January 21, 2009

PSE Bull Run: Third Edition

Last sunday's race was my third under PSE Bull run, an annual event organized by the Phil. Stock Exchange dubbed as Takbo Para sa Ekonomiya. My debut here in 2007 was my third official race and took me some 30mins to finish the 5km race. The second edition in 2008 was a good 45mins in 10km category, it was a PR then. That was one of the best effort I did in my running career that motivated me and instilled something in my mind that running will do great for me.

PSE Bull run 2007

Drafting; (wikipedia) is used to reduce wind resistance and is seen mostly in racing, though occasionally used in running. Drafting can be cooperative, in which several competitors take turns in the lead position. Or, it can be competitive, where one competitor will try to stay closely behind another leaving him more energy for a break-away push to the finish line.

One of the best technique I discovered is to be drafted off during running. During the last two editions of Bull run I tuck myself behind someone during the run because its so much more efficient to follow, and they happened to be triathletes. They'd usually run a strong, steady pace. Although the drafting effect isn't strong in running, its still there, all you need is to match their energy and intensity. Running toe to toe with these people I alternatively took time taking the lead as if I'm working with them together until the finish line.

On this third edition I managed to accomplish one of my decent time in years of running in the 10km races, a product of perseverance and labour and a good execution of technique. Try this out, it might work with you too. Its quite a difficult process but it yields positive results.

with Xty before the race


  1. Grabe bro, ang bilis mo talaga! Hey it was good to meet Christy, give her my regards. And bro, dapat next time sama kana sa mga after race breakfast :-)

  2. Congratulations!!! Getting stronger.

    In one of the races , I'll "draft" behind you. Haha.

  3. Congratulations, 42mins is not just a "decent" time,it's an unreachable dream for many of us!

    If I draft off you, aabot din kaya ako ng 42? :-)

  4. Congrats! Grabe! Ang galing!

    Hanap din nga ako i-"draft" ko... hehehe

  5. wow! ang galing naman!! congrats!!!

    maghanap din nga ako ng i-draft ko next race... hehehe

  6. Super fast ka na talaga Vener! Congratulations! (Christy is closely following your footsteps I presume? Congrats to her too!

    Drafting din kayang matatawag yong ginawa ko? I ran side by side with the 7 min/km pacer to ensure that I arrive 70 mins at the finish line.

    I have picture of you in my blog. Perfect running form!

    See you Sunday! Thanks for the support and the kind words, Vener.

  7. Sir Vener,

    You are my idol. Your great improvement in running is a big inspiration for us slower runners.
    I saw your old 10K PR's - hahaha! they're just my regular training runs. But your new 10K PR's are my now lifetime goals. Can you teach us your secret? :-)

  8. Congrats! Grabeng time yun... hahanapin kita next race subukan ko kung gaano katagal ako makaka-draft sa likod mo hehe :)

  9. Vener, good times, as always!

    keep it up!

  10. Thank you everyone. You all rock!

    Hi Gene, good to meet you last sunday, see you again.

    Hi Jon, just got ample rest prior the race, see you soon.

    Hi Dindo, kakayanin mo rin yun. You're getting faster each day, good training do a lot.

    Hi Anna, thanks for coming by. I hope to see you again this sunday.

    Hi Nora, my gratitude for featuring me on your blog, that was taken after I finished the race, you could notice the two bottles I had then. I just hurriedly went back to drop my things as I'm going to fetch Xty somewhere in the route. See you at the happy run.

    Hi Natz, I don't have any secrets here, I just play my game accordingly. See you again, I hope next time we're running side by side.

    Hi Dennis, you're always welcome. See you then.

    Hi Rene, thanks, I'll keep it this way.

  11. Vener, my bad! I thought I had responded with a congrats but it didn't go through. Anyway, congrats on the 42! I would have taken that last Sunday.

    If I run in a 10K in the Philippines in December, I'll definitely draft, even try to run it with you.

    Tough loss by the Lakers last night. Take care and we'll talk soon!

  12. Many thanks, Wayne. It's really good to run at this time of the year and aspire for personal bests, I'm glad I did one. Congrats too on your weekend races.

    My warm regards and take care.