  12. aw. bakit nga di mo ako nakita sa skyway? :( congrats to xty!

  13. This is the way to run the Condura half. with a great smile, a great attitude and a camera with you! =)

    thanks for the pic! what a great experience isnt it!

    congrats to christy for the first 21k!

  14. Hey Vener malas ko talaga hindi kina na-ispatan!!! Great pics just the same and see you in the next races :)

  15. Thank you to everyone who made this race possible, for sharing the road and the passion of running with us. This is for everyone.

    Raymund, thanks for the compliments and congratulations as well.

    Rico, the photos are for everyone, feel free to grab yours.

    Wayne, the race was really a success. I wish we could share the skyway run with you, until then.

    Janine, huli man daw at magaling, naihahabol rin. Congrats for braving to finish the race, you're not the last to come, you're among the firsts.

    Natz, let's keep on hoping that this experience will be a reality again next year. Congrats on your feat.

    Patrick, as always, my pleasure. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to run at the skyway and document this event through this blog. Mabuhay ka!

    Bro. J, maraming salamat, Congratulations on your 21km run, galing. I hope we could run all together someday, somewhere.

    Dennis, its my pleasure. As long as I could run and hold a cam, I will document each step, each journey, for everyone. Congrats!

    Vima, thanks and congrats on your inaugural half too. Galing, poise na poise pa, hanggang finish line, see you again.

    David, its for everybody. Hope to see you in the future races. BTW the pic blends well in your blog, congrats and welcome to blogosphere.

    Bards, thanks and congrats on your new time, ang bilis. So another full is in the making? See you then.

    Lester, that was truly a great experience. Great run for you, you really did the purpose of the skyway, speed up and finish ahead, congrats.

    Karen, I hope next time I could meet you na. I'll be doing the greenfields. Congratulations too.

    Eventzone, thank you, more power.