March 18, 2009

The Long Wait : The Condura 09 Race

Last year's condura race was a DNS for me since it happened shortly after my 42km event at the Intl. Philippine Marathon and those weeks ahead were part of my recovery program. Even though I did not run, I graced the event to support xty who participated in the race, at that time she was just starting to join races. And because it was one of the most sought after, most anticipated race event of last year, we went there to cheer and support our running friends. It was a great race, the attendance was superb, the route was fantastic and the loot bags & freebies were good.

a fish clowning around during the tubbataha ed.

On this edition of the condura race, I will be joining the event, hand in hand with thousands of runners and friends who are participating as well. I am eager and kickin' to run the skyway route as presented by the organizers in their 21km distance. This route is exhilarating for this is the first time that a running event will run through the skyway. One more thing that add to the excitement is the participation of the group in this event. They will organize a carbo-loading party, a support group during the run and a post race get-together in their tent afterwards. This adds a great anticipation and enthusiasm for many in the upcoming race. (please check the site for more details).

Now, the long wait is over, on Sunday, March 22, 2009, I will run the Great Condura Race. Let's gear it out and run for the whale sharks. See you at the starting line.


  1. See you this coming sunday, pare!

  2. See you at the race! You're a great inspiration for me!

  3. Hi Vener. Hope to see you wearing your hat on Sunday! =)

  4. Good luck, bro!

  5. Hi Jerry, I thought you're gonna taper this time. Anyway, good luck to you, see you there.

    Hi Bro. J, thanks. See you at the starting line. I saw you're dedication on your training, good luck to you.

    Hi Janine, hiniram ko lang yun last year for a picture taking. Siguro mas malalaki at mabibigat na ngayon since we're running for the whale sharks. See you there.

    Hi Rene, thanks. See you there.

  6. Hey bro, I'll see you at the carboload event!

  7. Hey Vener nice meeting you at the carboloading party, sayang we didn't have much time to chat daming tao kasi good luck to you as the target of a lot of runners he he

  8. Hi Gene, good to see you at the CLP. Good luck at condura 21.

    Hi Chito, good to meet you too. If I will be a target at the race, something different's gonna happen. See you there and good luck.